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97.9 Love Radio Cebu Listenership Picks Up

Love Radio 97.9 Cebu

When it comes to masa stations in Cebu, 97.1 Lupig Sila (ABS-CBN), 99.5 Nindota Ah (RGMA), 91.5 Hot FM (MBC) and 93.9 iFM (RMN) or the Big 4 come to mind first. But aside from Hot FM, everyone knows MBC had other stations running such as Easy Rock (formerly Yes FM) and Love Radio.

Love Radio is MBC’s flagship Hot AC station in the country, so it was surprising to find out that during the last few years, Love Radio went low profile in the airwaves of Sugbu. Guess, the name does not always guarantee a top rating.

But in the recent months, when Love Radio revamped its programming to conform with its mother station in Manila, updated its lineup of personalities,97.9 Love Radio is picking up listenership faster, which now shakens the established Big 4 of Cebu. Surprisingly, DYBU the legal identity of Love Radio Cebu has been around since the 1950s. In 1975, DYBU moved from AM to FM band. Continue reading 97.9 Love Radio Cebu Listenership Picks Up