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KillerBee 92.3 Cebu Bee Top 40 October 21, 2012

KillerBee 92.3 Cebu Bee Top 40 October 21, 2012

Here is the latest countdown results on KillerBee 92.3 Cebu Bee Top 40 October 21, 2012

On top this week is Be Your Everything by Boys Like Girls.

Number 2 is Finally Found You by Enrique Iglesias ft. Sammy Adams.

At Number 3 is Diamonds by Rihanna.

While We Are Never Ever Getting Bacl Together by Taylor Swift is at number 4.

And to complete the Top 5 is Don’t You Worry My Child by Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin.

Check out the complete list below and check back this site for more of the latest chart results. Continue reading KillerBee 92.3 Cebu Bee Top 40 October 21, 2012


[PREP] Chris Brown, Rihanna Meets Up After MTV VMAs?


The MTV VMA once again makes plenty of headlines.

This sneaky audience was able to capture the moment when former lovers Chris Brown and Rihanna embrace.

The singer who just won Video Of The Year for the song We Found Love, had just finished her performance.

She goes back to her seat but on her way saw Mr. Breezy and took some time to hug him. Continue reading [PREP] Chris Brown, Rihanna Meets Up After MTV VMAs?

Why Some Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Beyonce Songs Sound The Same?

Some songs from Rihanna, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo and Beyonce sound the same. Why?
Some songs from Rihanna, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo and Beyonce sound the same. Why?

What do Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Beyonce, and UK boyband Blue have in common? Well, they all got monster hits. But of course, behind those monster hits are the creative minds and among them are the producers. Ever heard of Max Martin? Well, if you are a huge 90s pop music fanatic who went gaga over songs like Get Down, Baby One More Time, and Bye Bye Bye to name few, then you should have heard the songs of Max Martin. He is the creative brain and hands, in short he is the producer who helped the earlier successes of Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC. Max Martin had even collaborated with Pink.

Max Martin doesn’t have anything to do with Rihanna, Ne-Yo, and Beyonce today. But all three have their own Max Martin version and theirs is called the Stargate Duo. These production team is composed of two guys from Norway. Stargate was responsible for the backing tracks behind the successful Irreplaceable (which also influenced a later hit song for Chris Brown titled With You). Stargate was also responsible for the backing tracks of Ne-Yo’s So Sick. And the latest is Rihanna’s Take A Bow.

Don’t you notice all of these tracks have the same sound design elements. All of the three songs have that noticeable clapping beat on the backing tracks, right? Well, of course they sound the same since they all come from the same producer.

But my point is, the same thing that happened during the Max Martin is starting to come out again. We are being served with the same stuff over and over again. I mean like yeah, we love Ne Yo, we love Rihanna, and we LOVE Beyonce way too much, but we need to be creative here. I know the Stargate Duo are making money out of their stuff. But I hope they don’t give us too much of a cookie cutter music.

stargate-jpegOne of Stargate’s latest projects is the song for Shontelle – it’s called T-Shirt. I remember one time, I made a post about Shontelle’s T-Shirt song, and a comment poster said the song sounded like a crossover between Chris Brown’s With You and Jordin Spark’s “Tattoo…”. Check out the post here.

Well, that’s what we call commercialism. When something is selling hot, the tendency is, people will likely to serve you the same stuff over and over again, until we consumers get lost in boredom and oblivion.

I didn’t know though that Stargate was also behind the songs for the Brit boyband Blue. You know, the songs like All Rise, If You Come Back To Me, and stuffs. Huh! And Stargate also did the backing tracks for a not-so-popular but one of my fave boybands in the 90s – 5IVE. Remember them?  5IVE – five bad boys with the power to rock, blowing your mind, so we gotta get into, five, what you waiting 4, if  you want it, 3, 2, 1, let’s hit it. Huh, those were the days.

Anyway, please share your thoughts on this, just post up your comment. Thanchu!

Oh, just a minute, check out this video on Billboard about this Stargate thing!

Disturbia by Rihanna is Picking Up So Fast!

Rihanna - Disturbia

As of this post, the top three fastest climbing songs in terms of playlist rotation are:

  1. Jonas Brothers – Burning Up (Click to listen)
  2. Rihanna – Disturbia (Click to listen)
  3. Pussy Cat Dolls – When I Grow Up (Click to listen)

This data is based on the playlist of all the major market Top 40 stations in the United States. It’s not surprising to know that most of these songs are rhythmic.

Jonas Brothers’ Burning Up has just premiered, but thanks to the fan-fueled publicity it’s now enjoying high rotations. The Jonas Brothers are going the same track as Jesse McCartney is going right now. It seems that pop rock artists are going into more rhythmic songs now. Jesse’s trying to sound like a Chris Brown. Now Jonas Brothers want to sound like Justin Timberlake?!

PCD is still doing great in iTunes, hitcharts and playlist. The infectious song definitely is worth its current position.

Rihanna’s Disturbia should supposedly be earning more rotations since it came out ahead of the Jonas Bros’ new hit. Disturbia again is another big dance track. Reminds you of how Rihanna moved the world with Don’t Stop The Music. Click here to listen for yourself.

That’s about it now for the latest updates in the world of radio playlists. Check out for more updates.