2008 Predictions for Radio Imaging

You think you’ve had enough of those 2008 predictions? Well, I’ve also come up with my own predictions this year for radio imaging and production, as well for programming. Last year, the trend for radio imaging was to go street lingo! Love Radio’s “Bisyo Na To!” catch phrases are still doing well. In Cebu, ABS-CBN’s 97.1 M.O.R. is topping the survey with their catchy “Lupig Sila” and coming in second is GMA’s 99.5 RT with “Nindota Ah!”

This year, these popular masa catchphrases will still be around. However, radio stations will largely be focusing on the emphasis of its dial points. Radio stations will be highlighting their frequencies to obtain massive memory recall. For example, Love Radio will begin to drop their station logo thus they will now be called this year as 90.7 Kabisyo! DWRR will still be called 101.9 For Life!

The “in” thing this year for stations I.D.s is LESS IS MORE. This will also apply for commercial spots in radio. Production will be less cluttered, use of sound effects and music beds will be minimized.

As for commercials, spots will shrink from the usual 30 second and 15 seconds to 10 and 5 seconds. For example, a radio commercial for a shampoo brand will just go like this “Silky Shine – Para sa mas silky shine na hair!”.

In programming, bands will still be having ample presence in radio playlists however listener will start to turn away from them by middle of the year. It’s a good news for solo artists.

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