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How To Apply as Disc Jockey (DJ) at iFM 93.9 Manila DWKC FM

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How to submit application or apply as disc jockey at DWKC FM iFM 93.9 Manila? Where to send resume? Where to email CSV and application? What are the requirements to apply?

IFM 93.9 Manila is the flagship FM station of Radio Mindanao Network in the Philippines.

If you wish to be part of DWKC FM, the call letters of the station, you may need to be ready with the following requirements.

Although the station currently may not or is not looking, it pays if you be ready should there be a vacant slot.

Requirements to apply at IFM 93.9 Manila DWKC FM:
1.) Be ready with your aircheck or recording of your actual broadcast airtime.
2.) Keep your communications line up, especially your mobile phone number should there be an on call interview.
3.) Be ready to be relocated of course in Metro Manila.
4.) Be KBP certified. If you are a fresh graduate, you may indicate you are applying as intern.
5.) Be the best and confident you.

Contact numbers of IFM 93.9 Manila to submit application as disc jockey or DJ:

+02 815 8304
+02 815-8304
+02 816-2822

Email address of IFM 93.9 Manila to submit application as disc jockey or DJ: