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Billie Eilish Has Outdone Michael Jackson in the World of Pop Music, Here’s Why

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2019 was a record year for Billie Eilish : her debut album “ When We Fall Asleep, Where do We Go? ”, Which arrived on the market on 29 March, has shocked the pop genre and climbed the heights of the world rankings allowing it to collect numerous awards including six nominations for the Grammy Awards and the recent award as woman of the year on the prestigious Billboard magazine .

From the height of his eighteen years, completed on 18 December, Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O ‘Connell – this is the name of the young American artist at the registry office – has already traveled the street: the comparison with the market for Billie comes in 2016 with the release of the unpublished ” Ocean Eyes “, which went viral on the major streaming music platforms in a short time. The climb to success continues unstoppable: the year after the singer-songwriter released her debut EP ” Don’t Smile at Me “, the successful single ” Bellyache ” which will be followed by ” Bored “, ” Watch ” and ” Copycat ” and in 2018 it starts its first world tour .

Billie Eilish is a true child prodigy , as the French cousins ​​would say. Daughter of theater actors, she has always grown up in an environment full of stimuli that has allowed her to best express her musical streak. At the age of eleven he writes and interprets his first songs in the house in Higland Park where he lives with his family. His most precious and trusted collaborator is his older brother Finneas (former actor of Glee and Modern Family, now musician, co-producer and arranger), with whom he has established a strong emotional bond and great complicity.

Despite her young age, the young Billie Eilish has an out of the ordinary artistic attitude and a strong awareness of her own means: her songs are produced and recorded in the home environment without any external infringement. From a stylistic point of view, the artist prefers to focus on the timbre element , reducing the instrumental part to a few chords. The wise use of vocal filters to give space to the whisper, gives the songs that ghostly atmosphere and the hypnotic tones that distinguish them. The icing on the cake that makes Billie Eilish unique in its kind are its pungent and uncanny texts that completely deviate from most of the material present in today’s pop scene.

What led Billie Eilish to emerge is to have put to rest the restlessness , the bewilderment and the desire for rebellion typical of every teenager: in his songs with a gloomy and melancholic line he tells of dramas, unease, emotional turmoil, lost friendships and amorous disappointments bringing everything to excess. The themes dealt with by the singer with extreme ease are very dear to millions of teenagers who fully identify with her by choosing her as their icon.

The choice to include in her dark pop and indie songs typical of electronic music and other musical genres is not accidental: it is as if the Californian singer-songwriter wanted to bring out also through her sound the contrasting feelings that harbor in her heart and in that of his peers. Billie Eilish’s music is therefore certainly a more innovative and more refined product than the classic pop ballads with frivolous contents to which we are accustomed today: it is precisely this intimacy that makes it so magnetic and interesting.

Also as regards his live performances , Billie Eilish brought a breath of fresh air. Unlike the other pop stars, he prefers a rather sparse scenography. Her shows are mainly based on continuous movement : the young singer-songwriter has studied dance for many years before devoting herself to singing and knows perfectly well what are the appropriate movements to combine with her songs. Despite her introverted character, she appears fully at ease on the stage where, in addition to dancing like a madwoman, she converses animatedly with the audience, inciting him to have fun with her.

Another aspect that sets it against the trend is the fact that it follows a somewhat unusual style even in clothing. Billie Eilish always dresses in oversized clothes (sweatshirts, oversize shirts and baggy trousers), often and willingly overlapping several layers of clothes. The reason is simple: beyond questions related to practicality, the young artist is not at all interested in being attractive and does not consider it correct that people judge a person according to their forms. In a hyper-sexualized society in which the self-image has a strong value, the choice of the singer therefore appears bold as well as provocative.

Thanks to her artistic sensitivity , her shrewd vision of the world and her undoubted talent, Eilish has managed to impose herself artistically on an international level while maintaining an attitude far removed from the aesthetic and expressive canons of pop as we know them. If with a single LP he has completely upset the logic of today’s music scene, it is legitimate to ask himself what we should expect from this prodigy girl in the not too distant future.



Billie Eilish’s Biggest Revelation in 2020 for Her Next Collaboration

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Now everyone wants it, because Billie Eilish, like it or not, is the new world musical phenomenon, capable of earning the esteem of money order rockers – such as, for example, Dave Grohl – and of the audiences of international festivals, as well as that of the public more generalist and world famous pop stars such as BTS . Yet – we can be sure – the singer from Los Angeles, California , has no intention of capitalizing on her popularity by accepting all the musical guests that she has been seeing to submit in recent months. Billie Eilish herself explained this in an interview with the American magazine Spin.

“I don’t like working with other people”, she assured, who has in her brother Finneas (in the photo, in the background) his only and faithful collaborator: “It’s something that happens in my head, and it’s strange. I don’t like mixing friendship with music, for any reason. I never play my songs to my friends until they are completely finished. I don’t like being watched by people while I work, and in any case I’m very good for on my own, so everything is ok. ”

The concept was already expressed a few days ago during an interview given by the artist to Alexis Petridis, the British Guardian’s top musical signature: “Collaborations are not something that interests me very much,” Eilish said, “And is something that they always ask me and that I really don’t want to do. It is not something against anyone, I simply don’t feel the need. I love music, I love other artists, but I hate how much – as soon as I meet a colleague – everyone gets they talk about our probable collaboration. Why can’t I simply be friends with someone who does my job? I don’t say that I will never collaborate: simply, now I am not trying to do it ..

EU Country Awards Billie Eilish with Top Record of the Year

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I feel sad when you are sad. I feel happy when she is happy. I feel angry when she is angry, ”writes a fan of Billie Eilish, 13-year-old Amelia, on Instagram. The hard core of the fans of the eighteen-year-old singer-songwriter are the Gen Z-ers, teenagers between 13 and 17 years, for the majority girls, much more mature than the age can reveal. A bit like their heroine, who at 17 made her debut with “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”.

The album, released last March, reached number one in America, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. It has become the best-selling debut album in America in the last ten years (both among men, women and groups) with over 313 thousand copies in the first week of publication. To date it has totaled over 24 billion streams worldwide. Not only that: Billie Eilish is officially the first artist born in this millennium to have reached both position n. 1 of the records that of the singles and is the third female artist in the last 31 years with more songs on the top of the Billboard Alternative Songsairplay chart (together with Alanis Morrissette and Sinead O’Connor).

To understand this fulminating rise, just peek through the letters of the fans. “Billie’s songs often tell stories or express feelings that I had difficulty understanding,” writes Saima, a 13-year-old Danish woman, who said that the music of the singer-songwriter from Los Angeles helped her to overcome a difficult moment. This emotional connection is a common thread between all fans who send messages from Italy to Australia.

“Her lyrics are so raw and true, they help me get through good and bad times,” writes 15-year-old Australian Joelie. “I am a warm hug and they taught me not to worry about what others think and instead of being myself.” Because the girl from “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” Not only reinvented pop with her threatening rap, but also upset the pop star’s canons. Fluo, oversize, baggie, exaggerated, “without gender”, it has torn down the combination of the good girl-bad girl of pop, giving life to a generation of young female stars who have no intention of conforming to the ideas of adults on models for Young people. She, like Kurt Cobain’s Nirvana, belongs to that rare kind of artist who every two-three decades redefines the rules of the game and the collective imagination, crumbling the certainties of music marketing. The first rule that Billie has subverted in a handful of months is that to break through at 17 it is not essential to be a sexy teenager with the silhouette of an ordinance, perhaps branded from head to toe and covered with make up.

“It represents the antithesis of the pop generation that many kids grew up with,” says designer Samantha Burkhart. From the total lack of sexuality in its aesthetic to the heavy use of horror visual elements in its music videos, Eilish is ushering in a new era in pop.

“Billie doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion,” writes a 13-year-old Belgian fan. “Wear what you want and don’t care about people who speak badly of you.” “I love Billie’s style,” adds Megan, a seventeen-year-old from Michigan. “It invites me to be myself and wear what I want.” In her lyrics, the singer-songwriter seems to touch the collective desire of the generation of post #MeToo girls, to take control and be directors of their creativity.

Billie Eilish’s music – full of contradictions: sweet but dramatic, childish and mature at the same time – is the soundtrack of this complicated new millennium. Appointment for July 17, 2020 at the MIND Milano Innovation District – Expo Area, when the world tour of the new pop star will also stop in Italy with a single event.


1.Billie Eilish – “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

2. Nick Cave – “Ghosteen”
A masterpiece of poetry and music with which the artist elaborates mourning through the imagination.

3. La Municipàl – “Bellissimi Difetti”
The Apulian band formed by the brothers Carmine and Isabella Tundo is the Italian surprise. Ivan’s funeral leave their mark.

4. Giovanni Truppi – “Poetry and civilization”
As in the case of La Municipàl, this album is also a demonstration that you can make music without being banal, addressing social and political issues.

5. Bruce Springsteen – “Western Stars”
Some critics have “branded” him as a cowboy record. Mistaken. It is unquestionably one of Bruce’s most intimate, intense and reflective. As in his 1982 masterpiece, “Nebraska”, Springsteen focuses more on the voice. And on words.

6. Sam Fender – “Hypersonic Missiles”
The 24-year-old from the working-class is a rare talent. The rock America of the Boss and Tom Petty moved to Newcastle.

7. Cesare Basile – “Cummeddia” Difficult
songs, Basile continues the process of drying up the music. The eleven tracks are talkin ‘blues that mix Sicily with desert blues and Mississippi blues, bluegrass and electronics.

8. Big Thief – “Two hands”
The Brooklyn band’s second album of the year is more earthly than “UFOF”, the bright collection that arrived in the spring. Here they sing about death and illness, elementary concerns that nevertheless reach a sort of upper level thanks to the tenacious, cracked songwriting that is rapidly affirming them as Brooklyn’s answer to Crazy Horse.

9. Caleidø – “Make silence”
The Misterbianco band rides the indie-pop wave: between the lines you can see the portrait of a generation poised between melancholy and despair, a sense of confusion and emptiness.

10. Mario Venuti – “Soyuz 10”
Nostalgia for a new world, made of sounds, words and feelings of the past. The album is a sort of manifesto of an artist who can perhaps be called the last of the old and the first of the new songwriters.

11. Luca Madonia – “The pyramid”
Among the echoes of the Denovo and the Beatles, it is a dip in the musical atmospheres of the sixties in the company of many friends. A sound journey with great class and elegance.

12. Felice Marsili De Medici – “Aut de Gamme”
Battisti and Luigi Tenco, the songwriter-indie and Ennio Morricone, Manu Chao and South America, blues and waltzes, Cesare Basile and punk folk, cowboys and Indians. There is all this in Felice Briguglio’s album in Catania, aka “Felice Marsili De Medici”.

13. Partinico Rose – “Songs for Sad and Angry People”
After talented nuns and meteors, a voice out of the chorus finally arrives from Ragusa. A powerful wall of guitars, a voice that recalls Robert Smith of Cure, an explicit language (English), strong-colored interpretations, a rock album played with grit and cleanliness.

14. Fontaines DC – “Dogrel”
The image of the Dublin band is as vivid and impetuous as Joyce’s visions. Songs of a rude, swaggering and cheerful beauty, but even the ballads are equally good, with a piano-pub sadness.

15. The Murder Capital – “When I Have Fears”
The other post-punk success story of Dublin with Fontaines DC, in The Murder Capital there is still a touch of lyricism. Beyond the metronome garage-rock, frontman James McGovern seems to be writing a Gothic novel.

16. Iggy Pop – “Free”
The sensational turn of the Iguana, which flirts with jazz like the David Bowie of “Blackstar” and with the poetry of Lou Reed. A melancholic, bitter, twilight disc for the survivor of the “sacred triangle” of rock

17. Mannequin Pussy – “Patience”
For their first album with the legendary pop-punk label Epitaph Records, the Philadelphia quartet blends punk trash with melodic, great hymns of anguish and regret. Listening to the singer Marisa Dabice grinning, crying, wincing and roaring in “Drunk II” means entering her shattered psyche. He sings with a ferocity rarely listened to in the easy listening playlist of the current indie; his presence practically vibrates the whole band.

18. Purple Mountains – Purple Mountains
Stories of depression and despair are easier to take with full knowledge of the happy ending. “Purple Mountains”, ” David Berman’s latest album, released twenty-six days before taking his own life at the age of 52, does not offer this luxury. Several songs – “The dead know what they are doing when they leave this world behind”, from “Nights That Won’t Happen”, or “There is no way to last here so long” from “All My Happiness Is Gone” – seem to point to what would have happened. Hearing them now is emotionally overwhelmed.

19. FKA Twigs – “Magdalene”
The British singer-songwriter, musician and dancer alternates between a painful falsetto and a tight, scratchy voice, full of regret. “Cellophane” is an extraordinary song.

20. Celeste – “Compilation 1.1”
Jamaican blood, born in Brighton, in his voice full of feeling and moving we hear those of Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. Paul Weller called her to his court. His name is Celeste, the rising star of British new wave jazz.

Billie Eilish Achieves Another Record for the Decade, Grats Girl!

The 2019 was the year of  Billie Eilish . She released her debut album ” When We All Sleep Where Do We Go? ” Which consecrated her as an international music star, she held a sold out world tour (which also made a stop in Milan ), with her magnetic personality she became an  icon of style , she got six Grammy Awards 2020 nominations and she turned 18. And the list is still long!

Yet another proof that this is about to end was an incredible vintage for Billie there is this last record: his Wikipedia page is the most viewed of all 2019 by a living singer . In the musical environment, only Freddie Mercury did better than her.

The list of the most viewed pages of Wikipedia in 2019 was compiled by the user Andrew G. West, who put together a series of raw data that the portal makes available to the community. Andrew has not taken into consideration the Wikipedia home page , which has always been the one visited here.

Billie recently explained in an interview why she doesn’t want to collaborate with other artists.

Billie Eilish is not Lady Gaga or Madonna but she is going to get even bigger

In a musical scenario, Billie Eilish has been on the stagnant for a whileentered the butter like a knife. Driven by the best pop record of the last few years, the Interscope has presented a winning offer because it is perfectly seductive for the target audience: a radiantly beautiful girl, just like millions of her peers, completely inserted in the flow of styles, behaviors and languages ​​of his generation. Coming from an emblematic cultural matrix as a rather cool residential area of ​​Los Angeles, she grew up in a family of entertainment people, with a brother endowed with a musical point of view, but in search of the format to give meaning to her vocation. And then she, Billie in first person, with a marked predisposition – at the limit of a slightly cynical boldness – in embodying everything, in condensing these prerogatives in the form of an artistic project. Once the industry has taken over, he has shown for now ease and ability to interpret a role that is completely adjacent to him, built in his image and likeness, that of a very cute American teenager, who will turn 18 at the end of 2019.

Then, and above all, there is the musical side of the discourse, without which this introduction could relate to any of the thousands of very young women who write songs, learn to sing them rather well and then wonder what is the least blocked way to get a minimum of attention and approach a dream that is still pale colors. Of course, there are the talent and their exhausting qualifying rounds. Above all, there is the web where to post what you know how to do and to see if something happens. But the departure must be scorching, to justify some decent ambition. And to Billie and her brother Finneas, who is always his partner in the award-winning firm, things went exactly that way, a sign that what they proposed immediately exposed strong prerogatives,

Billie is only 13 years old when ” Ocean Eyes ” peeps out on the internet , made at home with Finneas, and causes a small tsunami that anyone working in the field can’t help but notice. The two kids just need that song to wisely hit the audience at “13” and “Stranger Things”. Rather impressive performance, born of a skill that is also a belonging to a lifestyle, of consumption, of taste. They come from there, and therefore they possess the sound, the intention, the nature: a dreamy adolescent voice, a romantic electronic carpet, an intangible, generic but suggestive vision – then everyone puts his own: ” I don’t stop thinking to your diamond mind / I made friends with time / Those ocean eyes / You know how to make me cry”. The numbers are viral and the Eilish machine starts up.

The Interscope label presented a winning offer because it was attractive for the target audience, made by adolescents

An interesting aspect of the story is that it is immediately a family affair. The O’Connell family (Billie’s real surname, Eilish is the middle name) landed badly for a living: dad and mom only work occasionally in the far periphery of the world-Hollywood and Finneas knows the grammar of contemporary pop, he is good, he would also the face, but he always lacked the grip to make it. Now that Billie turns out to be the right bet, they don’t take prisoners and the whole family focuses exclusively on her, with a military discipline that evokes those stupid comedies on American camping holidays.

One of the tricks, perhaps the most acute born from the O’Connell forum, is to protect Billie as much as possible from the contaminations with the outside world, read the productive procedures in the making of of a pop star, with professionals and focus experts on “what expecting the public “gathered to” create “the character, rather than just seeing where it goes alone. Which is what is claimed by Patrick and Maggie, mom and dad who have signed the first recording artist contracts on behalf of their minor daughter . It is true that this version of the facts is already part of the legend and that in the end, even if in the Billie interviews, with slacker air, guarantees that things have gone exactly like this and that she does not put anyone’s feet in the head – “Tyler the Creator, Lord, Childish Gambino, Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber: they are the ones who created me,” he says in a revealing chat about Pitchfork site, credibly defining its musical genesis – a careful listening of “ When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”, His debut album, reveals an obvious double work plan: first what Billie continued to do with Finneas in his bedroom, where the mini-recording studio is still mounted, a computer, a keyboard, a guitar, a microphone and a lot of software. And where the verses written by Billie in the notebook become multigeneral songs, capable of eclectically boiling from the ballad to the melodic rap, citing everything, the dark reflections of Lana Del Rey, the synthetic pop of Dua Lipa, the beats of the white Edm.

Secondly, to arrive at the dazzling final result, Billie’s ideas and Finneas’s intuitions received a masterful post-production in bringing the work in exact conjunction with the expectations and sensitivity of an audience. And voila, the connection is made: the naturalness of an original impetus and the competent finalization of careful market connoisseurs to create a new prototype disc. Which will become a reference for years to come, as, to name another, it happened with ” Back to Black ” by Amy Winehouse- another target, more time, but the same improvement technique applied to a well-established model. In addition, put the thriving video side of Billie’s production: horror, blood, nightmares and suburbia, the same ingredients as the multiplex scary movies , with which she got her hands dirty, in the manga version (” You Should See Me in a Crown ” ) even someone like Takashi Murakami, not to neglect the flourishing market basin of the East.

Billie is only 13 years old when she publishes “Ocean Eyes” on the internet, a homemade song with her brother Finneas. It’s a tsunami

The contagion has officially begun, the game works, the effect expands, like circles in the water, all over the planet. Billie is the new global-rate American teenstar prototype, though she pretends that it disgusts her a little. It is so and she is at play, because it is natural for her to be the American girl full of tics and with traces of Tourette’s syndrome, rebel against the right, aware of the right, a dreamer the right, very bold, creative with an undeniable touch of class camp . It’s a model that never sets, you can swear, ask Katy Perry , Miley Cyrus , or Lana Del Reyif you want to be more sophisticated. The fact is that an album like this is the best listening possible, if you go to work in the subway in the morning with your head full of thoughts, or on the bus to school, or in the car stuck in traffic: pure honey from headphones. Musical Serotonina. It touches cerebral conjunctions, tickles nervous centers, moves and involves a lot, induces self-contemplation and teases outraged narcissism. It is good, in short, especially if you are fifteen years old, on your identity card or even just in the way you get excited, in contrast with the forty you feel on your shoulders. Of course, it is better to be widely under twenty to live this crush to the end, without mediation and with the momentum that will make it memorable for the rest of life. ” When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”Is the record that you will keep forever in your cell phone and Billie’s turbidly gothic look, when she poses for photographers, will enter the gallery of evergreen memories (when instead, instead of making her pussy copying the Instagram models, Billie’s images they are on the move and she speaks and shakes, another character emerges, masculine and impetuous , very opinionated , ready to shoot her big, certainly a talent in burping contests with friends).

The debut album is good especially if you are 15 years old, on your identity card or just in the way you get excited

Now the promotional campaign orchestrated by those who feel they have found the big nugget does not go much for the subtle: the kind of communication is that of the “revelation”, nor were we faced with a new Annunciation. It would seem that perennial rock stars jostle every night in front of the Eilish dressing rooms – Eddie Vedder, Thom Yorke, Dave Grohl – committed to sanctioning that she is the future of music, or rather rock, which is therefore officially well and lives again in the single-family house of the O’Connells. We, mindful of the wavering parables of Avril or Lorde – others “announced” at the time of take-off – are more cautious.

The Billie record is beautiful and you never tire of listening to it, in the summer by the sea. But the feeling is that the time is nowfor her, everything and immediately, because this is the meaning of her success: the right girl at the right time. Because it is strong and defenseless at the same time. Because he says fuck off Trump and the legislation against abortion. Because he talks about the monsters under his bed. Because it changes the color of hair every day and miraculously, it doesn’t seem ridiculous. Because it says naturally that punk is beautiful, even now, out of time. Because it is the result of an evolution and a mutation that come from so far away that one does not even remember how it started, but that, as such, will continue to free wheel and variable speed. Also injecting Billie Eilish, normalizing her, after having digested her, when she will try to remake her mantra of melancholy and inconsistent American decadence.

The promotional campaign orchestrated by those who feel they’ve found the star don’t go much for the subtle. Yet another “revelation”

Being a Madonna, holding on, is a damned difficult job, which causes suffering and joy in the meter. It is almost a stubbornness, wanting to turn the making of songs into art and then singing them hopping. It takes a stubbornness that borders on madness, even if one like Lady Gaga , at a certain point, gave it up. Billie gives more the feeling of a moment, of a glow of intense light. A flash, more than a beacon that pauses to patiently illuminate the crevices of our imagination.