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Jesse McCartney Is Leavin Teeny Bop Songs

Jesse McCartney is surely stripping off his teeny boppy appeal with his latest single called “Leavin”. “Leavin” is a rhyhtmic pop music track that’s sure to be a big hit this summer here in the Philippines. In the U.S. the Jesse McCartney song is slowly gaining more frequent rotations in the spring playlist.

The video for Leavin has indeed made Jesse McCartney leave his cutie approach with sexy scenes. The song Leavin itself is  also a testament of McCartney’s drive to get into more mature music making. In fact, you can hardly hear traces of the old Jesse McCartney sound which I found awfully resembling Aaron Carter or his brother Nick.

Check out the video or better yet add an mp3 widget of this new song for your Facebook, Myspace or Friendster here. If your station has not been playing this song lately, well, you better do.

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Playlist Update For March 2008: Spotlight on Taylor Swift ‘Our Song’

Fresh country pop star Taylor Swift tops this month’s most promising hit makers. Taylor Swift who became a household name with her single “Tear Drops On My Guitar” is back with another country cutie track called “Our Song”. C heck out the video.

In the meantime, here are the rest of the March 2008 Playlist Update this month here on

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Provincial Radio Stations in the Philippines Go Online

Provincial Radio Stations in the Philippines Go Online

In my attempt to uncover station websites that have been existing on the information superhighway for a quite a while, I found five domains. Some are hosted free while others were given due budget. Four out of five websites are streaming their stations. Check out the sites below.

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Valentines Day Radio Tragedy

Valentine Radio Programming Tragedy

Was your valentine programming yesterday a tragedy? Well, I heard that some of the stations were doing good with their usual valentine specials. But there’s just this one station who reported that their valentine radio day as a crash! It turned out too bad, that the station manager of this station wanted to disappear and didn’t wanna go back on the air!

You know what happened? They thought they were on the air! All the time they thought they were broadcasting, their phones were okay, they can hear something from their monitors, but it turned out that their transmitter was
only sending signals up to 5 meter radius.


ABS-CBN Radio Cotabato Plays “Laswa” Songs

MOR ABS-CBN Cotabato

MOR ABS-CBN CotabatoRecently we received this comment post from our dear reader. We thought sharing our reply to this reader will also be of concern to you radio people. We’ve heard similar cases before but this one really did catch my attention. Our reader goes by the name of Jake. And I believe this guy is an avid radio listener. I think he is just really concerned about what stations should supposedly play on the air! So here is his comment.

nagtatanong lang po… dito kc ako sa Cotabato and may radio Station dito ABS CBN peru ung mga song na pplay nila on air ay sobrang laswa.

recorded localy ang mga song then ung artis ay local din dito tapus ung instruments ay extracted sa mga Videoke ung mga midi files sa Videoke. tapus ung mga songs ay ay hindi binago peru ang laswa pakinggang kc wala na sa tuno… grabe pa naman ang airplay nila parang hit talga.

ung mga song gawa ng Alone, One Friend, Because of you basta ang dami na in one hour ay may 10 songs na localy recorded.

Anu ba pwede magawa dito?

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