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Watch iFM 93.9 Manila Live Streaming, DWKC iFM Manila Embraces YouTube for Live Streaming

Props to iFM 93.9 for putting a live stream of their FM broadcast in Manila using YouTube.

You can now watch the live stream on the link below

The live stream however may change or may be deleted, so you can check out their official YouTube channel


Their radio personalities however continue to upload videos and post live videos of their boardwork on Facebook.

But like many stations, they still primarily live stream using IBM Cloud, which is now the owner of UStream.

Other stations are still using shoutcast or icecast servers for audio only listening.

There is an upside to using YouTube though.

1.) The can monetize their stream
2.) The server is reliable
3.) Its reach is wide

The downsides though to YouTube streaming:
1.) Copyright takedowns, even if you are a licensed FM radio, the bots will automatically remove any uploaded videos

Such is what happened to a radio station in Cebu when they used YouTube to live stream, but their video was taken down by Warner Music.

This is the very reason why most Facebook Live sessions by DJs are only during adlibs or off the air work. They usually mute or turn the down the volume of their actual music they play live on the air, to prevent the bots from tagging their videos.

This is the very reason why competitor DWRR still uses BrightCove for their live stream. It is a very exclusive platform , so unless you subscribe to TFC abroad, you won’t be able to listen.


How To Apply as Disc Jockey (DJ) at iFM 93.9 Manila DWKC FM

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How to submit application or apply as disc jockey at DWKC FM iFM 93.9 Manila? Where to send resume? Where to email CSV and application? What are the requirements to apply?

IFM 93.9 Manila is the flagship FM station of Radio Mindanao Network in the Philippines.

If you wish to be part of DWKC FM, the call letters of the station, you may need to be ready with the following requirements.

Although the station currently may not or is not looking, it pays if you be ready should there be a vacant slot.

Requirements to apply at IFM 93.9 Manila DWKC FM:
1.) Be ready with your aircheck or recording of your actual broadcast airtime.
2.) Keep your communications line up, especially your mobile phone number should there be an on call interview.
3.) Be ready to be relocated of course in Metro Manila.
4.) Be KBP certified. If you are a fresh graduate, you may indicate you are applying as intern.
5.) Be the best and confident you.

Contact numbers of IFM 93.9 Manila to submit application as disc jockey or DJ:

+02 815 8304
+02 815-8304
+02 816-2822

Email address of IFM 93.9 Manila to submit application as disc jockey or DJ:



Listen to iFM 93.9 Manila Online Streaming

Listen to IFM 93.9

iFM 93.9 is DWKC FM, the flagship FM radio station of Radio Mindanao Network.

The iFM monicker started in 2002, however, the first airing of the station dates back to 1978. Back then it was known as 93.9 WKC a pop music leaning station, which targeted the C-D-E market. Among its famous personalities back in the day was Baby Michael, whom we know now as Mike Enriquez on GMA 7’s 24 Oras.

The C-D-E format of the station lasted until November of 1999. It then flipped to a Top 40 programming catering to high end audience. 939 KCFM became the new brand and incorporated the slogan “Live It Up”.

The rebranding was nationwide which was based on pulling out the last two letters of the call sign and removing the point or dot on the frequency.
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