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Truth About Kang Daniel Issue with LM Entertainment

The news came out that Kang Daniel had left the hotel. LM Entertainment announced on 26th that it was legal, and it is revealed that Kang Daniel has acted as a reader in recent years, while Kang Daniel and his company are in full swing.

According to a separate report by Sportive News on Wednesday, Kang Daniel moved all his belongings from his company’s premises before he sent proof to his agency earlier this month.

In addition, LM Entertainment has changed the recent contact in a disputed contract, and only contacts through an agency and legal representative. Along with the departure of Kang Daniel, he is said to have been out of contact with Warner One members for a long time now.

It seems that Kang Daniel is acting carefully to take legal action. Kang Daniel, a former fan-cafe, said he is currently in a dispute with LM Entertainment, and on January 21, he filed a preliminary injunction against his company through a law firm, Yulchon. LM Entertainment has concluded a joint venture contract to transfer the exclusive contractual rights to a third party without the consent of Kang Daniel.

LM Entertainment said on the 26th that “Kang Daniel sent a notice of cancellation of false facts, and his company did not transfer the contractual rights to a third party.”


Radio Jocks Rave About The Film The Dirt

The life of the musicians was always interesting. It is a chance to get a glimpse of their unique world, and you can also see the reconstruction of renowned tunes and performances. There is enough room to satisfy both fans and existing fans. The scope also covers films and dramas as well as documentaries and boasts different charms. One of many singers, each episode of their episode becomes a scene and becomes a movie.

Nicky Six, who renovated and renovated her parents earlier, Vince Neil, who turns her eyes from a woman, Tommy Lee, who has to fill her handcuffs when she can not sleep, and the world’s most pessimist, Mick Mam. If you are extraordinary since you were a child, you have been living an extraordinary life. It is music that connects people who seemed to be unable to hang out even with death. The name of ‘Mtree Crew’ goes on stage, and they start a frenzy of fearlessness.

There is always a dilemma facing the musicians. It is necessary to establish a clear pathway among the stable episodes for popularity and commerciality, and the true story of the original. Whichever one you choose, you have to actually give up the other, but that does not mean that balancing is impossible. The queen ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was a success story that focused on the former, and the ‘Straight Out of Compton’ which was the NWA.

Of course, the films mentioned had a spleen card that would be plus alpha, and beyond that, the presence of the movie. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ awakened fans who were sleeping in the hearts of audiences around the world, and ‘Straight Out of Compton’ showed the birth of hip-hop, a trend and culture. I just had something that could be shown only by the movie, which was exciting and eye-catching.
On the other hand, “dirt” is not very good. Even if you do not rule out subjective standards like mtree crew’s popularity or popularity, the events you are dealing with and the way you put them together are a jiggle. The history of Mtree Crew has no constant chatter as it is depicted in the movie. It is all the people who have lived up to the desires and pleasures from beginning to end, who have been living everyday lives of other people without brakes.

I was the manager of Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Skidrow, and Keith, but there is no band that makes me as sick as Morty Crew
– manager McGee
I tried to approach a kind of band movie like the conflict between the members and the pain of the individual. But there is no paradoxical combination as ‘good mtree crew’. In the end, the place to go back is a pleasure that has been pursued all along. It is a cheerful sight for a person who has become a fan of Murtree’s crew, but it is inevitable for those who are not.

In addition, ‘Dirtt’ focuses on four histories of exactly Nicky Six, Mick Math, Tommy Lee, and Vince Neil, rather than Mt. Crew as a band. John Korabina, who joined in the middle of the band, and the band’s record label, seemed to have little intention of telling people who are not “fans” to be attracted to Mtree Crew. It may be aimed at, but it is a way of sorting out the target audiences that are still limited.

The most dramatic figure based on three-dimensional looks is by far the blonde vocals Vince Neil. Standing at each crossroads, it is best suited to a dramatic movie compared to a consistent Nikki Mick. If it was from another movie, such as a traffic accident that took an old friend, or a daughter who loved her more than anyone else, the curvature that was able to cliche was rather special. On the contrary, it is indefatigable enough to make something obvious, but it barely catches the moral equilibrium of a film that is about to collapse in one direction.

The fact that the so-called ‘breaking the wall’ is not actively used, as the characters look at the camera and talk to the audience, also hinders the film’s potential. It is quite interesting that the scenes in front of the eyes that were thought to be in chronological order were reconstructed according to the memories of the characters. It implies the possibility that the true story will change according to the preference of the individual, and it may substitute the personality of the person to show the manner of handling the specific event.

However, as with other “episodes” in the movie, the film does not seem to even use it as a kind of finesse, only occasionally using it for the fun of the moment. If you touch it, you could call it a few times, such as substituting hundreds of words or putting a big reversal on it, but even if you go beyond the middle half, the movie even forgets the power of your own production.
So ‘The Dirt’ is a movie for those who have only been a fan of Mtree Crew, something that has been boiling in their hearts for their walk. This is a movie for those who like to take a sigh of admiration that it was a rock spirit and this was a good time. The same scene is likely to be familiar to rock fans, and is likely to be shocking to ordinary movie fans. Perhaps it was better to strengthen the strengths of the performances or cross-editing with the interviews.

Why Wont K-Pop Stars Visit This Country?

The highly anticipated Love Yourself – Speak Yourself Tour of BTS will start next May 4th at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles, California. With this new tour, just a few months after the Love Yourself Tour, the Korean band, beloved all over the world, will also return to perform in the Old Continent.

The BTS have in fact managed, in these years, to climb the charts of half the world, earning the stage of some of the most important European stadiums. The boy band composed of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, V and Jungkook will perform on 1 and 2 June at the Wembley Arena in London and on 7 and 8 June at the Stade de France in Paris. Needless to say, of course, tickets for their European concerts have sold out in no time at all.

The Italian BTS Army (not to mention that of other countries that have had the same fate) in any case finds itself once again “snubbed” by the K-Pop band. Unfortunately, at least for this time, the BTS have not included in their calendar any live Italian appointment. But why don’t the BTS, and more generally the K-Pop artists, come to our country?

The answer to this question is provided by the nice Seoul Mafia, a well-known youtuber that for several years now has lived between Italy and South Korea, the home of K-Pop.

In the Q&A video you find below, Marco Ferrara (this is his real name) explained that this type of band is asking for very high numbers for their engagements. To date, unfortunately, the organizers of the concerts cannot really afford to pay artists who, in our country, would probably risk not registering sold out in stadiums and arenas.

What do you think of K-Pop? Would you be willing to take a flight to enjoy the BTS concert even in another country?

Request Songs with DJ Chacha on MOR 101.9 Manila Live Streaming

Listen to live streaming of Tune in and request your favorite songs with DJ Chacha.

Related news. During the MWC we jumped to Anker’s booth, to see first hand the new products that the Chinese company will soon launch on the western market. These are mostly gadgets already revealed during the CES , which range from audio to recharge and more.

At the booth there was also Capsule II , the new Nebula series projector with HD resolution and integrated Android TV. We do not yet know when it will arrive or how much it will cost, but it is a high-end product that comes to US $ 600.

In terms of recharging, Anker will soon launch PowerCore 10,000 PD , a compact 10,000 mAh power bank with USB-C output that supports the Power Delivery standard and has a 30W output: it can therefore be used to recharge even MacBooks (12 ″) and Nintendo Switch, as well as obviously all Type-C smartphones.

Finally, at the end of March Wakey will also arrive , a rather interesting radio alarm clock (which also acts as a Bluetooth speaker): it includes an FM radio, a wireless charger and a function to reproduce white noise to facilitate sleep. It will cost € 99 and you can get an idea from the video and photos below.

European Radio Stations To Be Heard on Ikea and Sonos Smart Speakers

Ikea and Sonos will present the first products of the Symfonisk range in the Feel Home exhibition in April in Milan .

What better occasion for the two companies, in fact, than the one represented by the Milan Design Week ?

For a look at the new Symfonisk range , Ikea then makes an appointment at Via Tortona 32 in Milan from 9 to 14 April . The Feel Home exhibition will be based on the right atmosphere to create at home by combining two elements: light and sound .

As far as light is concerned, Ikea has been offering the connected and smart lighting system called Trådfri for a long time . As for smart audio systems, the company had announced some time ago the intention to collaborate with Sonos .

The latter is a pioneer brand in audio streaming and in recent times also active in the smart systems market. The collaboration takes shape therefore in the line of audio products for the Ikea Symfonisk home .

Ikea and Sonos create the right atmosphere with sound
Sound and light, according to the Swedish multinational vision, are very powerful stimuli for mood. For the atmosphere of the house they are as important as any sofa, art object or other component of furniture and everyday lifestyle.

Lifestyle that is now becoming increasingly digital, connected, intelligent and interactive. In fact, the company informs, the presentation, or rather the experience of the new line, will take place through interactive installations based on everyday life activities.

In the new line, Ikea’s home furnishing knowledge is combined with Sonos’ experience in creating sound experiences.

The two companies had already previewed a prototype. And that is a speaker connected from a bookcase that will allow a multifunctional use, at an affordable price.

During the week from 9 to 14 April, in the Feel Home exhibition, it will be possible for the first time to listen to Symfonisk . Those interested will also have the opportunity to meet the people behind these products. Then Ikea’s furniture experts and Sonos sound experts.

Sound will therefore also become part of Ikea’s smart home , populated by related products. Including, as we said, the Trådfri range of smart lights , launched in 2016.

By the spring the company will also be launching a range of connected roller shutters . And of course now the speakers too.

So connected products and devices that do not represent simple technological gadgets. But they serve to make everyday life safer and more comfortable and create a better atmosphere at home.

New QualComm Chips Developed for Smart Speakers Artificial Intelligence What it Means for Radio

Qualcomm, new chips for smart speakers with AI
Qualcomm presented new SoCs specifically dedicated to smart speakers to accelerate the evolution of these products and make them more intelligent.

The smart speaker market is very dynamic and Qualcomm wants to make these products even more smart and efficient, finding more space in homes. The company has therefore announced the launch of new SoCs that are highly integrated and enabled by IA and a platform dedicated to smart speakers to guide the evolution of smart audio. The presentation took place during the appointment of the Voice & Music tech day in San Diego.

More specifically, Qualcomm announced the launch of the QCS400 SoC . The QCS400 SoCs are designed for even smarter speakers, home assistant soundbar and AV receivers that integrate compute, Wi-Fi mesh, BLE mesh, voice user interface, audio technology and support for Dolby Atmos, DTS and security features. In these SoCs Qualcomm Technologies brings its unique low power consumption and high performance computing features together with its unparalleled expertise in audio technology to help deliver highly optimized and AI-enabled solutions that are designed for audio and audio applications. IoT even smarter.

Rahul Patel , senior vice president and general manager, connectivity, Qualcomm Technologies:

These new SoCs bring the integration of functions and energy performance for intelligent audio to a higher level than our previous technology, allowing manufacturers to more easily overcome significant technical challenges and develop smarter speakers and assistants with an interface more intuitive voice user, connected user experiences and exceptional sound quality. The new generation of smart audio products must be robust, highly interoperable, feature rich and intelligent, yet extremely energy efficient. Qualcomm Technologies helps meet these needs with our new SoCs, which are unique and fully integrated to combine improved computational processing, IA acceleration and low latency audio distribution in a single chipset. These integrated solutions are designed to reduce the development time of new generation smart speakers, home assistants and sound bars.

At the same time, still for the smart speaker market, Qualcomm has made the CSRA6640 official , a highly integrated and flexible single-chip amplification solution with Qualcomm DDFA digital amplification technology . Thanks to its single-chip architecture, the CSRA6640 offers a new level of integration designed to enable the commercial availability of higher-level Class D amplification on smaller form factors and lower-level products, helping manufacturers to develop portable and efficient speakers that they offer truly differentiated audio quality.

3 Things Will Replace Smartphones: Smart Speakers, Smart Watches and Security Cams

2018 was a particularly busy year for Google’s hardware division, and every indication that this year will prove equally successful.

The Japanese site Nikkei has revealed the roadmap 2019 of the Mountain View giant and have received several confirmations compared to rumors appeared on the Net in recent weeks. First of all, Big G will launch two new smartphone models.

One will be Pixel 4, on which quite conflicting voices have been leaked , while the second will be the Lite version of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The latter, according to Japanese, will have a low price not as low as previously thought.

The cost of having it will still be lower than that required for the purchase of iPhone XR. Regarding the presentation date, this could be scheduled in the spring.

Nikkei also talks about an update of the Google Home speaker, although it is not clear if there will be changes only in terms of design or even in terms of functions and hardware.

Big G should also launch new Nest security cameras and especially the long-awaited Pixel Watch .

The smart watch could take advantage of the new technology just acquired by Fossil and for the Japanese site will be able to compete on equal terms with Apple Watch.

At the moment there are no confirmations regarding the launch dates of these devices but there is a certain certainty that some of them will be unveiled during the 2019 I / O conference to be held in May.