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Exclusive Live Interview with Jose Maria “JOMA” Sison

JOMA Sison Exclusive Interview on November 8, 2009

In a what could be a historical exclusive, Sonny Laragan of Pinoy Radio UK ( is set to go one on one, all-out interview with influential personality, Jose Maria “Joma” Sison on November 8, 2009.

The said interview will take place during the special edition of the Sunday Live program on Pinoy Radio UK airing 1pm London, 9pm Manila, 2pm Amsterdam, and 8am New York. The program will be made interactive as phone lines will be open for questions from listeners of the said station.

For details on how to get through with the interview on Sunday, log on to

JOMA Sison Interview | 60second Promo

Credit: Voice clips from Korina Sanchez and Danny Buenafe, from News TV Program “Bandila”, all material remain property of respective owners.


Pinoy Radio UK: Interview with Sonny Laragan, Station Manager

The Pinoy Radio UK Logo - a new all OPM internet station based in London
The Pinoy Radio UK Logo - a new all OPM internet station based in London

Pinoy Radio UK is the first and only 24/7 online radio in the United Kingdom and Europe playing purely Original Pilipino Music (OPM). It’s broadcasting from the heart of the UK with studios in London, England. Songs composed and performed by Filipino artists from the 70s up to today’s current OPM hits are featured on the station.

Sonny Laragan is the station manager of Pinoy Radio UK and he generously took time with us to share the story and sound of the new Pinoy internet station.

1. How did the idea of putting up Pinoy Radio UK come up?

Sonny Laragan - Station Manager
Sonny Laragan - Station Manager

Actually, the plan is to have a pinoy radio station in every country here in Europe. Everything starts here in London first. We plan on having O/B (outdoor) broadcast vans for remotes.

Then if everything works out fine, then we start another radio station in Italy. It would be Pinoy Radio Italia. We could base the station in Italy in Milan probably as we have the biggest concentration of pinoys in the city. We would try to expand to Rome and other main cities of Italy.

After Italy…the 3rd priority for establishing a pinoy radio station would be Austria (Viennna & Salzburg). Then the rest would follow. However, I would have to create a base in Manila as well to serve as a news center for all radio stations in Europe.

2. What is the goal of Pinoy Radio UK ?

The idea of putting up the station began 3 or 4 years ago. My objective was to create a station that would be 100% OPM. To play songs either composed or performed by Filipino artists/singers.

3. What are the programs, shows, and segments of Pinoy Radio UK?

The planned programs are as follows:

Sunday Live (2 – 5 pm UK / 9pm – 12 mn RP) The aim for this show is to have a guest singer/band on the program and give the listeners a chance to interview the guests on the show.

On The Spot (1 – 2 pm UK / 8 -9 pm RP) A hour of songs of a featured artist of the week.

Sabado Night Pary (9pm – 12 mn UK / 4 – 7 am RP) 3 hours of dance and uptempo songs

Nigh Jam (Weeknights 9 – 11 pm UK / 4 – 7 am RP) A 2 hour call-in talk program

These are initial programs that we would have on the station.

4. How many DJs do you have?

We’re still building the team and the station is a work in progress.

So there you have it. Mr. Sonny Laragan, Station Manager of Pinoy Radio UK. We’ll be hearing more from Pinoy Radio UK as they add new DJs and more stations in key European cities.

Listen now, go to

Pinoy Radio UK also received jingles from Take a listen to the cuts below.

Jingle 1

Jingle 2

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Aksyon Radio Cebu Launches Social Network

Aksyon Radio Cebu DYXR Goes Social Network
Aksyon Radio Cebu DYXR Goes Social Network

Aksyon Radio Cebu DYXR AM 684 KHZ pushes online streaming to a new level. Aksyon Radio Cebu launches its own network via is a free social media web platform enabling individuals and organizations to create their own community. With social connectivity more prevalent these days in the information superhighway, DYXR takes advantage of this technology, inviting in more listeners/visitors, while maintaining a solid and rightly targeted audience.

Unlike other social sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Friendster, allows a group to have its own micro social site. Members can add photos, blogs, videos, share info, discuss topics on forums. This web platform is a great way for stations to increase revenue as well.

For all Cebuanos and avid listeners of Aksyon Radio worldwide, log on now to

Thanks to Sir Ernest for the up.

Love Radio Palawan, Lucena City, Davao Live Na Live!

Love Radio Online Stations
Love Radio Online Stations

It’s always really great to know that more and more radio stations are jumping into the bandwagon of online streaming. 98.3 Love Radio Palawan and 100.7 Love Radio Lucena City are just among the many provincial stations that are now taking advantage of the internet.

It’s also surprising to note that most of the stations that go online are from the province. Most of the stations in Manila are now also heard via WWW. Yet, some of the major market stations are still not into it. 101.9 For Life has a Live on Air button, but it doesn’t do anything. I though it’s for streaming. ABS-CBN’s MOR station in Cebu (’t also have an official streaming link. MOR 101.1 Davao doesn’t also offer one.

Internet streaming, frankly speaking, doesn’t have a significant impact on the sales of radio stations which is why only a few stations go online.

5 Easy Ways to Making Your Own Microphone Pop Filter

5 Easy Ways to Create Your Own Microphone Pop FilterWith a recording tool that can be substituted with a panty hose or a thin sheet of paper, many still find the expensive price of microphone pop filters to be surprising. But while a holding a sheet of paper or cloth in front of your mouth can be annoying, anyone can actually create a home-made microphone “puff” screen that as as effective as the commercial ones. Continue here

WhooshStream Radio Webcasts to OFWs Worldwide


Streaming online from the United Arab Emirates, WhooshStream Radio is an online station dedicated to Overseas Filipino Workers. The station plays a variety of music from yesterday and today, with an interesting blend of ballads, opm, dance, R&b, and pop.

WhooshStream is the first internet Radio that uses virtual TTS DJ that announces message and dedication on-the-air along with the requested song, its fully automated and interactive online radio station.

Listen to WhooshStream now, click here.

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CyberPinoy Radio, RMN Koronadal Stream Live Worldwide

CyberPinoy Radio

CyberPinoy Radio is an all-Filipino music internet radio station. Listeners around the globe can also greet live or by email. They also provide widgets of their player where you can put it on you blogs or website.

I really commend the guys behind CyberPinoy Radio, not only of the quality streaming they provide, but also for featuring all Filipino music, which basically means that all songs that are played on this station are sung by Filipino artists.

My hats off to CyberPinoy Radio for taking the bold step, I mean like there are only a few radio stations out there, and I am talking about internet and terrestrial radio that promote Filipino music and artists.

I use CyberPinoy while I am at work, I get to listen to my favorite bands and contemporary OPM songs. As our way of honoring, RadioJingles is giving away free jingle sweepers for CyberPinoy Radio courtesy of and

Here’s the link

RMN Koronadal

The number one (#1) AM radio station in South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Koronadal City (Marbel), and Tacurong City – RMN Koronadal DXKR 639Khz, can now be heard from all over the world via online streaming. To listen, please visit our website at For more information, please contact

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Candor FM Streams Live from Mati, Davao Oriental

A student reads a copy, part of the training that she and other AUP students get in their new Student FM facility
A student reads a copy, part of the training that she and other AUP students get in their new Student FM facility

Candor FM is an internet/school station of TESDA-Accreditted CANDOR or Christian Academy of Davao Oriental. Candor FM is now streaming live via Candor FM has recently announced its recent purchase of a transmitter, allowing them to broadcast via the airwaves this coming school year.

Another student radio station is making waves, AUP’s Student FM 88.7 is proud to be the voice of the Adventist University of the Philippines. You can tune in online via

Here are the links for you, one more time:

Thanks to Joselito Edong of Candor FM and Nolza Catimbang of AUP.

Mix FM Oton, Radyo Natin Iba Zambales Stream Online

Mix FM OTON, Radyo Natin Iba Zambales Online Streaming StationsJust added a couple of pinoy streaming radio stations: Mix FM Oton, Iloilo, and Radyo Natin Iba, Zambales. Mix FM is an FM station of Oton Broadcasting System. It operates on a POP music format. You can visit their website at

Radyo Natin FM has been around in Iba, Zambales since 1997. And as new technologies emerge, Radyo Natin Iba took advantage of web streaming to capture more listeners. You can listen to Radyo Natin Iba online at

Visit our Pinoy Online Radio Streaming page to listen to other Pinoy streaming stations. Click here.

Provincial Radio Stations in the Philippines Go Online

Provincial Radio Stations in the Philippines Go Online

In my attempt to uncover station websites that have been existing on the information superhighway for a quite a while, I found five domains. Some are hosted free while others were given due budget. Four out of five websites are streaming their stations. Check out the sites below.

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