Make Your Advertisers Happy this Christmas

By: Radio Kikay

It’s the time of the year again when advertisers flock in. I mean the
flocking is relatively unusual. This time of the year, dumadami ang mga clients. At siyempre, nariyan ang hindi mamatay-mat ay na Christmas Greetings sponsor ships, from kanino pa, eh hindi sa favorite niyong politicians. Dagdag nyo pa ang messages ng lolo at lola nyo. Biro lang po ha.

Pero in reality naman, more often than not, the Christmas Greetings do more
harm to programming than good to sales, kasi nga, it eats a lot of time lalung lalo na sa program clock nyo.

So what do you ba talaga para naman hindi masacrifice ang programming at
sales nyo while still making your advertisers happy.

1. Keep their ads short and simple.
2. Insist in editing their scripts.
3. Avoid unnecessary sound effects.
4. In fact, you may choose not to add bed or background to the Christmas Greeting sponsorship ad.
5. If your client chooses to voice their own material, invite him to your recording studio to achieve quality result.

There you go! Hindi nyo kailangan pang mainis na naman sa mga annoying Christmas greeting ads. Kasi naman ads mean more money di ba.

Merry Christmas!


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