Love Radio 95.1 Baguio Studio Booth Photos and Radio Programming Clock

Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper recently visited the studio booth of Love Radio 95.1 in Baguio.

And we to have a glimpse of the their studio and the microphone, console and hardware they use.

As expected Love Radio in Baguio is using OTS as their playout system. They employ a 3 monitor approach, 1 monitor for the OTS AV player, the other for recording, using Adobe Audition. And the third monitor for internet and log.

As you can see on the far right, there we can spot the station’s programming clock.

There are only 2 stop sets or commercial breaks in an programming clock. One stopset may run between 6 to 10minutes of commercials, that is good for 2 songs roughly.

Before the bottom of the hour and before the top of the hour.


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