Radio Jingles From Metro Manila Stations

Jaime always surprises me with his amazing montage of radio jingles and IDs. Here is a collection of station IDs from all Metro Manila radio stations, in order of their dial points. My favorite is the Wave 89.1 Jingle.

Featured stations:
Jam 88.3, Wave891, Magic 89.9, 90.7 Love Radio, 91.5 Energy FM, XFM 92.3, Monster Radio RX 93.1, 93.9 i-FM, Mellow 94.7, 96.3 Easy Rock, Brgy. LS 97.1, 97dot9 Home Radio, DZFE 98.7 The Master’s Touch, 99.5RT, RJ 100, Yes! FM 101.1, 101.9 For Life!, 102.7 Star FM, 103.5 Max FM, DWBR 104.3 Business Radio, 105.1 Crossover, RJ UR 105.9, 106.7 Dream FM, NU 107 and 107.9 U-Radio

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7 thoughts on “Radio Jingles From Metro Manila Stations”

  1. mas astig ung jingle ng KOOL 106… hello metro manila, were kooling ung in style…we’re the city’s big mix….kool 106!!! solid!!! hahahaha!!!

    miss michael knight!!!


    1. Nope although Dream FM recently had Kool 106’s news theme played during their hourly news breaks on several occasions. Good thing i was able to catch it at one time:

      Kool 106 jingles are based on a a jingle package from KVIL, a station from the US. Search mo “KVIL TMJ century jingles” most likely makikita mo’t makakapagdownload ka ng demo montage nila 🙂


  2. Wow! Thanks for the compliment. Been thinking of doing such as this for quite sometime. Just lucky that I was able to grab some of the one I featured in the vid as early as I could. The one from Crossover was recorded from their website just before undergoing reconstruction.

    I was originally conceptualizing of putting only their TOH station IDs but not all of them have any while there are those who have actual songs fortheir station ID jingles (in addition was the 10-minute limit from Youtube so I could not fit 30-40 second ID’s of over 20+ stations in a short amount of time hehehe).

    Glad you like it 🙂


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