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MicroJams — How They Battled Out

Nearly 20 months, after the inception of MicroJams the radio broadcast and imaging industry heard little about Dave Kampel’s baby. Unknown to many, Kampel and the team at MicroJams continued to pump more air on the balloon, and its network of clients have now spanned across the United States.

Davel Kampel surely made many high jumps as obstacles along the way pressed him and the entire MicroJams squad.

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Amp’d Jingles from JonesTM: not for CHR but Rhythmic AC


There is heavy talk in the Jinglemad community recently about the release of the new Amp’d jingle package from Jones TM ( supposedly for the station WIOQ Q102.


I used the term supposedly because I haven’t really heard the cuts in the package aired online at We presume that the station’s calls is WIOQ since Jones TM used exactly the same logo posted on WIOQ’s site.


What really has been the subject of discussion about the Amp’d jingle package from Jones TM is the delivery of the vocals. One post at Jinglemad said that the vocals sound absurd and ambiguous. For instance, a cut that has the lyrics “another jock free weekend” was sung as “another dog free weekend”. We believe the Jones TM singers unintentionally do it, but on other cases, it sounded more like “another drug free weekend”. (Please visit the site and preview the cuts in the clear) In fact, the lyric sheet of the package has the lyrics read “another drug free weekend”.


Which leads us to our second point, the importance of lyrics sheet. We understand it’s an error and humans are subject to such. Chris Stevens of JonesTM represented the company in that discussion and made it clear that the lyrics sheet was also unintentionally written as such. This however gives us a negative connotation that the company may not be upholding coordination. Coordination is something that is very important especially in a company whose main source of living is services.


If Jones TM staff and members are not well coordinated, even with such simple lyric sheet issue, then Jones TM could very well do the same for their clients.


My question is: how do Jones TM lyric sheet writers create lyrics sheets? Do they write the lyrics of each cut according to what they hear? Aren’t the lyrics sheet writers given a master copy of the lyrics which are sung by the session singers?


Unless of course, if the master copy of the Amp’d lyrics really had the actual words “another drug free weekend” on it.


But then again, Jones TM has made themselves clear about the vocal clarity issue of the Amp’d package through Chris Stevens and we thank them for that.


In fairness with Jones TM, we commend the instrumention and the tracks of the Amp’d jingle package. This project however is a collaboration with Wise Buddah in London. That’s why you will be hearing more UK-ish tracks in the package, which we think is not true to the unique sound of US CHR stations.


We think that Jones TM should sell this package as a rhythmic AC imaging, not as CHR.


This is actually a lesson not only for jingle companies but also radio for programmers. When you buy a jingle package make sure you are around in the entire process from correctly singing the exact lyrics to the finishing touches such as the effects. Be involved in the whole process.


When shopping for jingle imaging, don’t just go for hippy effects and trendy tracks, go for the clarity of the vocals. After all, that’s what jingles are supposed to do. How could a jingle package image your station if it fails to sing your call signs clearly?  




Cut # 3, which has the lyrics “another jock free weekend” was already corrected as of the release of this post. It no longer sounded “another drug free weekend”. However Cut # 4 sounded like “More Music More of the Time, FM 102.9 … THANK YOU!”



Was it “The Q”?

Alan Burn’s Success: Movin Jingles Get Refreshed

Alan Burns and Associates, a team who aims to increase ratings of radio stations across the United States through providing custom strategies, music plans, marketing and promotional ideas, morning show development and staff training is proud to impart its growing number of successful stations. These stations range from formats AC, Gold AC and CHR. Alan Burns & Associates have helped these radio stations cope even with the toughest of market circumstances. The consulting company says it’s proud of its experience, accumulated knowledge and skills since their programming service since 1969 and consultation since 1985.

Among the CHR stations which skyrocketed its ratings through Alan Burns and Associates are WNVZ Norfolk, WNOU Indianapolies, WHTZ New York, KIIS FM Los Angeles, B96 Chicago, KMXV, Kansas City and WWWQ Atlanta.

Hot AC and Modern AC clients of Alan Burns And Associates are WRAL Raleigh, KSTZ Des Moines, WWMX Baltimore, WBMX Boston, KS95 Minneapolis and KFMB San Diego.

Successful Mainstream & Soft AC clients include WMAS Springfield, KESZ Phoenix, WWDE Norfolk, KMZQ Las Vegas, WLTA Milwaukee and KSRC Kansas City.

As part of Alan Burns & Associates programming strategy, jingle imaging is what the team is always pushing. The company stressed that the importance of jingles are a must have for any station.

“Movin” is Alan Burns’ latest radio format. Recently, Movin station’s imaging is updated with a new jingle package from JAMXMUSIC in Europe ( It’s the format’s second jingle package since its debut in 2006. The package is now in use in 6 Movin stations across the United States including Movin 92.5 KQMV FM Seattle, Movin 99.7 KFRC CBS Radio San Francisco, Movin 107.5 KMVK CBS Radio Dallas, Movin 100.7 KYMV Salt Lake City, Movin 101.1 WYMV St. Louis and Movin 107.5 KVMX Radio Portland.

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Guide To Create Your Radio Jingles

Guide To Create Your Radio Jingles

How many times have you wondered how those jingles that aired over the local radio station were made? And how many times have you thought about making your own radio jingle for your business advertisement?

If you are most business advertisers, you would really love to have your own radio jingle for your company. It’s a time trusted strategy that has been used by such huge icons in the industry like Coca-cola with their famous Always Coca- cola Song. There is a short montage of Coca Cola radio jingles at Famous
Dallas radio jingle companies like Jam and TM had even tweaked the coke jingle lyrics into DJ and Radio Station ID jingles.

Then there’s McDonalds who have had a series of popular jingles aired on TV and radio. They even tapped Justin Timberlake for the jingle song “I’m Lovin’ It”.

In The Philippines, McDonalds commissioned the American Idol Finalist Jasmin Trias who sang “Love Ko To” the Filipino radio jingle counterpart of Timberlake’s “I’m Lovin’ It”. The phenomenal success of the radio jingle Love Ko To even captured the hitlists in various radio stations in the

Now back to creating your own jingles. Your first option would be is to contact famous radio jingles companies in the
United States like Jam Creative Productions or Thompson Creative. These companies have been making radio jingles since the era of Disco and Motown. You can visit their website at or at Listen to their demos online and contact them right away.

You may also find local radio jingles producers Voicewagon Services. This company is operated by Ms. Jingle Buena and has written and sung many TV and radio jingles for advertising campaigns like Creamsilk, Ladies’ Choice, Jollibee and Shakies. You can visit Voicewagon at

A good alternative for creating your own radio jingles is of course by creating it yourself. If you have a knack for singing, you can grab that microphone and with the help of audio editing softwares like Adobe Audition (, you can overlay instrumental tracks with your voice track.

You may need though to ask the support of audio designers to help you with the mixing. Or better yet get a crash course for audio design and mixing at and finally get that radio jingle you want.

There’s another great website in the internet that
will you help create that cool and hip radio jingles. is a website fully dedicated in creating custom songs that you can use for your radio jingles.

They can write and fully produce a song at a minimum of $4.95. They can even do birthday songs, and wedding songs.

There are still a lot of companies out there that offer complete solution for your radio jingles like GMI Media Jingle Freaks.

Whether you choose to avail services from such renowned radio jingles companies or explore your hidden talent for crafting quality radio jingles, always ensure to have quality and distinct radio jingles that will surely standout and deliver your message across.


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