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Request & Greetings to DJ Joco Loco on MOR 101.9, MOR Tacloban Countdown Nov 2 2015

MORe sounds on MyOnlyRequest with Joco Loco! For your requests, just call the telephone numbers 415-1111 o 924-2684. You can also text. Just type MOR (space) MANILA (space) (requested song/greetings) and send it to 2366.

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Listen to MOR 101.9 Dear MOR Story Trends “Monique Story”

Hey there, you’re back , my goodness this is happening, and hey thanks for dropping by.

This is what I heard is the latest buzz on social media and yes I have heard that my fellow Facebook friends and Twitter followers are looking up for about Dear MOR 101.9.

And yes this is what they have been talking about, as with the subject the hashtag or main forcus of the story, awesomeness to the max, is this “The Monique Story”

It (this is totally crazy) is kind of really surprising but it is what happens.

Trending topics did not circulate, this is what ive been thinking, until today



Listen to Wow 107 FM Live Online Streaming, Viva Pinoy!

Our big congratulations to Wow 107 FM for the successful launch of their new station in Dubai.

Wow is part of the growing number of Filipino stations in the middle east both traditional and online broadcasts. Wow 107 FM is imaged by former iFM DJ and 106.3 Bell FM personality DJ Razon Reyes.

Wow 107 FM is a Pinoy station that aims to provide an engaging broadcast experience to Filipinos worldwide, hence the slogan Experience the Wow Factor.

Tune in now at


DJ Papa Jack TLC True Love Confessions Episodes on 90.7 Love Radio Still Top Rater

Love Radio 90.7 continues to be a force to reckon with as it remains to be the Metro’s number and undisputed number one station in the FM band.

Of course, one of the station’s main drivers is DJ Papa Jack whose nightly program TLC and formerly Wild Confessions are a household name. No matter how much competition, distractions, and hate his show receives, it is without a doubt a top rated format.

Wild Confessions or the segment where callers share their sensitive side has been lifted due to complaints from the conservatives and that includes the CBCP.

Nonetheless Papa Jack and his supremacy lives on with TLC.

In fact, the famous radio show now has a spinoff in the form of a radio drama.

And with the advent of social media, Love Radio now publishes select on air content on YouTube.

Visit their official Facebook page at and visit them at


Listen to WISH 107.5 Manila Online Live Streaming

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DWNU now has a new name and a new brand and it is called WISH 107.5. The old format Win Radio is still alive though.

Win Radio is now being used at 91.5 which used to be Energy FM and converted to BIG RADIO. So why switched to WISH FM. Win Radio is already a winning format? The answer really is in the appeal.

While there are so many masa stations in the Metro, Wish wishes to be a different one. With the advent of P-Pop is seldomly played in Top 40 high end formats and even on AC masa stations like Love Radio, Wish FM bridges the gap.

It still plays the time tested barriotic programming but with elements of contemporary approach. Plus their gimmick BUS or going on air inside a bus, is really catching on. Visit them at wish1075:com. The 107.9 frequency in Cebu which used to be the home of NU107 is still Win Radio.

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Listen to Oomph Radio 105.1 Cebu Live Streaming, VIVA Launches First P-Pop Format FM Station

Cebu City has a brand new radio station and it is called Oomph Radio 105.1.

The station occupies the 105.1 FM band which was formerly used by a hot AC in the city.Oomph Radio is a radio station owned by VIVA Entertainment.

Answering the void to a format that caters to OPM Pop, the group launched last year a unique programming that Cebuanos have not heard before.

Oomph plays Top 40 mixed with upbeat P-Pop or Pinoy Pop.

In an industry where Sarah Geronimos are seldomly played on CHR stations, this brand new format just caters to that.

Oomph Radio is situated at 2/F AMP Bldg., Nivel, 6000 Cebu City.

The Oomph Radio contact number or request line is 09329473680

Visit their official Facebook page at


Listen Online on the Number One Radio

The station has had many incarnations since its inception, but whatever brand or monicker it landed into, the station remains to be the top rated in the industry.

It had gone through massive face lifting from being an AC station or love songs, to light rock, to high end Top 40 station and now the leading masa station.

The format proved to be a strong brand as it was a consistent top rated format in its provincial stations, in Davao and Cebu particularly. So the network wasted no time to adapt it and this was also the chance to bring back its popular catch phrase.

This by the way is now being used as a listener label, meaning DJs call their avid listeners this.

Among its most popular programs is the mid morning. Unlike other similar program formats, it moves away from the traditional letter reading or advice giving approach, they bring in experts in the field of spirituality, legal and pyschology.

And they also do away with the unwholesome approach of other call in, advice based programs which includes sensualities. Congrats to the station for a job well done.

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*Live streaming nonstop music

Listen to Online Live Streaming

The station continues to dominate the airwaves of the Metro as it rates as the number one station and its increasing popularity among music lovers is evident in its growing followers on air and online.

On Facebook, as of this posting, they now have close to 65,000 likes and its official Twitter 57,000 followers.

And not surprising, as the station houses the most likable DJs in radio and trending programs.

Taking on the success of the old shows back in the old days, the new format continues the tradition and upped the ante.

The daily on air letter reading and drama radio show is among the favorite of listeners.

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Nimaxy Updates Internet Radio Stations Android App

A one-man studio of an internet radio station
A one-man studio of an internet radio station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nimaxy Studio announced the relaunch of an Android radio app, Internet Radio Stations, update of which is now available to all users who want to explore the different music genres and to have them all in one app. As it was the case with the previous version, updated version of Internet Radio Stations App can be found on Google Play Store for free.

If you want to relax with the music of different genres, this radio for android is addressed to you. This free app allows you to enjoy countless hours of hits and popular songs wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Live radio comes with the diversity of stations available on the web from different genres such as Jazz, Rock, House, so you are sure to find something that is quite to your taste.

This fm and am radio is a collection of the best channels on the internet and it is the collection of free music online. As far as genres of music are concerned, in this app you will find Hip Hop, Latino, Dubstep etc. Whatever is that you prefer, you will find it in Internet Radio app.

To download the app:

Google And Apple Struggle To Be King of Internet Radio

Internet Radio
Internet Radio

Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) launched its haphazardly named streaming radio service, Google Play Music All Access, in May for a $10 a month subscription price. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) launched its free iTunes Radio in September, although the service requires a $25 annual subscription to iTunes Match. While iTunes Radio has gotten a fair amount of traction, Google Play Music All Access has not, and a rumored introduction of a YouTube-branded radio and video service probably spells the end of the ill-named service

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