Pagsabog Sa Makati:Reporter Panics on Live Event Coverage

I was in the office when the news broke out. I, too, am a frequent maller here in Cebu and it scared the wits out of me that even malls are no longer safe. There are lessons to be learned in the “Pagsabog Sa Makati”.  And one of those I learned is never to panic especially when you do live coverage of an event, either on TV or radio.

I frequently switched from 24 Oras and TV Patrol not because I want to get more info on the blast but because I want to see how reporters deal with the event. As I have observed, both networks showed professionalism in their coverage of the “Pagsabog Sa Makati”. I understand however that sometimes reporters get panicky. One male reporter in ABS-CBN was slightly stammering when he delivered the details of his report and apparently sounded unprepared and unsure of his answers when asked by the female anchor.

It reminded me though of my early days in radio reporting that in covering tragic events such as the “pagsabog in Makati” reporters have to be alert, poised and calm. In radio reporting, the reporter must be focused on his delivery and not be sticken by overwhelming emotions. Sadly, it’s the unethical side of broadcast journalism, although it may be hurting to shove cameras on people who are hurt and have lost a family member, you still have to deliver the news.

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One thought on “Pagsabog Sa Makati:Reporter Panics on Live Event Coverage”

  1. hi there! been reading ur entries and i should say they are quite interesting…very interesting actually. its good someone actually made a “radio” blog.

    i love radio. used to be a dj myself for years for killerbee cagayan de oro and u wer in my friendster list and was intrigued so i checked out ur blog. ur doin a great job! keep it up!

    hope you could visit my site too. =)


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