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Listen to Hulihin Mo Chacha – MOR 101.9 Manila and DJ Chacha Experiments and Succeeds with new Segment

DJ Chacha is really known for her blunt, no nonsense advise to listeners on the air.

The award-winning radio personality has another ace up her sleeve with a new segment called Hulihin Mo Chacha.

Come to think of it as a form of phone prank. Listeners usually how have problems with their partners call Chacha and make her to call the person in question.

Chacha’s aim is to somehow resolve whatever was the problem. But the idea is that if the partner is cheating, Chacha makes the person confess.

There are many instances and situations, but the premise is that DJ Chacha makes it a point to catch the fish by its mouth.

Below is the latest episode:


DJ Chacha Chooses Daughter over Big Brother, Money

DJ Chacha After Her Exit from Pinoy Big Brother House
DJ Chacha After Her Exit from Pinoy Big Brother House

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Welcome back to the outside world as they say it. DJ Chacha is back on MOR 101.9 fm.
She recently volunteered to exit from the Big Brother House as she misses her daughter. 

She explains, “anyone would chose their daughter over money and fame.”

Chacha however has been criticized of her move out, with netizens saying she is just seeking attention. 

The award winning radio personality explained to Kuya that she misses hee daughter and that she also needs to go back to her work as a radio DJ to tend to her family. 

DJ Onse and DJ Chacha of MOR 101.9 Had A Date


From @mor1019onse – Kapag SINUSWERTE ka nga naman… Kahit wala pa akong LIGO at TOOOTHBRUSH, Akalain mo nagkita kami ng HUBBY CHACHA ko sa ABSCBN at nakalibre tuloy ako ng LUNCH kasi nga kakukuha lang nya ng MALAKING SWELDO haha!!! SALAMUCH Hubby…. LAB YAH!!! #AKALAINMO!!!

Look DJ Chacha and DJ Onse on a date. Well turns out that DJ Onse bumped into DJ Chacha at the ABSCBN cafeteria.

DJ Chacha just had her paycheck so she picked the tab for Onse’s lunch how sweet.

He even called the female DJ his hubby.