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Dear iFM on 93.9 iFM

Megandang Megan

For as long as there has been radio, love-advice programs have been entertaining listeners with stories sent by ordinary people.

IFM 93.9 (DWKC FM) takes on the classic program, in its purest form, asking for letter senders to share their stories of love, heartaches, struggles, joys and even strange ones.

Dear iFM an afternoon is implemented on all IFM stations nationwide. In Manila, DJ Megandang Megan shares a story from a letter sender usually ending with soliciting advice from the announcer. The DJ would ask her listeners to participate through text or phone in.

While other station’s like Tambayan 101.9 and Love Radio are taking such a program to a new level, IFM sticks to the roots by giving the listeners a chance to share their opinions about the letter sender’s situation. Continue reading Dear iFM on 93.9 iFM


Maging iFM DJ – iFM DJ Hunt Via YouTube and Facebook

iFM 93.9 is utilizing social media to discover the next big radio star. The competition dubbed Komikero Ka Ba? Maging iFM DJ calls for aspiring radio DJs to submit their credentials and how do they do it? Here are the details:

1. Upload a 2 minute video on YouTube
2. The video must showcase the applicant’s comical skills.
3. He must throw a kick-ass, funny, and witty punchline effortlessly, without the use of make up, facial expressions, or costumes.
4. Post the video link to http://www.facebook.com/magingifmdj
5. Listen to 93.9 iFM, “Siguradong Enjoy Ka” (You Will Surely Enjoy!)

Here’s one of the entries submitted by a listener:

Be the Next iFM DJ

iFM is the Philippine Radio Station to Broadcast Digitally via HD Radio Technology
iFM is the Philippine Radio Station to Broadcast Digitally via HD Radio Technology

iFM Telephone Contact Number for advertisement, inquiries, sales, advertising rates, DJ applications, greetings and requests.

815-8304 OR 816-2822 OR 772-56-94

Aspiring DJs now have the chance to be heard on the air, as 93.9 iFM DWKC Manila now starts the 2009 hunt for their new on air personalities.

iFM is a Hot AC station and prefers DJs are that are fun, witty, and with on air presence. Auditions are taking place at the iFM Office UNIT 806 ATLANTA CENTRE ANNAPOLIS STREET GREENHILLS SAN JUAN every 8am – 4pm MONDAY TO FRIDAY only.

Applicants will need to bring a copy of their resume and a good attitude.

Be The Next iFM DJ Plug

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