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ReelWorld Announces New Radio Scoop Jingle Package for 2014

Radio Scoop (Left : Laurent Ripoll /   Center : David Tartar   / Right : Alain Liberty : General director of the program)
Radio Scoop (Left : Laurent Ripoll / Center : David Tartar / Right : Alain Liberty : General director of the program)

Got the taste for ReelWorld Jingles? Help yourself to another Scoop!

After last year’s new ReelWorld jingle package, France’s Radio Scoop this month welcomed another 10 custom themes to their on air sound.

Having already catered to the tastes and playlists of European programmers with the original package, the 10 theme Radio Scoop 2 update builds upon the foundation for a more dynamic sound — incorporating pop rock and softer melodies into the production.

Radio Scoop’s Director of Music and Programming Laurent Ripoll is happy – “Working with Reelworld is always a pleasure! To evolve our sound I wanted something more organic, more pop driven. We’re playing tunes like Lorde, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Ellie Goulding which are less about upbeat dance music.

It was like a big slap in the face when I heard the first instrumentals!

This package is strong and powerful – thank you ReelWorld once again.”

ReelWorld Europe’s Managing Director Anthony Gay: “Our team spent time getting inside the heads of the guys at Radio Scoop to make sure the jingles really nailed the sound they’re looking for.”

ReelWorld’s David Tartar has worked tirelessly over the past 12 months to help French stations meet their imaging needs and is delighted to hear more ReelWorld’s jingles on Scoop.

NRJ, Fun Radio, Radio FG, Totem, 100%, Sweet FM and Blackbox are amongst the other radio stations that ReelWorld work with in France.

You can hear a taster of the jingle package here and follow the ReelWorld Europe story on Twitter @reelworldeurope

To find out how ReelWorld could support your brand visit reelworld.com or contact anthony.gay@reelworld.com.

In addition, the ReelWorld team will be at the Radiodays conference in Dublin this Monday showing off their new jingles and imaging.


“Power of Sung IDs”: 2014 ReelWorld Jingle Package on New UK Digital Radio

Radio Yorkshire Jingles
Radio Yorkshire Jingles

Radio Yorkshire is a new digital station in the UK and they are proud to say they are using jingles from ReelWorld Europe.

The station offers a varied programming  including regional news, music and sport.

I am a strong believer in sung jingles, the sort you hum long after you hear them.

“I am a strong believer in sung jingles, the sort you hum long after you hear them.

I have also been a keen follower of ReelWorld for many years so I was thrilled to get the chance to work with Ant and the team at MediaCityUK. From initial call to the end result, with lots of custom tweaks and feedback along the way, these guys just get it! They know how to help shape a brand through the strongest of sonic logos and the clearest of vocals.

I hope Radio Yorkshire will be known for many great things – and the jingle package will be up there towards the top of the list!”

– Rick Houghton, Director of Broadcasting at Radio Yorkshire.

Radio Yorkshire aside from streaming on the world wide web and on DAB also broadcasts with its unique TV studio along side video streaming.

The adapted package consists of ID themes taken from the popular Radio Norge and Radio Veronica jingle packages and it does not stop there because it also comes with a Radio Yorkshire audio logo infused custom sports and news bed.

“As a proud Yorkshireman myself it was a privilege to work with Rick and the team on the new package and I wish them all the best with their endeavours.”

– ReelWorld Europe’s Managing Director Anthony Gay.

You can hear a demo of the jingles on the official ReelWorld Europe SoundCloud account and follow the latest updates from ReelWorld Europe on Twitter through @reelworldeurope

Visit http://europe.reelworld.com