ReelWorld ONE AC, CHR and Country Launches Feb 18

ReelWorld ONEWe’ve seen the teaser, now we’ve heard the preview. ReelWorld ONE promises to be the last jingle package. Undeniably, ReelWorld ONE will be Kissville’s, Light House Studios’, Rhythmix Studios’ and (the yet to be launched) Young Guns Studios’ ultimate competitor. But what difference will ReelWorld ONE bring?

Firstly, I see that ReelWorld ONE will be a different run as compared to Kissville and its cousins. ONE promises more flexibility and choices for its cuts. And get this, ONE brings in more add ons such as production IDs and of course the beatmixes which Kissville and its cousins do not offer.

We’ve heard some updates already for ReelWorld ONE CHR and we think that ONE offers more playlist-friendly cuts than Kissville. However, ONE is yet to launch on February 18, so we can only wait and see.

But in the meantime, let’s listen to the preview for ReelWorld ONE AC and Country at, click here.

One thought on “ReelWorld ONE AC, CHR and Country Launches Feb 18”

  1. atay bana si ela uie….bantog lng diay wla imik f mangutana si shing..mawala nfud imu frnd lyk b4.

    Hai,elsie@ sarah.
    Ngayung friday hah.!

    Love u mahal.


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