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Listen to the All-New 104.3 FM2 DWBR Used To Be Business Radio Manila



dwbr-1043-fm2 DWBR (104.3 FM), is now branded as FM2, it is an FM station utilizing a programming design in light of Classic Hits or music from the 80s and 90s in the Metro Manila market, asserted and worked by the assembly of the Philippines through the Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS) under the Presidential Communications Group.

It begins communicating from the fourth Floor, Philippine Information Agency Building, Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. Airs daily from 6 am to 12 mn

In January 2017, PBS reported that Business Radio will change its name to FM2, successful February 2, 2017. Preceding this declaration, Rizal “Bong” Aportadera, Jr. (Sonny B) was delegated by PCO Sec. Martin Andanar as the Director of PBS in July 2016. After a month, Carlo Villo (Carlo José) was then selected by Aportadera as the organization’s appointee executive and leader of the new FM division.

On January 15, 2017, Business Radio unobtrusively closed down for the last time and went off the air for seven days because of specialized modification. On January 24, 2017, the station started hindering, playing exemplary hits alongside pre-recorded stingers conveying the slogan The New Republic. Sonny B, Carlo José and George Boone boarded 3 days after its test communicate. Boone, The Bug (Bob Novales) and Jun Sta. Ana were the backbones of the old DWBR.

On February 2, 2017, past 5:30am, DWBR marked on as FM2. Around then, it amplified its communicate time by two hours, broadcasting until 12:00 midnight.

Website www .pbs .gov .ph

The Mobile Contact Numbers: +63.2.920.3957, +63.2.920.3928. Email address: Schedule: 6:00AM – 10:00PM DAILY




MOR 97.1 DYLS FM Cebu Now Live Streaming on iWanTV

MOR Cebu is now streaming via the iWanTV app and website.

It is free for subscribers in the Philippines and can be accessed while on mobile phone via the iWanTV app for iOS and Android devices.

The link is:

ww w.iwant

DYLS-FM or MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila! Forever! is a FM station claimed and worked by ABS-CBN Corporation in Cebu City, Philippines. Its studio is situated at ABS-CBN Broadcasting Complex, North Road, Jagobiao, Mandaue City, Cebu. While its transmitter is situated at Mt. Busay, Brgy. Babag 1, Cebu City.

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In the first place communicate in 1992 as 97.1 LS-FM The Great Romance, it playing all simple listening love melodies (in light of 101.9 Radio Romance in Manila).

In 1994, the station was reformatted to Star Radio 97.1, which conveyed Hot AC and OPM organize.

In 1997, it was rebranded as ABS-CBN Radio LS97.

In 1999, it changed its image as ABS-CBN LS 97.1.

On July 14, 2001, it was rebranded again as MOR 97.1 For Life! returning to Hot AC and OPM design.

On July 8, 2013, MOR 97.1 Cebu together with its other sister stations across the nation changed its logo into its present logo when 101.9 Manila was rebranded as MOR 101.9 For Life!.

On September 1, 2014, they changed again their projects’ name synchronous with other provincial MOR stations.

On July 30, 2016, MOR Cebu Celebrates its twentieth Anniversary, with a slogan, “#20MakaHAPPY”.

How to Follow and Listen to Love Radio 90.7 Manila Kabisyo Playlist on Spotify

Bonggacious to the maximum levelacious!

To borrow from the Queen of Radio and the number 1 and only balahura in the morning DJ Nicole Hyala.

Because Love Radio Manila is now heard on Spotify! Check out original content, songs and curated playlist by Kabisyo DJs.

If you haven’t download the Spotify app on Android or iOS. Then search for Love Radio Manila. 

Raqi Terra and Shai Tessai have their own playlist too so make sure to check out.

Here are some of the playlist by Love RADIO. 

You’d think it is kind of strange that a traditional is now using Spotify to think it could be considered a competition of radio. But it’s a great thing that stations are embracing the power of streaming sites. 

Request, Advise and Greetings with DJ Onse on MOR 101.9 @mor1019onse


Make sure to follow DJ Onse on the socials,  be it Twitter,  Instagram and all.

Comedian, host and love guru – DJ Onse is a total package! Indeed. And don’t forget to tune in to MOR 101.9 For Life.

From @mor1019onse – SUNDAY ang SAYA SAYA mga KOKAK!!! Si “BOY ROMANSA” ang LALAKENG searcher natin tonight kaya tawag na sa 924-2684 or 415-1111.

GUSTO nyo ba nang P2,500 worth of tickets na PANG GIMIK??? Dugtungan nyo ito “NAKAKASABIK YUNG………………….. at samahan nang #143forlife para MANALO kaya TUTOK na sa nagiisang DATING GAME sa Radyo ang “143 For Life” 8-12midnight sa MOR101.9 For Life.

LIVE na LIVE nyo akong mapapanood sa

MOR 101.9 For Life –

K-Lee Radio Online Radio Now Targets Senior Audience

An Internet radio station situated in Sydney is turning its sights on a frequently ignored demographic — seniors.

Nearby music as society, blue grass and Celtic tunes don’t commonly get a ton of play on private Cape Breton radio stations, said Glen Gray.

Dark has been working for more than five years playing Cape Breton music however it now has a devoted stage of music and group news for seniors.

It authoritatively dispatches a full slate of programming in mid-May.

Dark offered audience members a sneak peak Saturday as he telecast from the 50+ Expo at the Whitney Pier branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.

Seniors and beneficiaries bunches have indicated enthusiasm for the online radio station, he said. Most senior subjects have some nature with PCs and the Internet, and the individuals who don’t, there are projects gone for getting seniors PC proficient, Gray said.

He said his station would permit nearby acts to sparkle.

Flipping through some of his special material was Sydney occupant Brenda Burns. She was hoping to discover more about what K-Lee radio brought to the table.

Burns was one of near 500 individuals who filled the army over a five-hour period Saturday to take in more about topic that is of specific worry to the 50 or more group.

The second yearly expo, which was composed by the Friends of Neville Park Society, included 33 exhibiters on various points, for example, seniors lodging and bequest arranging.

Coordinator Allan Nathanson said his general public has hoped to extend the quantity of occasions it can have in Whitney Pier.

Indie Artists Now Welcome On Hits 97.5

Web radio has ended up one of the greatest wellsprings of sharing, and finding new specialists. One of the most compelling motivations Internet Radio is surpassing Terrestrial Radio is on the grounds that the client can impart what they are listening to their companions right away, producing a viral impact. This is one reason getting played on Internet Radio is profoundly looked for after, particularly for unsigned craftsmen. However getting radio play can be an overwhelming trip for craftsmen without a noteworthy record mark. Actually a standout amongst the most difficult issues confronted by free craftsmen is the means by which to get their music played on the radio. With a specific end goal to help non mainstream craftsmen get an opportunity to demonstrate their music aptitudes to worldwide audience members, Hits 97.5, the presumed and most loved radio station of numerous has reported that they will now permit unsigned specialists to submit music for radio play. This has made Hits 97.5 get a position among the best radio stations that play autonomous specialists.

Being among the top music stations accessible on the web, Hits 97.5 is putting forth a superb open door and urges every single non mainstream craftsman to make radio play entries of their best music. Presenting the best song(s) can help the craftsman make the most out of this open door.

There is solid rivalry for the wireless transmissions among real name specialists, and Hits 97.5 is putting forth autonomous craftsmen the capacity to showcase their music close by real specialists. The craftsmen need to simply submit music for radio play to get it played on this online radio station. What’s more, it additionally gives additional introduction and the tremendously required exposure by tweeting the subtle elements of the melody through their official Twitter account and also on the authority Facebook page of Hits 97.5. Along these lines, this radio station ensures that independent craftsmen get due acknowledgment the same way that marked specialists do. To present the tunes, ensure that the tune is radio prepared, which means blended and aced appropriately, and additionally swear words edited; then basically tap the url at

Nonstop Music On Internet Radio Stations

At the point when something great worn and well known slams into something new and developing a considerable measure of progressive things can happen. Also, that is decisively what’s happening as radio comes into contact with the web and is definitely rebuilt.

Radio on the web shows in an organization called gushing which implies that you don’t need to download or spare any records and the sound plays as it is gotten over the web. It can be the spilling administration of a radio station that typically telecasts over the wireless transmissions and you hear the station complete with music, declarations, news, and promoting. The other sort is a radio station that telecasts just on the web.

To locate a radio station to listen to on your PC or cell phone you could go to Google and begin looking. Be that as it may, it’s much less demanding on the off chance that you download an application or visit a particular site on your PC. The RadioTower webpage ( has the connections to more than 6000 free web radio stations though TuneIn Radio ( brags more than 100,000 stations spilling over the web and you can look by nation, kind, dialect or scan through the classes.

You’ll likewise discover a lot of free or ease applications for tablets and cell phones at the Apple App Store or Google Play that are a radio sweetheart’s blessing from heaven. I’ve downloaded a few including the TuneIn Radio application which has superb arrangements of radio stations or you can hunt and see what you get. My rundown of top picks incorporates Venice Classic Radio which streams established music throughout the day without ads. The verging on compulsory application in Canada is CBC Music which has 50 business free spilling music stations and I likewise like the CBC Radio application which gives me a chance to listen to CBC radio from anyplace on the planet and spare radio show podcasts for listening when I’m logged off.

In any case, it shows signs of improvement., and observe the strange spelling, is a site ( and an application for your tablet or cell phone which is basically splendid. Look for a tune, craftsman, or tune and you’ll see a rundown of radio stations far and wide that are playing the choice comfortable minute. Click on the connection to listen and afterward scan for another melody or listen to what is playing next.

The web is additionally re-characterizing the entire idea of a radio station. Various online administrations will permit you to scan types and listen to melodies or tunes in pre-chosen playlists for nothing, much like the radio applications. Notwithstanding, for about $10 every month you’ll have the capacity to make altered playlists of what you need to listen, have entry on a few gadgets, and download music to listen to when you’re not on the web, for example, on a plane.

You can discover a rundown of the different gushing administrations accessible in Canada at Music Canada ( music) in spite of the fact that the choice is continually evolving. Rdio, which was exceptionally well known, was obtained by Pandora and close down, despite the fact that Pandora is not accessible in Canada.

I’ve attempted a few administrations yet return to Spotify ( which cases to have 20 million melodies playable on cell phones or a PC. It’s free administration is awesome and in the various classifications of kinds and states of mind you’ll discover entrancing playlists including The Beatles, and music for voyaging or nodding off. The Word class has book recordings, contemplation, dialect lessons, unnerving stories, radio wrongdoing dramatizations, without any end in sight.

The one drawback is transmission capacity. Listening to gushing radio or music for three hours for each day could utilize very nearly 3 gigabytes of information for every month. This is insignificant on a wi-fi association, yet will pile on some costly additional expenses in the event that you just have a 200 megabyte information limit on your phone arrangement. Check your telephone’s information restricts and alter your listening in like manner or, if accessible, download music from the gushing source, for example, Spotify when you’re associated with wi-fi so you can listen on your cell phone later without utilizing your information arrangement.


The Future of Internet or Web Radio In India

Web radio or internet radio is a medium that radio telecasters might want to bounce into. In India however, the moderate development of the physical type of the radio, has turned out to be a hindrance to the development of the web structure.

Existing web radio players like,, appear to experience difficulty adapting their web radio stages. Is it accurate to say that they were then, rushed first movers, who bounced into a business, handicapped by an unviable income model?

Vineet Singh Hukmani, MD and CEO, Radio One, considers the web radio a deadlock business. At present web radio just adds up to music gushing and since music eminences are over the top in India, Hukmani is of the conclusion that the business did not have a lot of an income model. Radio had obviously, close down, he opined and the Saavns and Gaanas were just smoldering money.

Indeed, even spotify around the world, Hukmani called attention to, was attempting to keep above water. Planet Radiocity obviously has tremendous increasing expenses in the method for both labor and sovereignties and the stage’s rate of rate of return is accepted to be miniscule. YouTube Radio, in any case, can furnish audience members with all the music content they need – completely free.

Some do appear to be hopeful about the eventual fate of the web radio, in any case. As per Rajeev Sharma, Digital change and development expert, web radio is as yet developing however it needs great foundation.

Nisha Narayanan, COO, Red FM, is by all accounts depending on web radio. She sees web radio rising into an intense apparatus for the following level of development of the physical radio.

Hukmani feels that the expense of eminences was too high for the web radio to be reasonable.

Both Narayanan of Red FM and advisor Rajeev Sharma want to wager on promoters. Nonetheless, Sharma feels that web radio was among the greater promoting open doors as the medium movements to advanced.

Listen to Dear MOR with Ms. M and Reggie V on MOR 101.9 Live Streaming

Visit official website at mor1019. com

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