Request Songs with DJ Chacha on MOR 101.9 Manila Live Streaming

Listen to live streaming of Tune in and request your favorite songs with DJ Chacha.

Related news. During the MWC we jumped to Anker’s booth, to see first hand the new products that the Chinese company will soon launch on the western market. These are mostly gadgets already revealed during the CES , which range from audio to recharge and more.

At the booth there was also Capsule II , the new Nebula series projector with HD resolution and integrated Android TV. We do not yet know when it will arrive or how much it will cost, but it is a high-end product that comes to US $ 600.

In terms of recharging, Anker will soon launch PowerCore 10,000 PD , a compact 10,000 mAh power bank with USB-C output that supports the Power Delivery standard and has a 30W output: it can therefore be used to recharge even MacBooks (12 ″) and Nintendo Switch, as well as obviously all Type-C smartphones.

Finally, at the end of March Wakey will also arrive , a rather interesting radio alarm clock (which also acts as a Bluetooth speaker): it includes an FM radio, a wireless charger and a function to reproduce white noise to facilitate sleep. It will cost € 99 and you can get an idea from the video and photos below.


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