To Stay Relevant, Radio Has To Be Friends with Amazon and family of Alexa Devices

Echo Show, Alexa makes the most sense with the screen
Amazon’s new smart speaker has a 10-inch display, so searches are more complete

It is already twenty days that we are testing Echo Show , Amazon’s 10-inch smart speaker with display, which combines the classic features of the voice assistant with images. We take for granted all the things that can be asked of Alexa (we will come back to them later on) and start with the product description.

The shape is apparently that of a tablet, even if the back is not flat but pyramidal, to house two 2-inch neodymium drivers and a passive radiator that return a powerful and defined sound, even if with a slight tendency to bass too pronounced. The equipment is completed by eight microphones to receive and interpret at best the voice commands and, included in the body, the antennas necessary to communicate with smart appliances that use the Zigbee protocol , such as light bulbs, interphones, cameras and thermostats.

But the added value gives it a touch display of good size even if not of excellent resolution (720p).

That is where the vocal requests made to the Echo Show “come to life”.

You can ask Alexa which movies and there are in the cinema and show you the trailers in Italian (you need to install the MyMovies skill). You can view a recipe step by step while you are cooking – and indeed the kitchen seems to be the most suitable environment for this type of product – or ask for the weather forecast for the next few days. You can browse the internet with one of the two pre-installed browsers (Firefox and Silk), see the Vevo music videos or the Amazon Prime Video movies and TV series.

You can track the shipment of a package (Amazon, of course), view an itinerary on the maps or make video calls to anyone who has Echo Spot, Echo Show or the Alexa App (Skype is coming).

In short, there is a whole series of functions more than the already popular classic smart speakers, which, given the price which is certainly not prohibitive for the gagdet ( € 229 ), make us advise the purchase. In short, Alexa has an edge over the screen . It could have even more, if Echo Show was a bit more customizable – being able to install apps, for example – or if the video sector could be used more (let’s think about the lack of Netflix, for example). And, again, if some somewhat cumbersome mechanisms, such as having to explicitly ask which skill to use to perform a certain action, were simplified.


How to make smart speakers portable just like radio in the old times

Five batteries are coming from the British manufacturer i-box to make portable smart speakers like Echo, Echo Dot and Google Home Mini.

Maybe you never thought about it or you wanted to do it but you didn’t know how. In any case, several batteries have been available in Italy for some time now to make smart portable speakers like Amazon Echo Dot (third generation), Echo (second generation), Echo Spot and Google Home Mini . All speakers that need an electrical outlet to work and therefore, at least not to use awkward extensions, can hardly be taken to the garden, on the terrace or in a part of the house where there is no outlet at hand.

In our opinion the most interesting solutions are those of the British manufacturer i-box, which ensure respectable performances for those who want to make his (or his) smart portable speaker. It starts with the i-box Run, which provides about 12 hours of autonomy to the third-generation Echo Dot, while the Release version reaches up to eight hours , but also integrates a 12W stereo speaker, a passive radiator and an audio input for 3.5mm jack in order to improve the audio performance of the Dot (which are certainly not brilliant).

If, on the other hand, you want to make your second generation Echo portable, Want to make your fixed smart speakers portable? Here’s howthe Surge i-box allows you to use it without an electrical outlet for about 8 hours , Want to make your fixed smart speakers portable? Here’s howwhile the i-box Vault ensures the same autonomy for the Echo Spot and in addition adds one speaker and a passive radiator to improve the audio quality. Finally we find the i-box Move , a variant of the Run for the Google Home Mini available shortly which ensures 12 hours of autonomy.

All these batteries can also recharge a smartphone or tablet thanks to the USB input and this is therefore a doubly useful solution. It should be noted, however, that i-box is not the only manufacturer to offer batteries for smart speakers (we also mention brands like Majority, Smatree, Ninety7 and Accevo ), but in our opinion these are the most interesting of the British manufacturer also as a quality ratio -price.

Smart Speakers, Audio, Podcasts Are Booming, Where is Radio Heading?

What Happens in an Internet Minute in 2019? The infographic of @LoriLewis and @OfficiallyChadd aggregates the online activity of billions of people globally and helps us understand what happens in 60 seconds on the Internet.

Every minute 188 million emails are sent around the world and Google processes 3.8 million queries. Platforms such as Instagram and Netflix continue to grow at a dizzying pace, but the fastest-growing phenomenon seems to be the smart speakers: last year 67 voice devices were shipped every minute (sold worldwide), in 2019 in the same time frame they are shipped 180, almost three times as much.

Interesting to understand the evolution of online consumption is the comparison with last year.

Watch and Listen Live Streaming of MOR 101.9

Tune in to DJ Chacha on MOR 101.9 Live Streaming from Manila, Philippines

Other news.

There is no doubt that the Japanese Sharp (controlled by the Chinese Foxconn) is one of the hi-tech companies that has shone the most in this beginning of 2019: unsheathed the first smartphone without physical keys and holes, Aquos Zero , and on the list to produce the next OLEDs on behalf of Apple, the Osaka company presented a full-bodied set of smart appliances and, in addition, a delightful series of retro radios with a 2.0 heart.

In Cologne, during the “LivingKitchen” event (14-20 January), Sharp brought the Smart Works line-up , a series of appliances enriched with support for Amazon Alexa’s voice commands consisting of a refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and intelligent washing machines, which can also be controlled by a mobile app.

In the kitchen, the KA-70S50ISW oven – although it has 150 cooking options, including one for pizza and one for browning and grilling the food – uses Alexa to allow the user to choose between various recipes , obtaining the automatic setting cooking times and temperatures . Energy saving is guaranteed, in the Sharp smart oven, by the ” Boost ” function which halves the pre-heating time.
Always remotely manageable even though it does not have a smart display in favor with the competitors of LG and Samsung , the SJ-F1526ESI-EN smart refrigerator uses zoning to increase the refrigeration capacity (fielding the space otherwise destined to the freezer), door the foods at their respective and optimal storage temperatures more quickly, through the Super Cool mode , while – by virtue of the Quick Drink mode, specially designed for cans and bottles – allows you to put drinks on the table already cold. In tandem with an Amazon smart display (eg Echo Show ) or with a smart speaker, the QW-HD65F444A dishwasher lifts – in less than a quarter of an hour – covers for 4 people.

The cloud of synergy with Amazon, however, is in the Sharp ES-HFT0148AZ washing machine . Thanks to Alexa’s voice commands, in fact, you can choose one of the 22 supported washing programs , going from the little disturbing for the neighbors ( NightWash ), to the lightning-fast one that scrubbers a load in 12 minutes, without forgetting the anti-allergy one. In addition, the smart washing machine from Sharp is able to intelligently dose detergent and softener for 20 washes, starting – via Amazon Dash – the order of the new detergents as soon as those supplied, according to the estimated use, are about to run out .

Along with smart appliances, a further opportunity, Sharp also presented two digital radios, and an internet radio. The digital radios Sharp DR-450 (mono sound, 119 euros) and Sharp DR-S460 (30 watts stereo sound, 139 euros), can acquire audio sources through the 3.5 mm AUX port, but also from the telescopic antenna put into tandem with RDS / DAB, DAB + / FM standards (60 pre-settable stations), and from smartphone / tablet via Bluetooth . Set up in white, gray and wood-colored nuances, they have a wooden structure with an aluminum front on which stands a dimmable round display .

DR-I470 internet radio (179 euros) is controllable from the armchair thanks to the remote control . The latter, launched in shades of wood, white or gray, always supports Bluetooth to play Spotify playlists on your smartphone, and DAB / DAB + / FM standards, however, thanks to Wi-Fi , even receives (10,000 ) radio stations that broadcast on the internet . Convenient 2.4-inch display , on which the user can view short text strings to learn about alarms and alerts, weather forecasts, or consult the time .

KBS ‘Music Bank’ Group ITZY Update and Latest Projects

On March 15, KBS ‘Music Bank’ first place went to the 5-member girl group ‘ITZY’ who finished the activity. It is already the ninth place that ‘did’ which debuted in January took first place in major music broadcasting. He made his debut at No. 1 on the eleventh day, and the first race continued. The YouTube view of his debut song “Dalda Dalya” also exceeded 10 million on the first day of February 10, exceeding 50 million in a week. As of mid-March, it has surpassed 85 million views. It is an unusually high score for the girl group’s debut song.

People say that they feel the impression of their group debut, which is one of the most memorable memories of the past. Unlike in the past, even the newcomers of traditional large-scale companies are taking a considerable time to get to market. That’s why the performance of ‘yes’ and JYP Entertainment is even more amazing.

‘Girl Crush’ Beyond ‘Tin Crush’

The keyword ‘is’ is ‘tin crush’. It is a very arbitrary word, but roughly speaking, it is a concept of “teen crush”, which refers to a woman with a clear charisma, plus teenage vigor. In short, it is a group that uses intense themes, but it has the key to being lively and light. It is the reason that ‘is’ contrasts with the black pink of the intense image, and contrasts with the tweet of the bright and cute image. The music and video of “Dalda Dalla” also fit well with this concept. The combination of a clear, heavier sound with a clearly stretched house beat adds tension. In the refrain suddenly a bright and familiar melody pops out and emphasizes “I am different” with a theme such as ” In the music video, surveillance cameras symbolize public attention to members, suggesting that members may reject it. The urban scenery that is spread out in the background is distorted by the vivid color and noise as symbolizing the dreams and arbitrary ten eyes. The members demonstrate confident smiles in different ways, digging proficient and dynamic choreography.

The completeness of songs and music videos for idol is not all about winning. The members who caught the attention of the public at a glance seem to be unique and outstanding. It is a reaction from male fans, but it seems to be particularly attractive to female fans. On the stage, there are charismatic performances with sharp eyes, and when they talk or laugh, there are those who look like a ‘quack’ and get lost even more. There have been times when the presence of male fans in the idol market has been on the rise, but there are many indications that loyalty and aggressive consumption power as fandom are not enough for women. As a result, the girl group has recently been focusing on female fans intensively.

Truth About Kang Daniel Issue with LM Entertainment

The news came out that Kang Daniel had left the hotel. LM Entertainment announced on 26th that it was legal, and it is revealed that Kang Daniel has acted as a reader in recent years, while Kang Daniel and his company are in full swing.

According to a separate report by Sportive News on Wednesday, Kang Daniel moved all his belongings from his company’s premises before he sent proof to his agency earlier this month.

In addition, LM Entertainment has changed the recent contact in a disputed contract, and only contacts through an agency and legal representative. Along with the departure of Kang Daniel, he is said to have been out of contact with Warner One members for a long time now.

It seems that Kang Daniel is acting carefully to take legal action. Kang Daniel, a former fan-cafe, said he is currently in a dispute with LM Entertainment, and on January 21, he filed a preliminary injunction against his company through a law firm, Yulchon. LM Entertainment has concluded a joint venture contract to transfer the exclusive contractual rights to a third party without the consent of Kang Daniel.

LM Entertainment said on the 26th that “Kang Daniel sent a notice of cancellation of false facts, and his company did not transfer the contractual rights to a third party.”

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