96.3 WRock Cebu Continuous To Dominate

96.3 WRock Cebu

The departure of the original 96.3 WRock in Metro Manila did not put out the fire of WRock’s sister station in Cebu. Legally known as DYRK FM, it is the only surviving call sign that carries the legendary AC brand.

96.3 WRock was the premiere choice for light rock and easy listening in Metro Manila since 1988 until it was bought by Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) in 2008 and turned it into 96.3 Easy Rock.

Network owner ACWS – United Broadcasting Network brought WRock as an internet radio but eventually closed down in 2010 along with its sister stations in Davao and Bacolod.

DYRK FM 96.3 Cebu however remained a strong AC station in the Metro despite competition brought in by 102.7 Easy Rock, a sister station of 96.3 Easy Rock Manila owned by Cebu Broadcasting Company.

Though no survey results to officially back this up, it can be felt within the Metro that WRock Cebu remains to be the leading easy listening station heard in malls, department stores big or small, taxi cabs, government offices and hotels.

The reason perhaps is that the locals here have grown up with and have been accustomed to the programming of the station. Easy Rock, while they sound closer to WRock appealed to a more younger audience. Easy Rock seemed to become an alternative to WRock.

It may take some time before Easy Rock builds its own solid market. WRock Cebu has already established its own crowd in this province’s radio spectrum. Easy Rock may have to do some drastic or out-of-the-box approach to overtake WRock Cebu or it may choose to flip the format just like what Home Radio Cebu did, which originally was an easy listening format, but later flipped to CHR.

Listen to Easy Rock Jingles here

96.3 WRock Cebu Studio Tour

Listen to Easy Rock 96.3

22 thoughts on “96.3 WRock Cebu Continuous To Dominate”

  1. Hi,

    I miss to listen the 96.3 WRock Cebu since I already here in Canada. Is there any way to listen to you on the internet? Very very cool ang WRock Cebu. I love it so much. I hope there’s a way to listen to you even i’m here far away from Cebu. More power to you 96.3 WRock Cebu.


  2. Hello…
    How are you guys doing today? This is DJ Jay-B… I am an African but i live and work in manila as a club DJ. I am also a recording artist under BlackLord Entertainment own by me also. I wana ask if there is any way my songs can be played on this station? I do Caribbean/Reggae type of music. Also love songs and some hiphop rap too. Its all Original and composed by me. All songs are recorded here in manila Philippines and is copyrighted. What is the requirements to submit my mixtape to your station? Here is a sample of one of my songs. This video was shot at subic olongapo city. : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78UNG2z60IE

    Thanks and hope to read from you soon.
    Dj Jay-B


  3. I would like to know if i can ask for your phone number, landline and mobile. I want to request a song. Thank you and continue making us listeners feel relaxed everyday. 🙂


  4. want to know if I post an ads over your radio, how much its costs, thank you. I am from dumaguete, and looking for housemaid in Cebu. thanks for your help


  5. thank you for playing the song “SOMEBODY’S ME” by Enrique Iglesias…..i really, really loved 96.3 W ROCK – i been 8 yrs here in Cebu but this is the only station i found so great … the music so clam and so nice to hear.. from 80’s to 90’s music i loved it. and then again thank you so much and hope to hear some songs of mar00n 5 and Enrique iglesias..more power guys!


  6. Hi Dj Bill. This is George & Grace “,) remember us the early bird very premier show movie. We miss a lot wrock since we leave 2009 in Phils. Hope to see you soon this december. God Bless & more power “,)


  7. i’ve been listening to wrock since i was a little girl growing up in manila. hindi pa rin ako maka-move on sa pagkawala ng wrock – the original, the best. now that i’m here in cebu on vacation, i am just SO happy to listen and relive the wrock experience – i love love love the jingles!
    i don’t usually leave tasteless comments just for the sake of doing so, but let me just say that the replacement radio show just doesn’t work, making me miss you guys all the more.


  8. hi…hope i can listen thru internet your station, mas gusto ko pa din kasi yung format ng original wrock kaysa easy rock,so im looking for a way na mapakinggan yung wrock cebu thru internet,kahit nasa manila ako..


  9. Hi wrock..ive been looking for ways to listen to you via internet here in Canada but still a fail effort…is there some links or an apps perhaps…i miss wrock so much


  10. hi wrock please play THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME by bon jovi
    i want to dedicate this song to my beloved “ZUMBIE” (LYNZ)
    i really love you zumbie, i always miss you and care for you..and also i want to be with you..God bless you.


  11. hi… can i request the song Thank you for Loving me by bon jovi….dedicated lang po sa one and only Zumbie of my life… i miss you po…and ilove you
    thank you wrock you are my new favorite fm station..


  12. I really missed 96.3 wrock and I prefer the station compared to easy rock..I’m here in Manila. How could I listen to wrock cebu via online..please I need your help..


    1. I’ve been listening to 96.3 wrock since my high school days and I really loved the songs they play including their jingles…However last 2009 I just noticed that the jingles had changed and the segments became boring…That is why I opted listening instead to 105.1 crossover which plays crossover jazz songs..I really need your help on how I could listen to 96.3 wrock cebu live…thanks


  13. Asa ug unsa diay nang hiring for supervisor nga commercial ninyo karon? Interested lge ko ana.. pls send me an email..miss njd nko maninaw sa inyo tungod sa duty. thank you so much..


  14. hi… aku diay si sugar apple….. taga lapu2x.. sa lo-oc… geart lang ko sa akong mga friends…. sila si may2x, ronald ybañez, rose ann dungog, alvin calitizen, elvira macaraig… ug ang pinaka gwapa sa lapu-lapu nga si buknet.


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