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Capital of Media Announces The First Custom FX Library


Capital of Media proudly presents the best news in radio imaging: The Radio Imaging Library (TRIL). The first custom, online FX-library. A team of FX-producers from all over Europe have worked relentlessly to create this revolutionary new way to create radio imaging.

Founder of Capital of Media, Anthony Timmers:

“There are dozens of FX-libraries and we know them all. But there is always something missing and it is always that one effect that you really need. To help imaging directors with this problem I myself had for years, I came up with the idea to create a custom FX-library. After almost a year of producing we can finally present our new service to the radio industry. No one else but you als Imaging-Director know what you need to create the best promos, sweepers and more. So you tell us what you need and we create it for you!” Continue reading Capital of Media Announces The First Custom FX Library