Status of Apple’s Streaming in 2019 How Many Countries Is It Streaming To

It could debut in 2019 in 100 countries the streaming tv service with which Apple wants to challenge Netflix and Amazon.

After the rumors of recent weeks, to add details is The Information.

The site’s sources explain that the United States will lead the way, then the service will be launched worldwide. And the rumors of recent weeks, reported by the American broadcaster CNBC, seem to be confirmed: Cupertino wants to offer its original audiovisual content – that is, TV programs produced or otherwise purchased exclusively – for free, through a renewed ‘TV’ application, to those who own an Apple device (iPhone, iPad or Apple TV).

The Apple service would then combine the original audiovisual content, distributed free to its users, to a series of external subscription channels. In this way users would not need to install the applications of other streaming services, being able to access directly from the Apple app.

[delay 2018-10-29]


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