AM Radio Has Gone The Route of Podcasting, Here are Android Apps to Enjoy Audio

The podcasts are a type of highly regarded content and is gradually winning more and more listeners. Their strength, compared to common YouTube videos, is that they consist exclusively of audio transmissions and can be easily heard even by those who are working or are, for example, in the gym. In many ways, this is a sort of evolution of traditional radio transmissions.

Due to their “portable” nature, there are several Android apps to listen to podcasts. In this article we will analyze 5 of the most functional and those most used by users. We will take the opportunity to deepen their functionality and try to understand which of them is best suited to the specific types of users.

Android app to listen to podcasts? Here are the best currently available!
Podcasts and smartphones are a very solid pair. Precisely for this reason there are many third-party software in this sector, some focusing on essentiality, others with advanced features that make them suitable for the most demanding users. Here is the selection of the five software considered most interesting.

Let’s start with the Android app to listen to perhaps the most popular podcasts, or Castbox . It is a software with simple, clean and easy to use interface. Once registered, you can listen to podcasts and save customized playlists. Despite the presence of small micro transactions, Castbox is a free app and does not present annoying ads or banners.

Active on over a million podcast channels, for an innumerable amount of audio content, this app allows you to either listen directly to streaming or download the various episodes as audio files on your device. Furthermore, Castbox can help you discover new podcasts by offering suggestions based on subscriptions and listening habits already shown. Not just Android smartphones: the app in question can also be integrated with other platforms such as Chromecast and Amazon Echo .

Google Podcast
Could good old Google not get its hands on an expanding sector like podcasting? Here is Google Podcasts , one of the Android apps for listening to popular and popular podcasts. In addition to a deep integration with the Google Assistant , the app allows you to download episodes of your favorite podcasts for offline listening and more.

The contents are synchronized on all the devices, allowing users to suspend listening on one device and resume listening on another from the point where they had previously stopped. Furthermore, integration with Google Assistant allows users to control playback using their own voice, a necessity for those who want to listen to podcasts when their hands are busy.

Podcast Addict
We continue the list with Podcast Addict. It is an extremely flexible app, capable of managing countless channels, formats and contents such as audiobooks, online radio, YouTube , Twitch and SoundCloud (as well as traditional textual RSS feeds). Podcast Addict has over 8 million active downloads, confirming how an app is absolutely popular in this sector.

The software in question, among other things, allows users to set variable playback speeds and can count on complete support for the different episodes of a podcast. In addition, users can configure downloads and automatic deletion of content after a certain period. Podcast Addict is totally free to use even if there is no lack of advertisements.

If you are a real podcast addict who can’t get enough, then Stitcher could be the app for you. This app allows users to subscribe to podcasts and online radio stations: nothing original except that Stitcher “links” the user’s favorite podcasts, combining them to create a set of alternate transmissions. The result is a very intriguing “personalized radio” effect. Users can also add breaks between episodes to receive the latest news, sports updates and more.

Stitcher is completely free to use. However, it also features a premium version that offers users access to exclusive content produced by the app itself. These are transmissions (strictly in English) that deal with politics, sports and much more.

Podcast Go
If you are looking for a more essential experience and without too many frills, you may find Podcast Go very useful . This application offers a fairly basic experience and offers equally simple features such as the ability to subscribe to shows, download episodes for offline listening and set the playback speed to suit your tastes. In addition, it does not offer particular settings.

The app is presented to the public as free, despite the presence of advertising. If this is considered annoying, you can remove it by paying a one-time $ 2.99, making your account free of any type of banner or similar. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use podcast application, Podcast Go might be the best choice.


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