Tune in and watch Video Live Streaming of MOR 101.9 Manila Online

More and more Filipinos here and abroad tune in to MOR 101.9 Manila. With their wacky DJs, wholesome programming and wide selection of relatable and familiar music, tune in to MOR1019.COM for their live streaming.

Other related news info.

After having launched the Android application for podcasts last year , Google seems to be taking the first steps towards a browser version available from any PC . It was recently discovered by user Omar Tosca, who on Twitter wanted to share the news by reporting an example of a reproducible podcast, discovered almost randomly.

At the moment the service seems to be in its infancy, not all the features of the Android application are offered, we can only proceed to listen to a specific podcast and use the basic reproduction controls. However, the synchronization between the devices is active, therefore a content started from the web and paused will be taken up again in the same point also by the app version on Android and Google Home.

As discovered by the user, there is currently no dedicated homepage for the service, which is probably still under development. In order to view Google Podcasts on the Web it is therefore necessary to have a direct link to the podcast in question , at which point we will be able to enjoy the same interface we are used to in the mobile environment.

It is very likely that the web version will make its appearance in the coming months, but we will take up the issue again as more elements emerge.


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