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The Best Station Doesn’t Have To Be No. 1

Jam 88.3 (DWJM FM) is Metro Manila's recent KBP Golden Dove Awardee for Best Radio Station
Jam 88.3 (DWJM FM) is KBP Golden Dove Awardee for Best FM Radio Station

Jam 88.3 is a Hot AC station in Metro Manila, Philippines. It ranks low in the survey. Yet, it recently received the prestigious KBP Golden Dove Awards following its position as finalist to the 2008 Philippine Web Awards. Jam 88.3 plays a variety of music from the last 2 decades, catering to young professionals and selected adult.

What sells HOT in the Philippines are what the media calls as the “MASA” (mass) format, which is also categorized as Hot AC. The name is such since the spectrum of music programs caters to the most of the
“masses”. Jam 88.3’s Hot AC approach is different than that of the conventional “MASA hot ac” format. Their DJs converse in English. And the programs, segments, promos, and contests are just very creative, which I personally think is way different than the over-COMMERCIALISMIC approach of most masa stations.

Not that I’m against the MASA format. As one radio friend told me recently, MASA is not about the music, it’s about the coverage and the number of listeners. Yet, with Jam’s recent winning in the KBP Golden Dove Awards, it made me concretize my principle that a radio station does not have to be the number 1 station in order to the BEST radio station. Kudos to DWJM FM!

Radyo Natin Streaming Stations: The Evolution of Radyo Natin Network

Radyo Natin

I was not really a big fan of Radyo Natin brand as I used to get confused with what the format is all about. They do news talk in the morning usually around 5-7 am and then goes music programming all day, and does newstalk again at the later part of the day. In some markets and franchises, they air public service, Catechismic programs and paid shows during the evenings. The music programming is either done locally or through a satellite feed from Radyo Natin HQ. In some occasions, they get feeds from Hot FM HQ. It really is confusing.

Radyo Natin for me is like the old AM. I recalled one time what a radio technician friend told me about the old days of radio, back when there was no FM yet. Radyo Natin today is exactly what AM stations were before according to him. Newstalk was the major content and music programs were aired in between news programs.

That’s when I get to understand Radyo Natin. It’s more like a community radio station, than the usual newstalk or music station we listen to. Radyo Natin helped rural areas have their own radio stations where they can air their voices, participate in community activities. Something that small markets were not able to do back since FM and AM stations were mostly based in capital cities.

The Radyo Natin (“Our Radio”) brand is not for the large market, which is basically why mother company MBC has other brands under its wings like Hot FM, Love Radio, and Yes FM.

I commend some franchises though who have taken a bold step and added a new twist to the “barriotic” personality of Radyo Natin. In some markets, Radyo Natin stations operate as stand-alone, all-music formats. You can still hear though the usual Radyo Veritaz feed every morning, but you can sense that the rest of programs are now done locally.

In fact, some franchises resorted to using “Radyo Natin FM”, with the emphasis on FM, to make the brand look and sound more “FM”. Radyo Natin is geared toward the market. In some areas, however, they dropped the Radyo Natin logo and instead used “RN-FM”. In fact, these stations operate in CHR format.

Imaging-wise, there Radyo Natin jingles were a big flop. I don’t why MBC allowed American singers to sing a Tagalog radio station name. The twang on the Radyo Natin sing, specifically on the “T” is just so unforgivable. Yet, Radyo Natin franchises and branches all over the Philippines are still airing them.

Listeners actually don’t mind about the jingles or imaging IDs that they hear about the station. What usually gets to them all the time is the kind of personality the radio station projects. It’s good to hear that there are Radyo Natin stations in the country that are making improvisations on the brand. That’s a good sign that these stations are responding to the listening habits of their audience.

I’d like to feature here three Radyo Natin markets with their websites, two of them are streaming online.

If you are a Radyo Natin station, comment below and post your website so we can feature you.

iFM 93.9 Cebu is Number 1

iFM 93.9 Cebu is Number 1 in KBP - RRC Survey
iFM 93.9 Cebu is Number 1 in KBP - RRC Survey

Visit iFM 93.9 Website here

A radio executive and very credible resource has just pinged me today that DYXL FM 93.9 mHz iFM is the now number 1 radio station in Metro Cebu as per August 2008 KBP-RRC or Radio Research Council Survey.  My reaction is – “YEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEYYY!”.

I admit I am biased but iFM deserves it. Matter of fact, you don’t even need a survey to know that iFM  is the best and most listened radio station in the entire of Cebu. Hot FM 91.5 (Manila Broadcasting Company) comes in second. Now where does that leave former leading stations DYLS (MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila, ABS-CBN) and DYRT (Nindota AH 99.5 RT, RGMA)? Huh! I would not care!

I mean come on, who would want to believe that these two “cheap” stations (DYLS, DYRT) were formerly the leading stations in Cebu? I having nothing against the MASA format. But, listeners don’t deserve cheap, crappy programming and production. Just take a close listen to DYLS FM and DYRT FM, their programming and production are just so lame! Compare their programming with that of iFM, and you will know the difference.

See the MASA format is not really all about the music and all the “ka-jologan” “ka-cheapan” gimmicks! It seemed that most stations who call themselves “masa” don’t really understand what the format means. For them, as long as they hire disc jockeys that sound like the “palengkeras”, that’s already it, that’s MASA!.

These radio stations have completely insulted US listeners. Palengkeras in the public market even know how to speak English. Their giving their listeners cheap radio content, cheap and crappy produced commercials, cheap DJs, cheap adlibs, cheap promos, cheap gimmicks, cheap, cheap, cheap as though they are looking at US listeners as “CHEAP”. Holy Crap!

Now the joke is on you!

My goodness these so-called masa stations don’t even give a sh*ty effort in polishing their productions, the commercials they air. Oh my!

But thank God for iFM. They redefined the MASA format. They also put effort in everything that comes out from their transmitter. Every commercial that comes out is made sure that is of broadcast quality, acceptable by humans ears and brains, pleasing, and most of all MASA. MASA, my dear friends, is a radio format that is acceptable by most listeners.

What those so-called MASA stations do is that they cater only to a small chunk of the actual MASA market. They cater only to the jeepney drivers, some so-called MASA stations target only the public market vendors. That is not true MASA. MASA also includes white-collared workers, call center agents, private school students, sales ladies, executives, ballot vendor, taxi driver, teacher, liar, I mean lawyer, GROs, bank manager, in short everyone, we, all of us, we are the MASA.


Listeners and advertisers deserve quality content on the air, whatever format it is! I have always been an advocate of quality production and programming. Now the efforts of those radio stations who want to give their listeners better content have paid off.

So, I salute once again iFM, in behalf of all the radio stations who are doing efforts. Continue to deliver best quality and not pure commercialism on the air.


DISCLAIMER: This website does not forward requests, love notes and messages to iFM. Moreover, nor we take responsibility for any harm or inconvenience brought about by posting love notes, requests, or greetings via this post’s comment section.

99.5 DWRTFM Aircheck on First Day of Broadcast Return

Here are a couple of goodies for all ye 995 fans out there. The first YouTube vid here is an off air compilation of 995 imaging and jingle cuts.

The second vid here showcases the first few hours of 995’s return to the airwaves. This is an off-air cap of the Morning Show with Joshua Z.  You’ll hear the a couple of signature morning parodies here: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Morning Show Parody and the 1960s Batman Parody. The parody jingles sounds really great, not sure if they were made locally.

The classic 995 jingles returns also, they were produced in Dallas, Texas by Thompson Creative, it was syndicated from an original package for KFRC, San Franciso. Some of the 995 jingles were produced by TM Century, specifically those that bear the 102.7 KIIS FM logo.

Does anyone know who’s behind the male VOICEOVER?

Thanks again to J5Bata for the clips.  Check out more Metro Manila jingle montages and airchecks here –>


New Pinoy Online Streaming Stations: Boracay and Albay Broadcasts Online

Today, we are adding two more Philippine radio stations which are now broadcasting worldwide. We have also updated our list of pinoy online streaming stations here, so check it out.

Radio Boracay 106.1 FM

Radio Boracay 106.1 FM
Radio Boracay 106.1 FM

Radio Boracay (DYJV-FM 106.1 MHz) is a licensed FM broadcast station in the Philippines, with its studio located at the Red Coconut Alley of Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan.

106.1 Radio Boracay began broadcasting in July 2006, the first to combine contemporary hits (commonly referred to as ‘Pop’ or ‘Top 40’) with an ‘island music’ format steeped in Reggae and ‘beach music’ under the direction of Jing Montealegre, the station’s managing director. It maintains a music philosophy focused on what it calls ‘cool beach music.’

As an example, Radio Boracay plays relatively rare reggae songs (i.e. 10cc’s ‘Bread Lock Holiday,’ the Wailing Souls’ ‘Act Of Affection,’ etc.), and regularly gives airplay to such singer-songwriters as Jack Johnson and Jimmy Buffett.

As a ‘pop’ music station, Radio Boracay is known for spinning hits months ahead of music stations that pander to the masses. It is the premier ‘events’ radio station in the Island, and its deejays are geared for the frequent live coverage and hosting of beach concerts, sports events and the many other ‘happenings’ that yearly invade the island.
By whatever name you call it – ‘Beach Radio,’ or ‘The Home of Reggae and Cool Beach Music,’ ‘Boracay’s Only One’ – Radio Boracay (over the airwaves or via webcast in this website) will definitely ‘Cool Ur Soul!.’

ONE Radio 91.3 Albay

ONE Radio 91.3 Tabaco City
ONE Radio 91.3 Tabaco City

ONE RADIO 91.3 FM is an events-driven music and news radio station in the heart of Bicolandia. Programming is divided evenly between the best of music listening and news & public affairs: mornings are devoted to news and community service, while afternoons and evenings entertain listeners with a wide variety of musical selections from the station’s vast musical library – from pop and rock to standards and oldies.

A unique feature of ONE RADIO 91.3 FM is its community-based events management and coverage. On a yearlong basis, the station creates and runs local events – from sports, musical and cultural competitions to sponsored sales promotions and coverage. Accordingly, ONE RADIO has a pool of correspondents and event organizers in every major town in the area.


Frequency : 91.3 FM
Power : 5 KW
Location : TABACO CITY

Mix FM 105.9 Launches New Website Today

Mix FM Davao Launches New Website Today

Davao, Philippines — Radio station Mixfm 105.9 has officially launched its new website. Visit the site via

On September 2007, Mix FM ceased the old website ( and audio webcast due to lack properties, but then, on April 2008, Mix FM reopened the audio streaming and replacing a new website.

In line with the opening of its new site, Mix FM 105.9 Davao unveils its latest Top 20 Songs.

1. One Step At A Time by Jordin Sparks
2. Bust It Baby by Ne-yo
3. Filipina Girl by Marcus Davis
4. Booty Music by Git Fresh
5. Time Of My Life by David Cook
6. Take A Bow by Rihanna
7. Always Be My Baby by David Cook
8. Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Beddingfield
9. If I Never See Your Face Again by Maroon 5, Rihanna
10. Forever by Chris Brown
11. Bye-Bye by Mariah Carey
12. That Green Gentleman by Panic At the Disco
13. When I Grow Up by Pussycat Dolls (HNE)
14. Better In Time by Leona Lewis
15. Everyone Nose by N.E.R.D.
16. Moving Mountains by Usher
17. Closer by Ne-yo
18. The Fight Is Over by Urbandub
19. Sweet and Low by Augustana
20. I Kissed A Girl by Kat Perry

MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila Cebu Turns 12

You can visit the M.O.R 97.1 website here

Listen to MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila Cebu

MOR Cebu is celebrating its twelfth year already. The station still carries the slogan Lupig Sila which is a backronym for LS, as in DYLS (the station’s call letters). Before the MOR branding took off, the station used to be LS 97.1. A big irony back then, since it resembled GMA’s flagship station WLS 97.1 in Metro Manila. Anyhow, MOR came into the picture, but the new branding was not that effective. The MOR jingle probably was the only that was helpful. Other than that, the station clung to its “LS” branding. Lupig Sila became a popular catchphrase for the station. Lupig Sila is Cebuano for “Talo Sila”, a slogan that the station is still living up to, or is it?

Radio Ratings still has MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila as the top station in Metro Cebu. Second in place is GMA’s 99.5 RT Nindota Ah (“Ayos!” or “Nice!”, translated). MOR Cebu carries a masa format, typically playing pop songs and mostly OPM. It heavily plays rhythmic or dance tunes at the opening of the hour. MOR appeals mostly to younger listeners, 17 – 25, although a significant number of adult listeners listen to the station especially during drive time, 5-6 pm. Wanted Pangga is one of the station’s most listened to programs.

The words”Lupig Sila” over the years transformed from being a slogan to being a brand. In fact, just recently, the station is dropped MOR in their liners and started airing IDs that only contain “97.1 Lupig Sila” in the copy. This is a move that is also similar to DWRR’s rebranding from WRR 101.9 For Life to just 101.9 For Life. “Lupig Sila” is no longer a phrase that emphasizes the opponent’s defeat, it has become a positive statement.

If you actually put the catchphrase “Lupig Sila” side by side with other popular slogans of masa radio stations, it stands out. All other masa cathphrases like “Bisyo Na To”, “Kailangan Pa Bang I-memorize Yan”, and “Pwede!” centers on the station. “Lupig Sila” says something about the rival station, that they are “talo” — an effective radio marketing strategy indeed. The listener would not want to be listening to a “talunan” station.

On its 12th Anniversary, however, is the Lupig Sila branding still effective? Does this branding really help the station stay on top of the ratings game? Because in reality, what really puts DYLS FM as the king of the hill is the fact that it is an ABS-CBN entity. It gets plenty of exposure through promos via ABS-CBN TV Cebu. People, in actuality, do not even associate their programming, their shows, and their personalities with the “Lupig Sila” brand.

If DYLS FM is really serious about continuing the Lupig Sila brand, then they have to show it. The ratings alone are not enough to prove thier worth as the number 1 FM station in Cebu. First, they need to fix their music programming. They are a masa station, but their DJs, sometimes, play high-end songs. Yes, masa listeners have already grown. You don’t usually hear RNB songs being played before at masa stations. But the thing is, the station needs to be consistent with its demo. They just probably need to figure out the best way to cater to students, housemakers, office workers and jeepney drivers at the same time.

Second, the DJs must improve. The DJs at MOR Cebu are good, the problem is, they sound too high-end for a masa station. Third, they should update their programs, even the titles of their shows. The Morning on the Rush, or Mix of Rock thing does not cut anymore. As said earlier, listeners change their musical tastes every now and then.

And before capping off, MOR Cebu has got a very poor signal here. Anyway, congratulations on your 12th Anniversary, Lupig Sila!

You can visit the M.O.R 97.1 fan site website here

Listen to MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila Cebu

iFM 93.9 Launches Website Soon, Crushes Love Radio and DWRR


iFM 93.9

Visit their website here

After a significant upgrade on their broadcast equipment, Metro Manila’s Pwede station is now launching its own website – Don’t be frustrated though, the site is still under construction. But definitely, we’ll be expecting exciting things especially now that the station is all up and ready for a big battle.

I personally talked to one of the execs at iFM Manila and they said they will be giving Love Radio, 101.9 DWRR and Barangay LS a run for their money. Seriously, I am 100% confident that iFM will be leading the MM market within the year. Here’s why:

  • Among the radio stations in the Manila, particularly the MASA ones, iFM has the smartest programming and production. iFM may not have a Nicole-Hyala or Chris-Tsuper, but the station definitely has a good selection of music. Just give 93.9 a listen, and you will hear the difference.
  • And speaking of difference – iFM, as mentioned earlier, just upgraded its transmitter. I believe it’s now broadcasting the most if not all of Luzon. But it’s not just only all about COVERAGE, it’s also about CLARITY. When you tune to 93.9 right now, you’ll find it hard to tell the difference between listening to a CD and iFM.
  • iFM is creative. You will find most of its segments very original like the Horoscope ni Tomas, And Mahiwagang Ballpen and many more.

iFM is the first and only radio station in the Philippines that broadcasts in HD. HD Radio or High Definition Radio is now the latest radio broadcast technology in US. In time, HD Radio will replace analog radio broadcast, which really sounds really like HDTVs replacing big bulky tube TVs. HD Radio is digital which means it can transmit data like the song title or weather report which will appear on the ticker of an HD Radio set. Another remarkable thing about HD Radio is you can listen to a variety of music channels from just one radio station frequency.

I also found out that iFM Cebu and Davao are next in the line of broadcast upgrades. Can’t wait for iFM to rule.

There are only a handful of radio stations in the Philippines that don’t sacrifice quality programming for commercialism, iFM is one of them. My hats off to Radio Mindanao Network for coming up with brilliant ideas for radio listeners. Keep it up and crush those radio stations that are running only after money!

Listen to the iFM Pwede jingle by Yeng Constantino:

iFM Jingle Pwede by Yeng Constantino

Why Pinoy Radio Stations Are Superior Over American Stations

Why Pinoy Radio Stations Are Superior Over American Stations

If I am to compare the present state of Philippine radio stations against US stations, I say Pinoy stations are way superior. Programming wise and sales wise, Philippine stations are more effective. Here is a list to explain.

1. Our music programming is far better than theirs.

Here in the Philippines, there are five formats that thrive Newstalk, Hot AC, AC, CHR and Contemporary Christian. In America, there is a radio station for each conceivable format. However, our playlists here in the Philippines are not limited to Top 40 songs. Programs are more diverse and the choice of music being aired are far broader. You don’t get to hear the same song in the next 30 minutes here in our country.

2. Our shows are more localized.

Syndicated shows are good, they keep listeners hooked, improve sales and lower expenses. But programming consolidation kills program localization. That is why most major FM networks in the Philippines prefer to have their stations programmed locally. Yes FM’s Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper are famous in Manila, but they have local hosts for their morning shows at Yes FM Davao.

3.  Our station imaging and branding are more creative.

Radio monikers in the US sound the same wherever you are. Of course it also happens here in the Philippines. But come on, these radio station names are just so unique Wow Nindota Ah!, Radyo Natin, OK FM, Bigsound FM, Thunder Radio, Lovely FM, Campus FM, Barangay LS, My Only Radio, For Life 101.9 and Lupig Sila.

4. Our radio talents here are more talented.

Our disc jockeys here don’t just make bla blas on air. They do sales, they prepare the news, they produce commercials and promo spots.

This is perhaps the reason why our disc jockeys are in demand abroad. I know a pinoy DJ who now works at E fm in Sri Lanka. And if you happen to know Supermario, he used to be at Yes FM Manila, today, he’s a very popular jock at Power 98 FM in Singapore.

Another reason why our radio industry in the Philippines is still very healthy compared to Americans, is the fact that we are not plagued with media competition. iPods sure are a hit in the country, but our radio stations are not threatened with their existence. American stations do, in fact, iPod is not only their biggest threat, they have internet radio and satellite radio. Philippine radio stations do not keep a top 40 playlist that’s why our listeners don’t get bored. Our stations produce creative, original and local flavored shows that’s why our listeners stick. And best of all, we’ve got killer talents! So even if iPods and mp3 players become so affordable, people will still listen to terrestrial radio here in the Philippines.

What’s happing in the radio world, elsewhere:

2 Days To Go Before Campus Radio Relaunch

Campus Radio Relaunch

It’s midnight of March 21, 2008 when I wrote this post, just barely two days before the re-opening, re-broadcast and re-launch of the new Campus Radio. Easter Sunday definitely means the start of the new school year.

Meanwhile, here’s a fresh radio sales tip from RAB, great to use when sales drive resumes on Monday.

Team Approach – Use a team approach toward marketing. Include input from manufacturer brand managers and field marketers, category managers and store ops. When learning about a retailer, determine key initiatives and destination categories in order to find the most powerful decision makers and create programs with the best chance of gaining approval.

Source: John Munson, Morrison and Abraham,, 781-986-2100. If you liked this tip, you will love Morrison and Abraham s industry trainings and sales tool called Sellers Source.

The latest buzz in radio imaging and production: