European Radio Stations To Be Heard on Ikea and Sonos Smart Speakers

Ikea and Sonos will present the first products of the Symfonisk range in the Feel Home exhibition in April in Milan .

What better occasion for the two companies, in fact, than the one represented by the Milan Design Week ?

For a look at the new Symfonisk range , Ikea then makes an appointment at Via Tortona 32 in Milan from 9 to 14 April . The Feel Home exhibition will be based on the right atmosphere to create at home by combining two elements: light and sound .

As far as light is concerned, Ikea has been offering the connected and smart lighting system called Trådfri for a long time . As for smart audio systems, the company had announced some time ago the intention to collaborate with Sonos .

The latter is a pioneer brand in audio streaming and in recent times also active in the smart systems market. The collaboration takes shape therefore in the line of audio products for the Ikea Symfonisk home .

Ikea and Sonos create the right atmosphere with sound
Sound and light, according to the Swedish multinational vision, are very powerful stimuli for mood. For the atmosphere of the house they are as important as any sofa, art object or other component of furniture and everyday lifestyle.

Lifestyle that is now becoming increasingly digital, connected, intelligent and interactive. In fact, the company informs, the presentation, or rather the experience of the new line, will take place through interactive installations based on everyday life activities.

In the new line, Ikea’s home furnishing knowledge is combined with Sonos’ experience in creating sound experiences.

The two companies had already previewed a prototype. And that is a speaker connected from a bookcase that will allow a multifunctional use, at an affordable price.

During the week from 9 to 14 April, in the Feel Home exhibition, it will be possible for the first time to listen to Symfonisk . Those interested will also have the opportunity to meet the people behind these products. Then Ikea’s furniture experts and Sonos sound experts.

Sound will therefore also become part of Ikea’s smart home , populated by related products. Including, as we said, the Trådfri range of smart lights , launched in 2016.

By the spring the company will also be launching a range of connected roller shutters . And of course now the speakers too.

So connected products and devices that do not represent simple technological gadgets. But they serve to make everyday life safer and more comfortable and create a better atmosphere at home.


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