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WRock Cebu Goes Online, Butuan’s First Online Station Launches

96.3 WRock Cebu’s website is well underway. We hope the website will showcase a similar feature such found on as the Lite Rock Favorites of the Week with Cherry and Dylan. For now, you will only see an under-construction grafitti on

BXU Radio Butuan City is test streaming via and BXU Radio is among the very few online stations operating from Mindanao. BXU plans to relaunch very soon at 

Radio Romance, sounds familiar? No, it’s not a revival of the former DWRR, it’s an IRC internet radio station operated by chat and fm enthusiasts in Pagadian City. It’s among the earliest internet radio stations in Mindanao which operated since 2006. Join the Radio Romance chat room while listening at – PURE Cebuano Online Radio Programming

Radyo Bisdak is a pure Cebuano Online Radio Station is another Eureka for me, I just found out about it this month. Kudos to Mr Rolly Wagas for putting up this station.

Everything about this station is in Bisaya language (Cebuano). In fact the station logo – Radyo Bisdak is a contraction of the words “bisaya” and “dako” (big). “Bisdak” is a Cebuano slang used to refer to someone who is a native of Visayas or Mindanao or someone who speaks Cebuano.

From its website, the station clearly states it plays all Cebuano novelty songs. It sports programs like “Labyog Labyog”, “Kusina sa RB”, “Gugmang Gia***” (I bleeped that for its profanity) and “Tubaan”. You will hear songs from Max Subran and Yoyo Villame.

The copy and text of the site are in “nosebleedingly” Cebuano. And I learned from this site that the Cebuano translation of cyberspace is “dagitwanang”. Now I know!

I also learned that the operator of this site Rolly Wagas is a Cebuano novelty artist, his album is available in Ayala Cebu, which I am planning to buy.

Check out! It truly is an interesting yet noteworthy station. Especially that most of the Pinoy operated stations air foreign songs. This one is something I really commend and definitely will become my favorite bookmark.

Cebu FM Radio Stations Stream Video

DJ Agent Mikey Bond Handles the Morning Show, NU 107 Cebu Beefs Up Radio Interaction with Video Streaming and Chat via Ustream
DJ Agent Mikey Bond Handles the Morning Show, NU 107 Cebu Beefs Up Radio Interaction with Video Streaming and Chat via Ustream

97.9 Love Radio and NU 107 Home New Rock are two stations now streaming video via With the advent of online video streaming apps such UStream, radio stations are now able to broadcast not just audio but live video feed as well.

Here are the links to their video streaming:

97.9 Love Radio Cebu
Click here to listen

NU 107 Cebu is just one of the many tools, you can try:

You may also listen to other Philippine stations streaming video here, A Station and A Story of Resilience

Filipinos are always known for its resilience. I want to geographically point that the country has always been a target of the most trying situations.  The Philippines is facing the Pacific Ocean in the east, making it prone to typhoons and storms. And we’re rubbing elbows with the most diverse and hostile cultures in the north, west, and south. The Philippines is like the Israel of the middle east.

Since I’m a radio blog, I’d like to share the story of RadioPilipinas. com. It’s another internet radio station, yeah, but once you hear their story, fingers crossed, you won’t look at internet stations the same way again.

I salute the pioneers, the brains, and the hands behind, for surviving such an economically challenging internet radio industry, all for the love of  music, great love for Original Pilipino Music.

Here is their story, lifed from their site

Radiopilipinas started in 2005. It was first called Fatalradio. The internet radio was a partnership of young american djs in USA and filipino djs in the Philippines. The 24 hour streaming time was divided into 12 hours for the USA and 12 hours for the philippines. Each would broadcast during daytime of their respective timezone. The main organizers of fatalradio were Jamez Strickland, Jake Williams, Michael Walker, Nolit Abanilla and Alexis Moreno.

The american side played mostly hiphop and alternative music. Among its regular djs include the brother of Evenesense drummer who also has his own band. The Philippine side on the other hand played mostly pinoy rock of the 90s as well as new wave stuff. Kuyakurt was the main dj for the filipino stream. The filipino partners took charge of designing and managing the site while the american partners did the technical as well as financed the radio.

Towards the end of 2005, cultural differences and persistent tug of war on streaming time brought out a split in Fatalradio. The american partners decided to setup a new radio of their own. The filipino staff went on streaming with Fatalradio until financial issues forced the server to shut down. In 2006, fatalradio continued to stream from an unstable free shoutcast server. However this was limited to a few listeners thus marketing the radio was futile.

In 2007, kuyakurt and nolit decided to revamp the internet radio and decided to name it radiopilipinas. Jeffrey McAdder financed the acquisition of the domain and nolithosting provided the site. Getting a new dedicated shoutcast server was hard as financial issues continue to plaque the staff. So the staff decided to run its site with a simple player of serverside mp3 files and let the listeners choose from a playlist whatever they want to play. The staff still continued on using the free shoutcast server with limited listener capacity from time to time.

Towards the end of 2008, nolithosting has acquired the ownership of radiopilipinas domain and got a shoutcast server installed in one of its collocated computers on a datacenter in dallas, USA. The new development paved the way for kuyakurt and nolit to redevelop radiopilipinas as a full internet radio running on shoutcast server. Radiopilipinas is currently running on one source server with two backup servers all running on state of the art centovacast software. A total of 4 relay servers are also running – three are on 64kbps with hundreds of listener capacity. One server is on 32kbps which is intended for listeners with dial up connections. This server runs on a random playlist not synch with the main server but of similar content.

Radiopilipinas is run by a handfull of staff with the following officers:

Alexis Moreno – Station Manager
Nolit Abanilla – Program Director
Wayne Perez – Research & Development Coordinator
Wendel Quinto – Events Coordinator
Chi Asprec – Technical Officer

MyRadio Blog Turns 1 Year Old

It’s been a year since I have been listening to this station. MRB or started March last year, and boy does time flies so fast. I have been supplying radio IDs for this station. But more the friendship we have with Al and all the DJs at MRB, I’ve learned to appreciate how dedicated these guys are to their internet radio station.

MRB may not be run by seasoned broadcasters but you can really feel the sincerity of the people behind this station. The efforts contributed by all DJs is what makes this station up and running. And because of their commitment, I and all their listeners continue to love MRB.

My well wishes for you guys this year is good health as always, because I know most of you are doing it in your extra hours. Happy Anniversary from RadioJingles!

CyberPinoy Radio Gives Away $200 USD

CyberPinoy Radio Gives Away $200 USD

The Filipino internet radio station CyberPinoy Radio is giving away $200 USD to the lucky winner of their latest promo – “Regalong Handog ng CyberPinoy Radio”. It’s a Valentine Story Sharing contest open to OFW listeners. If you have an amazing story to share about life and love, send it to DJ Bless at buhayofw.pinoy [at] Winner will be announced on February 14, 2010.

Check out all the shows at CyberPinoy Radio at or download the new App for iPhone and iPod at the App store.

Promo for Regalong Handog

CyberPinoy Radio: 1st Pinoy Internet Radio To Release iPhone App

CyberPinoy Radio announces the release of its CyberPinoy iPhone App. The application is the first amongst Filipino internet radio stations. Now you can listen to your favorite OPM songs while on the go. The app is compatible with iPhone or iPod touch.

While listening, you can also browse and interact with other listeners at the CyberPinoy Network Social website.  Follow Tweets, YM DJs, or send requests.

Download the CyberPinoy iPhone App now for free at the iPhone App Store, keyword “Cyber Pinoy Radio”. Or get details of the App here.

OFWs Share Their Stories on Cyber Pinoy Radio

Buhay OFW on Cyber Pinoy Radio
Buhay OFW on Cyber Pinoy Radio

Cyber Pinoy Radio is proud to unveil its newest show – Buhay OFW. Hosted by DJ Bless, an OFW herself, the new radio show features stories and experiences of Overseas Filipino Workers.

Being homesick is just one of the many challenges an OFW faces. In fact, this is one of the reasons why the people behind Cyber Pinoy Radio launched the station. Cyber Pinoy Radio is not just an internet radio, it’s a community of Pinoys working in Europe, Middle East, and in the USA, to name a few. Listeners and djs interact through chat and what could probably ease homesickness than to be able to request and listen to home-grown Pinoy music.

Catch Buhay OFW on

Buhay OFW Jingle


Exclusive Live Interview with Jose Maria “JOMA” Sison

JOMA Sison Exclusive Interview on November 8, 2009

In a what could be a historical exclusive, Sonny Laragan of Pinoy Radio UK ( is set to go one on one, all-out interview with influential personality, Jose Maria “Joma” Sison on November 8, 2009.

The said interview will take place during the special edition of the Sunday Live program on Pinoy Radio UK airing 1pm London, 9pm Manila, 2pm Amsterdam, and 8am New York. The program will be made interactive as phone lines will be open for questions from listeners of the said station.

For details on how to get through with the interview on Sunday, log on to

JOMA Sison Interview | 60second Promo

Credit: Voice clips from Korina Sanchez and Danny Buenafe, from News TV Program “Bandila”, all material remain property of respective owners.