The Edge 95.9 Hits Iligan City


The Edge 95.9 Iligan City

The Edge 95.9 Iligan City Contact Telephone number for advertisement, inquiries, greetings, requests, DJ application

063-223-3692 | 063-223-3693 

The City of Majestic Waterfalls, Iligan City, in Southern Philippines has a new FM radio station. The Edge 95.9 uses the slogan “Your iPod Radio, The Sound of Today and Tomorrow, On Top Of Everything”. The Edge is the sixth FM radio station in the city.

FM Stations in Iligan City:

  • 90.1 WOW – RGMA
  • 95.9 The Edge
  • 102.3 I FM – Radio Mindanao Network (RMN)
  • 103.1 Wild FM – UM Broadcasting Network
  • 105.5 Yes FM – Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC)
  • 107.1 Love Radio – Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC)

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100 thoughts on “The Edge 95.9 Hits Iligan City”

  1. Do you guys know Karl Jay Orquillas? He used to be a DJ at this station, if you guys have any info about him please let me know I badly need talk to him. — guy from Canada


  2. good evening The Edge 95.9
    naa unta ko ask og pa help sad about panawagan about sa gamit nga nawala.
    unsaon? kai taga ozamis paman ko gud. thank you by the way.
    god bless and more power 🙂


  3. reques song: changes in my life and always be my baby by david cook
    thankz..and at last, nakita ko na rin site nyo.. 🙂


  4. hellow 1 good noon sa inyo? may i aply as one of dj in your station1 im leoven and im the best anchor for dspc 2012. thank you and god bless


  5. finally found a radio station were i came from:)) great lovely music away from home…

    from Essex, England


  6. ” if you go, i go, if you stay, i stay if you cry i try to put some smile on your face” what is the title of this song??? can any one tell me??


  7. pwede nlang palagi yung DJ na pang hapon??? wag na mag salita pls lng… love ur choice of musics, but opposite the DJ… bisaya bya ning iligan dba?? unsa nag-assume mo na dghan foreigner naminaw?? come on…. hope this comment will enlighten u….


  8. this radio station is a joke..!! the DJ’s are very trying hard,,, why not speak in bisaya if ur struggling to speak in english .. ..????????


  9. this radio station suck..!! the DJ’s are very trying hard,,, why not speak in bisaya if ur struggling to speak in english .. WTF..??


  10. Namasin lang ko, kong kinsa man tong nakaila kay kent ian gansan ang iyang amahan si isaias gansan diha sa kauswagan lanao del norte…unta magkaestorya ta ken, si ate gina nimo ni imong igsoon sa inahan,unta naremember pa ko nimo..sobra 10 years na ta wala nagkitagagmay pa mo adtong una…..palihog lng mao ni akong email ad: Salamat


  11. Good morning!!! Yesterday, the Buligan Family in Sta. Filomena worked with PAWAG (Philippine American Women’s Association of Georgia) to package, deliver and hand out over 700 food packages and much needed items to people in need in Purok Ilang-Ilang and the relocation center at Sta. Filomena High School. Coordinating the effort was Brgy Treasurer Cecilia Buligan Santos, Former Brgy Kagawad Antonio “Tony” Buligan, SK Kagawad Krinx Buligan, and other members of their family.

    I would like to thank all of them for their efforts as it was a success and much appreciated.


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