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Let’s Go Down South

We’ve added seven new streaming stations here at Radio Jingles.This time, we’re going down south. So for those who missed CDO and Butuan, enjoy the treats.

  • Killerbee CDO
  • Killerbee Butuan
  • i-FM 99.1 CDO
  • Real Radio Bislig
  • Love Radio 96.9 CDO
  • Yes FM 104.7CDO
  • Home Radio 93.5 CDO

  • ReelWorld Resing for Wow FM New York now on


    Ann DeWig Versus Kelly Doherty

    Thanks to Van for providing us mp3s of iFM’s pwede jingles. We don’t have any permission, however, to post the jingles. But we hope to have some soon. Thanks any for the kind words Van.




    Ann DeWigKelly Kelly KellyOur team at didn’t have a hard time looking for a perfect title for this weekend’s article. We are just so amazed by the influence of these two great VO stars. We particularly love, Ann DeWig. We are alwasy blown away but how she delivers her VO lines. And the fact, that she’s heard from all three jingle companies ReelWorld, IQ Beats and Jones TM, Ann is really a big star.


    During the last couple of years, we’ve also been astonished by how this new female voice wows the radio land with her sexy sultry voice. Kelly Doherty is the official voice behind all Z100’s promos. What’s interesting however is that Kelly’s voice is confused as being Ann’s.


    Hmmm.. check out the full article at




    This is only a teaser, but we’d like to give you a hint on what’s cooking next week at We’ll be posting a resing of a very popular ReelWorld package. In addition to some ReelWorld ONE updates. Plus more ear candies for jingle anoraks.




    We’ve received reports lately about an issue regarding how the contents at behave. We’ve traced the problem however to IE users. We noticed that our Flash Players that lets you listen to jingle audio are being held up. Internet Explorer browser seems to be going unfriendly with our site hosting. So, our best advise is to have FireFox on your system. IE 7 still sucks!


    Welcome ReelWorld Asia

    We’d like to welcome Ricky H. Brataatmadja to the Radio Jingles family. Ricky H. Brataatmadja is currently the official representative for ReelWorld Productions, Inc. in Asia and the Pacific.


    Ricky will be responsible for accepting and handling inquiries, orders and transactions from countries like Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, The Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia among others.


    You can contact Ricky H. Brataatmadja at broadcastone [at] In conjunction with our network expansion in Asia, I’d like you to say hello to our new radio friends in Malaysia and Indonesia: Fresh FM 102.5, 105.8 Ozon FM, 97.5 Otomation Radio and Fly FM Klia.


    For stations in Asia and Pacific regions, you may add us up on your list of friends via . For imaging companies, producers, voice over artists and radio stations in the US, UK, Europe, Africa, South America and Middle East, you can add us up through


    Add us up too on through


    KFWB: Color Radio Jingles Once Again

    Site News: go now

    XM Satellite Radio will turn back the hands of time from one to six PM on Friday as it showcases the legendary KFWB Color Radio personalities and playlist from the sixties on the 60s XM Channel.

    As usual the 60s channel main man, Terry Motormouth will spearhead the said special program aptly called Sonic Sound Salutes. Terry will be playing most of the playlist item during the era of KFWB Color Radio. To make it more authentic, actual recordings and radio jingles are going to be aired.

    Among the Color Radio KFWB personalities that will be honored are Gary Owens, Wink Martindale, Jim Hawthorne, Gene Weed, Bill Balance, Ted Quillin, Elliot Reid, B. Mitchell Reed and Bruce Hayes.

    Visit XMRadio at

    Reelworld Jingles Invade Christian Contemporary Music Stations 

    CCM or Christian Contemporary Music formatted FM stations were only limited to the leftovers of some AC and Hot AC jingles. In recent years however, times have changed. Now you get to hear Christian Contemporary Music stations using CHRish jingle package.

    The latest of which is the Hallam FM package from Reelworld. Christian FM sounds really perfect with the Hallam FM and their slogan “the station that loves you” fits well with the Hallam FM’s original slogan “your station, your music”. Before hand Hallam FM, another Christian Contemporary Music station also commissioned Reelworld to do their jingle imaging. Pulse FM turned to the KIIS LA 2004 package and is now frequently aired at Pulse FM.

    Full story here  

    How Kiss FM Sounds on Top Format & Rebecca

    Rebecca FM and Top Format joined forces in attaining what was thought to be impossible to attain. Rebecca FM and Top Format managed to sonically infuse the popular three note Kiss FM into their jingle package. Imagine Jam’s Hitpower and Outstanding KIIS and Top Format’s ingenuity all rolled into one. Thanks MarcMannetje.

    Click here to listen

    read more | digg story

    Free Radio Jingles Sweepers and Liners

    What You Need To Know About Free Radio Jingles and Sweepers

    Freebies are a great way to sample a company’s service or products. There are plenty of ways of you can avail of such free services.

    1. Imaging and Voiceover Forums is probably a cliché when it comes to requesting free VOs. Great if you want to try a new voice for your station without going through different sites. You can also try

    2. Request a Free Demo

    There are plenty of voice services and production companies that offer free custom demos. You can send in your script. However, there could be limits in the length or production.

    3. Pre-produced Freebies

    Services like offer promotional pre-produced sweepers for free. You can also download pre-produced sweeper shells and add your station voice.


    Again, the purpose of availing these services is to try out a company or a voice. Keep yourself updated of the latest in the industry so you know who’s offering which service or product.

    You can subscribe to fresh news imaging here

    Download the mixouts from the links below

    Send us your script/copy of your free voiceover now at :