Radio DJ Tip: DJs Should Learn Txt Lingo

Radio DJ Tip: DJs Should Learn the Txt Lingo
Radio DJ Tip: DJs Should Learn the Txt Lingo

I tuned in once on iFM 93.9 Cebu. The morning show hosts were on their text greeting segment, when the male DJ complained about one text message that was abbreviated.

The DJ whined, “next time ayaw ninyo i-abbreviate ang inyo mga text kay lisod kaayo basahon. Ha, please next time, when you text please do not use abbreviated words, kay lisod basahon.” The DJ said this in a very unfriendly manner.

Translated: “next time, don’t abbreviate your text messages because they are difficult to read. Okay, please next time, when you text please do not use abbreviated words, because it’s difficult to read.”

As a DJ and a listener, I’ve also had similar experiences/encounters. DJs can request listeners/texters to send their messages in complete spelling. But the DJ delivered his words inappropriately, with a mad tone. And when a DJ whines up on the air over such trivial stuff, is just so unprofessional.

Here’s the problem: DJs ask listeners to text them their greetings, requests and what nots. And when their listeners send in their texts, DJs grumble?!

Here are some tips for DJs:
1. If a txt msg is hard to decipher or is just inappropriate to read on the air, the DJ should better not read it.
2. The DJ should politely and friendly request his listeners to send their text messages in complete spelling, otherwise abbreviated but still legible.
3. I suggest the DJ should start embracing the generation txt lingo. He should learn to adapt the ways of his listeners. That’s what a radio station should really be, a reflection of the culture of its listeners.
4. And yes, please Mr. DJ, read first your text messages off the air, before airing them. I find it very awkward to listen to DJs who sound dyslexic reading text messages.

“Ang sagwa pakinggan ng mga DJs na nagkakabulol-bulol, tapos parang kung misan, sinasadya pang paputol putol yung pagbasa ng text, para kunwari mahirap talaga basahin yung text.”

For heaven’s sake, if you are not used to reading text messages, please do your homework. Rehearse it, before airing. Let’s make radio a better medium, okay?


2 thoughts on “Radio DJ Tip: DJs Should Learn Txt Lingo”

  1. asa dpita sa cebu,, poydi mo skuyla ug dj?
    nya pela na siya ka months mahuman ug skul….
    and then ,,unsa name sa ila company?? plz. text this#09325525855 or 09393060719


  2. I agree… the messages must always be read before going on line. New breed of DJs don’t know this anymore. Old school DJs are still the best. 🙂


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