DJ Chacha Live Streaming sa MOR 101.9 Manila

The most listened to radio DJ DJ Chacha goes on live, nightly on MOR 101.9. Catch the live streaming on her Facebook page or live at

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Microsoft has decided to remove the possibility of being able to stream the music on OneDrive from its Groove Music application.

Microsoft takes another step towards the complete disposal of its old Groove Music music streaming service and all its advanced features. In an official document, the Redmond company reported that starting March 31, 2019, Windows 10 users will no longer be able to play streaming music from OneDrive via the Groove Music app. Of course, this applies to PCs, phones and Xbox One consoles.

This also applies to the Forza Horizon 3 game , which included the ability to play music through Groove Music during the game. The music can continue to be heard through the OneDrive web player. Alternatively, users can download it offline on their PCs to listen to it. This is certainly not pleasant news but it was widely expected. Last May, Microsoft announced its intention to withdraw the Grove Music apps for iOS and Android. Which happened last December without too many traumas.

Deleting the streaming features for Windows 10 was only the most logical step forward in a program to discontinue this service.

Remember that Groove Music no longer offers the possibility of being able to buy music to listen to in streaming. Precisely for this reason, Microsoft has transformed its application into a simple music player natively present within Windows 10.
This new news is just yet another initiative by Microsoft in eliminating the remaining functionality of the old music streaming service still present in the application.

Finally, it is reiterated that even after this feature has been discontinued, the music on OneDrive will not be affected in any way. Only, we will have to find another way to listen to them.


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