New QualComm Chips Developed for Smart Speakers Artificial Intelligence What it Means for Radio

Qualcomm, new chips for smart speakers with AI
Qualcomm presented new SoCs specifically dedicated to smart speakers to accelerate the evolution of these products and make them more intelligent.

The smart speaker market is very dynamic and Qualcomm wants to make these products even more smart and efficient, finding more space in homes. The company has therefore announced the launch of new SoCs that are highly integrated and enabled by IA and a platform dedicated to smart speakers to guide the evolution of smart audio. The presentation took place during the appointment of the Voice & Music tech day in San Diego.

More specifically, Qualcomm announced the launch of the QCS400 SoC . The QCS400 SoCs are designed for even smarter speakers, home assistant soundbar and AV receivers that integrate compute, Wi-Fi mesh, BLE mesh, voice user interface, audio technology and support for Dolby Atmos, DTS and security features. In these SoCs Qualcomm Technologies brings its unique low power consumption and high performance computing features together with its unparalleled expertise in audio technology to help deliver highly optimized and AI-enabled solutions that are designed for audio and audio applications. IoT even smarter.

Rahul Patel , senior vice president and general manager, connectivity, Qualcomm Technologies:

These new SoCs bring the integration of functions and energy performance for intelligent audio to a higher level than our previous technology, allowing manufacturers to more easily overcome significant technical challenges and develop smarter speakers and assistants with an interface more intuitive voice user, connected user experiences and exceptional sound quality. The new generation of smart audio products must be robust, highly interoperable, feature rich and intelligent, yet extremely energy efficient. Qualcomm Technologies helps meet these needs with our new SoCs, which are unique and fully integrated to combine improved computational processing, IA acceleration and low latency audio distribution in a single chipset. These integrated solutions are designed to reduce the development time of new generation smart speakers, home assistants and sound bars.

At the same time, still for the smart speaker market, Qualcomm has made the CSRA6640 official , a highly integrated and flexible single-chip amplification solution with Qualcomm DDFA digital amplification technology . Thanks to its single-chip architecture, the CSRA6640 offers a new level of integration designed to enable the commercial availability of higher-level Class D amplification on smaller form factors and lower-level products, helping manufacturers to develop portable and efficient speakers that they offer truly differentiated audio quality.


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