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Listen to DJ ChaCha on MOR 101.9

Listen to DJ Rico Romantico on MOR 101.9
Listen to DJ ChaCha on MOR 101.9

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Love, not all the time fun. It is sure will be lots of fun if you listen to DJ ChaCha on MOR 101.9!

She helps listeners who need her advice, map-love man ‘yan or life!

But do not be foolish when you talk to her and make sure you hear it! You will hear sermons if you listen to DJ ChaCha on MOR 101.9 that are unlikely that you have ever heard your mother when you were a kid.

Chacha’s bluntness is just one of the many qualities that endeared her to millions of radio listeners and netizens as well. Shee is now a successful businessman, so the more that she surrounds him. Those who just wait for the right moment.

Right moment for her loan. Good luck to you.

Join him every Monday to Friday, 9PM to 12 midnight at Heartbeats for tight pulls and excellent advice! So make sure to listen to DJ ChaCha on MOR 101.9

Contact DJ ChaCha on MOR 101.9 Telephone number, Requests, Greetings, Dedications, Letter sending

(+632) 415-2272
(032) 422 1954
(02) 416 6300
(02) 924 2684

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Review of the Sony SRS-XB10 Wireless Speaker

Truly the Sony SRS-XB10 Wireless Speaker is a great speaker, even if Bluetooth is not as powerful. For those looking for quite strong and perfect bass, it’s fine to listen to music a little less for iPod cast because the basses are a bit annoying.

Excellent waterproofing, I’m using it in the shower where it takes splashes and not signs of subsidence (for now).

Given the size the volume is great!

The materials are excellent nothing to do with the filmmakers that if I see around

In relation to the size the sound is very good and the bass is deep enough.

Two speakers can be paired with Sony SRS-XB10 Wireless Speaker to generate a stereo effect and better distribution of sound in space. However, be careful because, in this case, the delay with which the sound is reproduced is significant. Therefore, if the use is limited to listening to audio only songs there are no problems, if you want to watch a movie or just a video on youtube, you can use a single box

Small but has a great power of sound! Moreover, with the extra bass it is able to perfectly reproduce the bass of the tracks. Beautiful “add” feature that allows you to select a speaker in the left and the other in right so you can listen to the music in stereo as if it were a stereo. Soft plastic coating, comfortable in hand, but has the flaw to get dirty easily and it is difficult to clean it.

The only flaw I found with Sony SRS-XB10 Wireless Speaker is that the bluetooth distance is really minimal (maximum 3/4 meters if there are no obstacles, otherwise even less), and in addition the battery does not last 16h as indicated, but much less .. even less than 7h

Orderly yellow arrived red but that’s okay. Perfect article both as packaging and content. Nice sound clean both by bluetooth and with the stereo jack cable. Fast pairing and stable connection even when moving. I’ll probably buy another one. Satisfied. Thank you

Truly powerful bass, at maximum volume trembles everything. Maybe a little too powerful. If the songs that you play have already well pumped bass this case is a bit too much because it tends to distort. But overall and for my personal use, mainly reproduction from cellular, Sony SRS-XB10 Wireless Speaker is a good product. I tried to connect it to the PC and play movies or TV shows, I would say that my vote is 10+.


Listen to Hulihin Mo Chacha – MOR 101.9 Manila and DJ Chacha Experiments and Succeeds with new Segment

DJ Chacha is really known for her blunt, no nonsense advise to listeners on the air.

The award-winning radio personality has another ace up her sleeve with a new segment called Hulihin Mo Chacha.

Come to think of it as a form of phone prank. Listeners usually how have problems with their partners call Chacha and make her to call the person in question.

Chacha’s aim is to somehow resolve whatever was the problem. But the idea is that if the partner is cheating, Chacha makes the person confess.

There are many instances and situations, but the premise is that DJ Chacha makes it a point to catch the fish by its mouth.

Below is the latest episode:

DJ Chacha Chooses Daughter over Big Brother, Money

DJ Chacha After Her Exit from Pinoy Big Brother House
DJ Chacha After Her Exit from Pinoy Big Brother House

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Welcome back to the outside world as they say it. DJ Chacha is back on MOR 101.9 fm.
She recently volunteered to exit from the Big Brother House as she misses her daughter. 

She explains, “anyone would chose their daughter over money and fame.”

Chacha however has been criticized of her move out, with netizens saying she is just seeking attention. 

The award winning radio personality explained to Kuya that she misses hee daughter and that she also needs to go back to her work as a radio DJ to tend to her family. 

DJ Onse and DJ Chacha of MOR 101.9 Had A Date


From @mor1019onse – Kapag SINUSWERTE ka nga naman… Kahit wala pa akong LIGO at TOOOTHBRUSH, Akalain mo nagkita kami ng HUBBY CHACHA ko sa ABSCBN at nakalibre tuloy ako ng LUNCH kasi nga kakukuha lang nya ng MALAKING SWELDO haha!!! SALAMUCH Hubby…. LAB YAH!!! #AKALAINMO!!!

Look DJ Chacha and DJ Onse on a date. Well turns out that DJ Onse bumped into DJ Chacha at the ABSCBN cafeteria.

DJ Chacha just had her paycheck so she picked the tab for Onse’s lunch how sweet.

He even called the female DJ his hubby.