Radio Jingles For 103.5 Wow FM, Manila

Click To Listen Online

After a few weeks of being on the air, 103.5 Wow FM is already wowing listeners in Manila and the entire Philippines through their live streaming. The station has taken efforts to improve its programming and imaging as well. Recently, they went to Sound Quadrat, a radio jingle company in Germany to produce sung jingles for the station.

Sung jingles are important part of the overall sound especially if you are a masa station. Energy FM and Love Radio have jingles from ReelWorld, Star FM has jingles from JAM, iFM has jingles from TM Century. As a new station, you want to stand out and you don’t want your jingles to sound like everyone else. So, instead of going to the same companies, Wow FM, commission a German production outfit, Sound Quadrat.

They did an amazing job with the jingles. It sports a catchy 3 note logo, in the tradition of the Love Radio’s popular Kiss FM melody (toot toot toot!).

Will these new jingles keep Wow FM’s pace in the tight radio competition in Manila? What do you of the new sung jingles?

To listen to the jingles click here

3 thoughts on “Radio Jingles For 103.5 Wow FM, Manila”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    We are Filipino leaving in Jakarta for almost 24 years but still Filipino citizen,we are happy that we can watch your radio program thru internet.Thank you very much and more power to all of you.If you dont mind may I know who is the DJ e
    very weekdays during 2:30 pm.She very pretty but please tell them that she is on TV camera.


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