3 Things Will Replace Smartphones: Smart Speakers, Smart Watches and Security Cams

2018 was a particularly busy year for Google’s hardware division, and every indication that this year will prove equally successful.

The Japanese site Nikkei has revealed the roadmap 2019 of the Mountain View giant and have received several confirmations compared to rumors appeared on the Net in recent weeks. First of all, Big G will launch two new smartphone models.

One will be Pixel 4, on which quite conflicting voices have been leaked , while the second will be the Lite version of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The latter, according to Japanese, will have a low price not as low as previously thought.

The cost of having it will still be lower than that required for the purchase of iPhone XR. Regarding the presentation date, this could be scheduled in the spring.

Nikkei also talks about an update of the Google Home speaker, although it is not clear if there will be changes only in terms of design or even in terms of functions and hardware.

Big G should also launch new Nest security cameras and especially the long-awaited Pixel Watch .

The smart watch could take advantage of the new technology just acquired by Fossil and for the Japanese site will be able to compete on equal terms with Apple Watch.

At the moment there are no confirmations regarding the launch dates of these devices but there is a certain certainty that some of them will be unveiled during the 2019 I / O conference to be held in May.


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