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96.3 Easy Rock Gets Jingles from ReelWorld

96.3 Easy Rocks Gets Jingles from ReelWorld
96.3 Easy Rocks Gets Jingles from ReelWorld

The 96.3 FM Band in Metro Manila has had been the favorite destination of listeners for many years when it comes to light rock music. 96.3 WRock is the epitome of AC radio in the Philippines, with franchises operating in Cebu, Bacolod, and Davao.

Aside from the signature light rock format, 96.3 was best remembered for its popular radio jingles from TM Century, which were originally produced for 96.7 FM K-Lite. (You can listen to the original KLite jingles here)

After its re-branding to Easy Rock and acquisition by Cebu Broadcasting Company in 2008, 96.3 gets a facelift with contemporary AC jingles from ReelWorld.

The purchase of the new set of jingles seems continue the tradition of its preceding brand. The new Easy Rock jingles resembles the melodic themes and emotional lyrics of the WRock’s jingles.

The new jingles are lifted from the Delilah, a syndicated AC radio program in the US. Here are the jingles for 96.3 Easy Rock, from ReelWorld. Thanks to j5bata for the up.

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