New Pinoy Online Streaming Stations: Boracay and Albay Broadcasts Online

Today, we are adding two more Philippine radio stations which are now broadcasting worldwide. We have also updated our list of pinoy online streaming stations here, so check it out.

Radio Boracay 106.1 FM

Radio Boracay 106.1 FM
Radio Boracay 106.1 FM

Radio Boracay (DYJV-FM 106.1 MHz) is a licensed FM broadcast station in the Philippines, with its studio located at the Red Coconut Alley of Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan.

106.1 Radio Boracay began broadcasting in July 2006, the first to combine contemporary hits (commonly referred to as ‘Pop’ or ‘Top 40’) with an ‘island music’ format steeped in Reggae and ‘beach music’ under the direction of Jing Montealegre, the station’s managing director. It maintains a music philosophy focused on what it calls ‘cool beach music.’

As an example, Radio Boracay plays relatively rare reggae songs (i.e. 10cc’s ‘Bread Lock Holiday,’ the Wailing Souls’ ‘Act Of Affection,’ etc.), and regularly gives airplay to such singer-songwriters as Jack Johnson and Jimmy Buffett.

As a ‘pop’ music station, Radio Boracay is known for spinning hits months ahead of music stations that pander to the masses. It is the premier ‘events’ radio station in the Island, and its deejays are geared for the frequent live coverage and hosting of beach concerts, sports events and the many other ‘happenings’ that yearly invade the island.
By whatever name you call it – ‘Beach Radio,’ or ‘The Home of Reggae and Cool Beach Music,’ ‘Boracay’s Only One’ – Radio Boracay (over the airwaves or via webcast in this website) will definitely ‘Cool Ur Soul!.’

ONE Radio 91.3 Albay

ONE Radio 91.3 Tabaco City
ONE Radio 91.3 Tabaco City

ONE RADIO 91.3 FM is an events-driven music and news radio station in the heart of Bicolandia. Programming is divided evenly between the best of music listening and news & public affairs: mornings are devoted to news and community service, while afternoons and evenings entertain listeners with a wide variety of musical selections from the station’s vast musical library – from pop and rock to standards and oldies.

A unique feature of ONE RADIO 91.3 FM is its community-based events management and coverage. On a yearlong basis, the station creates and runs local events – from sports, musical and cultural competitions to sponsored sales promotions and coverage. Accordingly, ONE RADIO has a pool of correspondents and event organizers in every major town in the area.


Frequency : 91.3 FM
Power : 5 KW
Location : TABACO CITY

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