Free Radio Jingles Sweepers and Liners

What You Need To Know About Free Radio Jingles and Sweepers

Freebies are a great way to sample a company’s service or products. There are plenty of ways of you can avail of such free services.

1. Imaging and Voiceover Forums is probably a cliché when it comes to requesting free VOs. Great if you want to try a new voice for your station without going through different sites. You can also try

2. Request a Free Demo

There are plenty of voice services and production companies that offer free custom demos. You can send in your script. However, there could be limits in the length or production.

3. Pre-produced Freebies

Services like offer promotional pre-produced sweepers for free. You can also download pre-produced sweeper shells and add your station voice.


Again, the purpose of availing these services is to try out a company or a voice. Keep yourself updated of the latest in the industry so you know who’s offering which service or product.

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163 thoughts on “Free Radio Jingles Sweepers and Liners”

  1. hi!! you are great i hope you help me on this..if you help me it will be something new for me and my city!! i am a radio producer from greece in my city called serres..the station called RADIO EROS 93FM….i want to make a radio jingle for is my dream to do that!! if you can i want in this jingle to put my name on it!! my name is THEOLOGIS KOMSIS.. so fellows just make that super jingle for me and make me happy and better radio producer!,,you can start like this if you want…:NOW ON-AIR THEOLOGIS KOMSIS…the rest i leave it all to you..thanks for give in me the chance to post here and i will wait for your jingle!! i know it will be super!!! keep up the good work greetings from greece and serres city!


  2. Hi, could you do a couple of tags for us

    Station Name: “Radio Bugle”

    Based in Brighton UK

    “Here’s Ernie”
    “Competition time”
    “The best for music”


  3. Hi,please make a jingle and Dry for my radio station…
    my station web radio name is : Enjoy
    Station name : Enjoy
    Frequency : 89.5 FM
    Slogan : The Best Hit Surround
    Formats : HOT AC

    1.”Nowww the Music hitzzz Surround you on 89.5 Enjoy”
    2.”5 4 3 2 1 Gets Ready to Enjoy ”
    3.”The Best Hitzz Surround [space] on 89.5 Enjoy”
    4.”You listening to the new 89.5 Enjoy Live From CPR School ”

    Thank you very much for your help
    pls send me email :


  4. Hi,please make a jingle and Dry for my radio station…
    my station web radio name is : Enjoy
    Station name : Enjoy
    Frequency : 89.5 FM
    Slogan : The Best Hit Surround
    Formats : HOT AC

    Thank you very much for your help
    pls send me email :


  5. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! hanap pala ako ng ka langga langga……
    juzt txt me dis #09298081690…. im gracey…..
    MOR 4 LYF…..THNX……..


  6. Hi, could you please make a jingle or two for a non-profit radio station please?

    KWC 90.3 FM – Panther Radio

    “The More Variety Station!”


  7. hi guys!!! any chance you would lend your amazing talents to a few jingles? we are maiden city fm in derry city
    this is maiden city fm/
    on 106.5 fm–derry’s radio station/
    youre listening to maiden city fm/
    your station playing your music/

    lots of thanks from all at maiden city


  8. HI Could you do a few tags for our new community radio station which is going on air pretty soon.

    Staion name: Drive fm
    Based in Derry, L’Derry N Ireland

    Slogan: Your Voice, Your Community….DRIVE FM
    Frequency: 106.5 Mhz

    ” Your listening to Drivefm on 106.5 fm, fm, fm, fm……”
    ” On 106.5fm, It’s your Voice, Your Community, It’s Drive FM”
    “Your Listening to Drive fm,Your Community Station”

    Thank You


  9. First of all, I’ll thank you to radio jingle team who maked me Radio Sukapura Sweeper. I really glad for your help. And I beg to radio jingle team to give me one version jingle for :
    Frequency : 101 FM
    Station name : Radio Sukapura
    Location : Karangnunggal Tasikmalaya
    Motto : The family news station

    “this is 101 FM Radio Sukapura Karangnunggal Tasikmalaya
    the family news station”

    thank you before.




  10. hi…can u make me a jingle..
    my station: STAR FM, the music station across d nation.
    tagline: IBA ANG DATING…

    and also…

    it’s all for u in the morning with TOBYTUBERO..

    thanks a lor.

    I will wait


  11. i’m still waiting on for my jingles, it’s just dont show up. when the latest request are already made. c’mon guys …


  12. Hi… This is really a GREAT idea … Is it just ONE jingle that you would produce for free. I could be interested in having you to make 1-5 for me. Of course I would pay for the extra ones…please contact me asap regarding this – and oh yes – almost forgot:

    I would like to have a free jingle that goes something like this :

    Enjoy Hans every saturday at Radio Klitholm – more german hitmusic
    FM 104,1 MHz/104,5 MHz and at 91,3 MHz

    Thank you SO much 🙂


  13. hi there

    we just started a new internet radio site cald and wud love to get some jingles/liners/sweepers for free!!!…;)
    dnbnoize radio is world wiede and we stream drum and bass/old skool/jungle/trance/house and garage.
    dnbnoize slogan is…. What’s your noize??? can you hear it??? its getting LOUDER!!!!

    Thanks in advance and Big Ups from all the team


  14. hi i’am andy, i’m from indonesia
    i need your help to create my radio station jingle please!
    my station radio name is : 101 FM radio sukapura
    the motto is : genah merenah ngareunah
    Thank you very much for your help.


  15. Hi there,

    Starting a new radioshow next week. Would love to get some jingles for that. Show is called Over The Top. Maybe something like: “Complete you saturday….’Over The Top’ with Patrick & Martin on Unity FM” or “The Ultimate weekend feeling…Over The Top on Unity FM!” Thanks in advance and greetings from The Netherlands!


  16. Hi from Greece….A new radio is coming to our town….With a common name….Energy 93,4..So we are ready to be on air next week and we really need some HELP…..So we are thinking our jingles to have an attitude…..Like : We are playing music..they are just burning power!!…..I think you understand..So can you help us please?????


  17. Its short name is NSLR

    These two names could be put into the thing together

    example : “NSLR, Not so live radio”


    Sam =]


  18. Hi can you make me a jingle for my podcast

    its called “Not so Live Radio”

    Im looking for something catchy and cool, maybe including an electric guitar

    thanks man

    sam =]


  19. I would love some liners and sweepes. My online station name is Classic – we play everything from CHRISTIAN, (Third Day, Tree63, Toby Mac, Casting Crowns) POP (Simon & Garfunkle, Men At Work, Air Supply, Lionel Richie) RAP (Will Smith, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice) ROCK (Beatles, Kiss, Foreiner, Van Halen) SOUTHERN ROCK (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Atlanta Rythym Section, Mashall Tucker Band, Allman Brothers) BLUES (B.B. King, Johnny Taylor, Little Milton, The Blues Brothers) SOUL (Ottis Redding, The Soul Children, Aretha Franklin, The Spinners) COUNTRY (Willie Nelson, Alabama, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson) and OLDIES (Elvis Presley, Bobby Darin, Bill Haley, Frank Sinatra). No real slogan so anything you come up with will be great.



  20. hi can you make a stinger for my low power FM station..
    Station: 100.7 The Bone Rocks
    Genre : Rock & Classic Rock

    Slogan : The best variety of Rock & Classic Rock..
    This is 100.7….The Bone Rocks…Philippines


  21. hi..can you make these jingles?
    my station radio name is : Low FM!
    the motto is : The Best Music Wave.
    can you make these names also: Maurice And Wouter (from the netherlands)
    Thank you very much,
    Maurice Louter


  22. hi! do you still have manila’s lite altenative jingles before they became heart 1035?
    thanks. i want to download them for personal/ ringtones


  23. I run a low powered radio station around the holidays (christmas) We carry all christmas music. I am looking for some sweepers and station liners, possibly some jingles. Our frequency is 87.9, station name is 4 g’s radio, slogan is home of slodysko lights. We carry all christmas music.

    Any help whould be great. Thanks in advance.


  24. HI guys what im looking for is some jingles for a new community station in the north east of scotland. Please can you help us to get the ball rolling. Open to ideas, but for starters thinking along the lines of:
    “new radio for the north east”
    “bringing the commuinity together”
    “community radio at its finest”
    “radio in the the mearns for the mearns”
    “Mearns FM”slow
    “mearns fm” fast
    “like it, youll love it”
    “across your dial”

    thanks in adavance – anyone else with ideas please help –


  25. pls…can you make free jingles and ID for my radio. my radio is CHRISTIAN HITS MIXED..thanks and God bless and more power


  26. Hi… could you make for me jingle and sweepers for my community radio.

    Radio name : 99FM
    Frequency : 99 Mhz
    We call listeners as : 99-ers..

    Thanks and appreciate for your help…


  27. hey can you make me a jingle please for a hip-hop/rap radio station

    the radio name is radio carters

    and the liner is playing all the new songs you want


  28. Hi guys, can someone help me to come up with some station liners…for a station that plays all the no1 hits from the 50’s till late 90’s…would be a big favo, i have run out of ideas 😦



  29. Hy excuse me, i am a dj for uniq radio in my country (romania) and i have a question, can you make free jingles? if you can and if you whant can you make one for me ? something, anything but whant to include the UNIQ RADIO STATION , thx and sorry about my english ( i passed english with 6 🙂 10x again and have a nice day.


  30. Hi friends at Free radio jingles. May I request a jingle for my new Christian radio station
    in the Philippines (broadcasting in English), Mindanao (Minda-now) Praise Radio
    88.5 FM, playing music that touches hearts. Thank you kindly. Stephen.


  31. Hi Please can you make a free jingle for our new local uk radio station.

    “Hotwire 94” Your Dance Music Station!!



  32. Hi there! Your work is fantastic 😀

    I’m just popping in to ask for a jingle or two of my own 🙂

    Could I please get a sweeper with “Rated Y2J Radio – It’s craptastic!”

    Or if you’re not fond of slightly innapropriate material, then “Rated Y2J Radio – I can’t believe it’s not better!” would be just fine 🙂

    Thanks much! 😀



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