So You Need Radio Voice, Imaging and Production Services

We often hear these terms and we tend to use them loosely to the point of interchanging. There is a huge line drawn between radio voiceovers, radio imaging and radio production services. So what is the difference?

The question really is “what do you need”.

Voiceover – services such as these vary in terms of application. Voiceover services cater to audio book publishers, movie producers, apart from radio stations. When a company offers VOs, it means, they put voice into your scripts or copy.

You will not be expecting sound effects or production music included. However some VO artists give you option to put voice effects such as reverse, echo, etc.

“There is no right or wrong radio jingle company, there is only the right solution for your need.”

Imaging – requires a sit down with the program director if not the entire radio staff. It involves a process from conceptualizing, copy writing, hiring the appropriate voice person to production.

Companies who offer imaging services help you get the audio personality you want for your station. They don’t just offer you voice pipes, but brains and plenty of man-hours.

Production – companies who offer production either produce for you or sell production libraries (FX and music). You get the idea, you provide the voice and they will add FX, drops and music to create a sweeper or a promo.

Production companies may have an in-house or third party VO supplier.

You may go for a company that offers all 3 services: voiceover, imaging and production or you may choose a single service. There is no right or wrong radio jingle company, there is only the right solution for your need.


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