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Top Choices for Radio Stations to Stream Video

The radio industry in the Philippines is healthier than those of other countries especially U.S. Although second only to TV in terms of medium usage, it still has the largest reach of audience, with an average of 3 hours of listening exposure.

But even if with a thriving industry, Philippine radio still faces tremendous amount of challenges, including competition from other stations, media devices such as iPod and of course, the internet.

DWRR FM 101.9 Manila faces this challenge by upgrading to a multi-format station. Tambayan 101.9 is not just an on-the-air station, it’s also streaming online and can be viewed via cable TV as well.

The station is also taking advantage of online platforms like social sites Multiply.com and Facebook.

We are hoping to see the station one of these days going mobile as well through iPhone Apps.

Most of the Philippine stations in major markets have gone online and streaming. If you want to go live with video, there are websites that lets you broadcast with video for free.

1. Stickam.com
2. UStream.tv
3. Justin.tv
4. Livestream.com
5. Livevideo.com


DWRR 101.9 Flips to Tambayan 101.9

Tambayan 101.9

On November 4, 2009, finally the most awaited re-branding will arrive. Tambayan 101.9 is the new sound, the new face, and the name of DWRR 101.9. DWRR has lifted its supposed re-launching in October 2009 due to the Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.

Tambayan 101.9 is sporting the slogan … “Sa’n Ka Pa” (Where else?) Tambayan is a Filipino slang for “a place to hang-out”. The logo is predominantly blue, red, and white, with a fancy font, a hint that the station’s new personality is made even more upbeat, fun, and more mass appealing. I just find the couch icon to be a little off, it’s more of a TV icon than radio.

Tambayan 101.9 is set to officially launch on air November 4, 2009. A launching event called Destination:RadioTopia will take place 7pm, at the A. Venue Hall, Makati Avenue, Makati City.

Listen to Tambayan 101.9 Online

Hang out with your favorite For Life DJs who are still going to be around at Tambayan 101.9, on air and online at http://www.tambayan1019.com and you can go to Tambayan 101.9 website for Tambayers and fans.

Teasers were airing on the station days before the official launch, all calling to listen to a change that will take place on the 4th of November.

DWRR 101.9 Teaser to New Brand

Stripped-Off Jingles Aired As Temporary Imaging Before Official Re-Launch

DWRR FM’s New Brand Launch Delayed

Evolution of DWRR Brand
Evolution of DWRR Brand

Waiting in anticipation since October 1, 2009, fans and radio listeners are keeping their seat belts tight for a new 101.9 DWRR brand to launch very soon. Meantime, the station goes on an automated jock-less mode and identifies itself as ABS-CBN 101.9. According to DJ Laila, the DJs are still around but are only spinning until official launch of the new brand.

No one knows for now if this re-branding is a complete format flip or just a new logo launch. DWRR, has had many rebrandings in the past from KO Radio in 1986, Zoo 101.9 in 1987, Radio Romance in 1989, WRR 101.9 in 1996, “Alam Mo Na ‘Yan! 101.9 For Life!” in 2005, and Bespren 101.9 For Life in 2009.

While everyone’s speculating on the precise day of the launch, some are thinking that the station will embrace the network’s provincial FM brand M.O.R. (My Only Radio). It won’t be for long though, if it’s going to be M.O.R. 101.9 or something else.

In the meantime, let’s take a trip back in time with the evolution of the DWRR 101.9 logo and jingles.

Listen to Tambayan 101.9 Online

101.9 Jingles

101.9 For Life Jingle by Vhong Navarro

101.9 For Life Jingle by Yeng Constantino and Itchyworms