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Tune In To DJ Earl Mixes On Radio MOR 101.9 Manila

DJ Earl sa MOR Live Mixes!!! Watch our live stream via MOR1019 and FB live!

Catch the two as they mix the hits in a stream and seamless format. Nonstop ika nga! Music never sounds this good with the haris of mixes.

It’s M.O.R. Mixes on Radio, check it all out on My Only Radio 101.9 FOR LIFE.

DJ Onse and DJ Chacha of MOR 101.9 Had A Date


From @mor1019onse – Kapag SINUSWERTE ka nga naman… Kahit wala pa akong LIGO at TOOOTHBRUSH, Akalain mo nagkita kami ng HUBBY CHACHA ko sa ABSCBN at nakalibre tuloy ako ng LUNCH kasi nga kakukuha lang nya ng MALAKING SWELDO haha!!! SALAMUCH Hubby…. LAB YAH!!! #AKALAINMO!!!

Look DJ Chacha and DJ Onse on a date. Well turns out that DJ Onse bumped into DJ Chacha at the ABSCBN cafeteria.

DJ Chacha just had her paycheck so she picked the tab for Onse’s lunch how sweet.

He even called the female DJ his hubby.

Listen to MOR 101.9 with DJ Reggie, Radio Automation Software Used In DWRR FM Manila MOR 101.9


Don’t forget guys to listen to MOR 101.9 with DJ Reggie.

Make sure to follow him on his socials.  By the way here his latest post.

It’s actually a snap of the radio automation software or the program used by DWRR FM Manila, MOR 101.9.

The MOR or My Only Radio For Life stations in the province mostly use the OTS Juke or OTS Media AV.

Jazler and Station Playlist are among the most popular radio automation software used by stations.

There’s also SAM Broadcaster which us great for streaming stations.

You can also checkout the ENCO radio automation software which currently partnered with Benztown.

Watch video below.

Congratulations Juan Karlos Labajo is Number 5 on MORBiga10‬ April 16 2016, Keep Voting

Juan Karlo Labajo is currently Number 5 on MORBiga10‬ for April 16 2016, Keep Voting now.

On other news:

Benesse’s Shinken Zemi manga motivated a no frills music video by KANA-BOON (Boruto – Naruto the Movie-, The Perfect Insider) for the band’s “Run and Run” tune. The music video depicts scenes in the manga, and stars Yūna Taira as the hero Chiaki Sakura. Benesse’s Shinken Zemi Plus site started gushing the music video on Tuesday. The first manga is additionally accessible on the same site.

The video focuses on Chiaki Sakura (played by Yūna Taira), an ordinary secondary school young lady with typical evaluations and poor execution in her ball club. Her companion Haruo Satō teases her, additionally stresses over her. Chiaki appreciates an upperclassman, Natsuki Kawatsu, who is great at both studies and games. They meet each other at a transport stop in transit home one day, and Natsuki shows Chiaki legitimate shooting structure and his study techniques. He advises her that he considered utilizing Benesse’s Shinken Zemi Plus correspondence system, and she sets out to attempt it too.

The music video likewise debuted on Japanese TV as a business on Friday.

Shinken Zemi Kōkō Kōza, Benesse’s correspondence course that middles schoolers get into their preferred secondary school, as of now created a 2012 anime short, which was accessible only on a DVD from the correspondence program. Benesse likewise delivered an anime short a year ago featuring Kana Hanazawa.