Jingles for Internet Radio: What You Should Know

Jingles for Internet Radio

Unlike terrestrial radio, there are no limits to what you can do on internet radio as far radio imaging is concerned. There is no PPM to consider, so creativity is not compromised.

Here is a list of things to consider when you are getting jingles for internet radio.

Creative and Entertaining

There is no such thing as competition in internet radio. Your biggest enemy though is boredom. Don’t just create the usual slogan-plus-station logo jingle, write liners that are fun and memorable.

Incorporate songs into jingles, whether you are a music or a news-talk station, listeners love to hear familiar song clips from your jingles.

Fresh and Updated

Your jingles are just like your program, website and your music playlist, they also need a regular update. Remember, your biggest enemy is boredom, and you don’t want to bore your listeners with the same jingles.

Come up with fresh liners every month. Take it from celebrations, holidays or pop culture as topic/theme for your new jingles.

For example, during Halloween, produce and air jingles that are relevant to the season.

Contemporary Production

Sounding new may not always mean cutting edge. In order for you to stand out among the many internet stations, you have to use the latest tools and production techniques. Since not all internet stations have their in-house jingle producer, so they outsource production.

There are a lot of jingle companies online that offer 24 hour delivery. The key is to find the right sound for your station.


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