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Download Liners and Sweepers for Charity FM and B97

B97 and Charity FM free liners and sweepers

Charity FM and B97 recently came to RadioJingles for fresh sweepers and liners. Check out the produced IDs at RadioJingles Forum. You, too, can also request for liners and IDs for your radio station. Just post register and post them up here. All previous requests are posted here.


iFM Jingles on Jones TM

Vineyard Sound Studios

Nope, it’s not the iFM in the Philippines, it’s WAOI FM in San Antonio, Texas. The station, which bears the iFM logo, now has its jingle package syndication of LiteHouse Studios posted on the Jones TM website. LiteHouse Studios is a production company that specializes in AC radio jingle imaging. Along with iFM jingle resings are station montages for KVIL, WBIZ and many others. Jones TM is the official world wide sales representative for Vineyard Sound Studios, the mother company of LiteHouse Studios. Check out all four Vineyard Sound Studios packages and montages at

Listen to the iFM Jingles and some VSS Montages here

Free Imaging Sweepers and Station Liners

Free Imaging Sweepers

Recently we’ve received a handful of requests for free station liners and sweepers, particularly here on our Free Radio Jingles post. So we decided to put a new section on one of our sister sites — Radio Jingles Forum and we call it Free Imaging Sweepers. The idea is basically simple, you give us your station liners, and we produce it at absolutely no charge. What’s the catch?

Nothing. Just give us the coolest and most creative station liner copy and we’ll turn it into an imaging bomb. Visit the Free Imaging Sweepers, post your request.

We’ve recently launched the new, log on to and sign up now! Membership is free.

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ReelWorld ONE AC, CHR and Country Launches Feb 18

ReelWorld ONEWe’ve seen the teaser, now we’ve heard the preview. ReelWorld ONE promises to be the last jingle package. Undeniably, ReelWorld ONE will be Kissville’s, Light House Studios’, Rhythmix Studios’ and (the yet to be launched) Young Guns Studios’ ultimate competitor. But what difference will ReelWorld ONE bring?

Firstly, I see that ReelWorld ONE will be a different run as compared to Kissville and its cousins. ONE promises more flexibility and choices for its cuts. And get this, ONE brings in more add ons such as production IDs and of course the beatmixes which Kissville and its cousins do not offer.

We’ve heard some updates already for ReelWorld ONE CHR and we think that ONE offers more playlist-friendly cuts than Kissville. However, ONE is yet to launch on February 18, so we can only wait and see.

But in the meantime, let’s listen to the preview for ReelWorld ONE AC and Country at, click here.

MOR My Only Radio For Life Jingles

We’ve posted this little baby a couple of years ago at but someone asked for this cut. So here it is – the MOR My Only Radio FOR LIFE jingle. It’s one of those best loved jingles ever heard in local radio airwaves. At a time when other stations were commissioning jingles from jingle companies in Dallas, Texas, USA, ABS-CBN’s Regional Radio Network took advantage of local talents to create for their imaging materials, after all ABS-CBN has its own pool of talents and a studio too.

The MOR My Only Radio FOR LIFE jingle is still airing until this day, with several versions already rendered including a reggaeton remix. The singer of this cut is still unknown, so if you know “her”, we’ve be very glad to have your comment.

Click here to listen to the MOR My Only Radio FOR LIFE jingle.

Click here for the new 101.9 FOR LIFE jingles.

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