How To Widen Knowledge In Radio Imaging And Production

How To Widen Knowledge In Radio Imaging And Production

An new avid follower of has recently emailed us about how he can widen his knowledge in radio imaging. Our sender’s name is Marky Jam and he said he likes to produce floaters, IDs and ads. Here’s our reply to Marky’s email.

Great to hear from you! I’m glad you dropped us a line. Actually we produce radio imaging stuffs for some of the radio stations here in Pinas. And we also supply voice imaging for some radio stations in the US.

How are you? You said you like to do some imaging stuffs like floaters and IDs, that’s great!

How long have you been doing this? And which station are you on right now? Hey, I’ve got great news for you, you said you like to widen your knowledge on radio production?

Well, we’ve built a network of websites that offer information, tips and articles about radio production. We also hooked up with some of the biggest names in the international radio imaging scene so you really get world-class tips.

You can visit these sites:

And pretty soon we’re coming up with a community site that’s totally dedicated for radio peeps like you, like us! It will be like a Friendster or MySpace dedicated only for radio DJs and producers. I’m excited about this project and I would like to give you a special invitation for this new project launching.

I hope you give it sometime to visit the sites and browse all our helpful tips about radio imaging and production. You can also receive email updates, just reply to this message with your email address and I’ll sign you up right away to get exclusive updates from our websites. I’ll also give you a set of production tools,imaging elements and sound effects free for you to use so you can expand your production prowess.

Well, I hope to hear from you soon. And from us here at

Best regards

2 thoughts on “How To Widen Knowledge In Radio Imaging And Production”

  1. hai poh nakalimutan ko pala ilagay ung # ko..hanap poh ako ktxt na lezbian 25 above poh ung single lng..irr is my # 09482394864 and 09427505435 pwedi nyo rin ako add ..tncx shane reyes..the best ang mor.. certified addict sa inyo station..god bless..mwuahh..


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