Results of The Blazin Hits of Five October 19 2018

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The Blazin Hits of Five October 19 2018 are in and here are the results

Look who is on top for the results of Blazin Hits of Five. The Vamps claim the crown at no 1 with Just My Type. Bastille and Marshmello steps down to make way with Happier at no 2. Why Dont We lands at no3 and Ariana and Shawn are unmovable at 4 at 5.

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1 The Vamps – Just My Type Stream
2 Marshmello Bastille – Happier Stream
3 Why Dont We – 8 Letters Stream
4 Ariana Grande – Breathin Stream
5 Shawn Mendes – Nervous Stream

The Struggle Between Traditional Radio and Podcast

Will terrestrial radio survive a future that is increasingly assumed to be podcast? If so, how?

Two central questions in the debate on the relationship between radio and podcast, which a journalist present at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s 2018 Podcast Upfront , on September 6 in New York, has posed to Bob Pittman and Jarl Mohn, friends in life and real experts in the field : the first is the CEO and Chairman of iHeartMedia , the largest radio broadcast but also an American commercial radio podcast service ; the second CEO of National Public Radio (NPR), an expression of the US public service.

Both respondents started from the assumption that the success of a medium is largely determined by chance and luck, but that an approach that follows what the consumer prefers is fundamental.

Mohn called it “pattern recognition”: it involves doing research, collecting as much data as possible to understand what the consumer likes and packaging products based on these preferences. In this way it would be possible to build quality content, the only way – in the opinion of the exponent of NPR – to ensure that users continue to enjoy the public network, via radio, podcast and the Internet. According to the CEO of the largest independent non-profit radio network in the United States, therefore, podcasts and terrestrial radios can coexist thanks to quality. And, indeed, the podcast can provide an appeal for new advertisers who until now had not been interested in radio.

More cynical, Pittman, who does not try to deny possible cannibalization, talks about it as an opportunity: “Steve Jobs, father of the iPod, understood that the future of listening would be the telephone. Instead of trying to defend the iPod, he built the phones. Good idea, eh? ” Commented the representative of the largest US broadcast group, suggesting that probably terrestrial radios and podcasts are two forms of conflicting audio communication, but that the winning approach for companies like iHeartMedia must always be that of follow the evolution of consumer habits, to provide them with favorite content in the best way.

RadioNowOnline Top 10 Results Oct 12 2018

This week’s top 10. There is no movement in the top 5 so that means the entries are super strong and are holding on tightly to their spots. Same with the bottom 5 with a slight switching going on.

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1 Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko – Moira Dela Torre
2 Isa Pang Araw – Sarah Geronimo
3 Panaginip – Morissette
4 Para Lang Sa’yo – McCoy De Leon & Elisse Joson
5 That Hero – Inigo Pascual
6 Fake Love – Kyline Alcantara
7 Tanging Ikaw – Tony Labrusca
8 Poison – Darren Espanto
9 Love Is Real – Maris Racal
10 Clueless – Sam Mangubat

Previous week

1 Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko – Moira Dela Torre
2 Isa Pang Araw – Sarah Geronimo
3 Panaginip – Morissette
4 Para Lang Sa’yo – McCoy De Leon & Elisse Joson
5 That Hero – Inigo Pascual
6 Fake Love – Kyline Alcantara
7 Clueless – Sam Mangubat
8 Poison – Darren Espanto
9 Love Is Real – Maris Racal
10 Tanging Ikaw – Tony Labrusca

Results of The Blazin Hits of Five October 12 2018

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Here are the results for the Blazin Hits of Five for October 12.

Marshmello and Bastille are still on top with Happier at no 1.  Why Dont We overtakes The Vamps with 8 Letters at no 2. And Just My Type inches down at no 3. Ariana Grande holds on at no 4 with Breathin and Shawn still at it at no 5 with Nervous.

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1 Marshmello Bastille – Happier Stream
2 Why Dont We – 8 Letters Stream
3 The Vamps – Just My Type Stream
4 Ariana Grande – Breathin Stream
5 Shawn Mendes – Nervous Stream

Barangay LS 97.1 Live Audio Streaming on YouTube

DWLS FM Barangay LS 97.1 live audio streaming has been the most requested by listeners and fans from overall the world.

Especially from OFW listeners, they have been asking and looking for reliable internet streaming of the station.

It used to be that only DZBB is the only GMA radio station streaming on the web. But now, DWLS finally has their own webcast.

To tune, visit and there you will have an option to listen to DZBB AM or DWLS Barangay LS 97.1.

Opening the link will point to a popup window so make sure you web browser allows popups.

Then it will display an embedded audio player using YouTube. This means DWLS is streaming their radio broadcast using YouTube.

You cannot find though the live streaming video if you search it on YouTube website or YouTube app that is because the video is unlisted.

Now there are many benefits to streaming your radio station’s broadcast to Youtube, first it is free, reliable and the reach is unbelievably wide.

There is also this opportunity to monetize the streaming using ads or superchats and memberships given that their streaming video is uploaded by their verified GMA Network channel account.

There are however downsides too. If you don’t like other websites embedding your video that can be tricky although you turn off the embed option, that means your listeners can only listen or watch to your streaming video from the YouTube website or YouTube app.

Now that is a double edged sword for GMA because they want to embed their video onto their own webpage, disabling the embedding option means they cannot embed their video onto their own website, which by the way is also monetized by Adsense.

Another downside that the Content ID or Copyright matching on YouTube is aggressive. Even with a verified and known major YouTube channel owner like GMA Network they are still not spared from the copyright strikes or Content ID matches on YouTube. This means anytime, their streaming video can be taken down which is bad for listeners.

Unless of course they have a special arrangement with YouTube they will be spared from that.

The good news is that the listeners are the winners, finally they can listen to their favorite radio shows on DWLS Barangay LS 97.1.

It is clear though if this streaming capability is available to listeners outside the Philippines.

You can tune in at

Sony Car Audio System Makes Listening to Music via Car Play or Android Auto More Fun

Among the many new products brought by Sony to IFA 2018 there are also the unpublished XAV-AX3005DB and XAV-AX1000 . If the names do not help you much to decipher their characteristics, know that these are special smart displays for cars, with compatibility for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay .

The devices are made up of large panels of 6.95 and 6.2 inches respectively, with Clear Responsive Touchscreen technology that allows a comfortable and pleasant interface management. By connecting your smartphone Android or iOS you can access all the services related to the desired car platform, using apps and streaming services for road navigation, listening to music and radio or voice calls.

XAV-AX3005DB has some interesting technical highlights, such as support for the DAB / DAB + radio standard , the EXTRA BASS function and the ability to play FLAC files . The EXTRA BASS function is missing on the XAV-AX1000 and, as mentioned, the screen is slightly smaller.

Using the Spotify for Podcasters Platform Management Tool

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Spotify has announced the official debut of its new platform Spotify for Podcasters , at the moment, only in beta.

The new service will be clearly focused on the management of podcasts and related feeds.

The podcasts on the Spotify platform reach an audience of about 180 million listeners worldwide and the new tool announced will allow creators of this type of content to manage multiple aspects of their podcast: you can easily publish the different episodes, more easily reach a more listeners , consult the statistics on ratings divided by demographics, geographical position , involvement and appreciation of listeners.

The new platform of Spotify will increase its audience because it will make it possible to publish podcasts loaded on other platforms, simply by sharing the relevant RSS feed.

As anticipated, Spotify for Podcasters is currently only available in beta, accessible by going to

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