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What it is and how it works Spotify and all you can do on the most famous app in the world to listen to streaming music.
Spotify is the most famous service in the world to listen to music: a state-of-the-art platform that allows you to listen to streaming music choosing from millions of old and new songs . The program is available as an app for smartphones and tablets, desktop version for the PC, or as an application for Smart TV, car multimedia systems and game consoles.

Once registered on Spotify you can listen to music for free , with some limitations, or subscribe to the Premium version and have various additional features. In this complete guide we will see how to use all the Spotify services, the latest news and some useful tips to better manage the number one platform for music streaming.

What it is and how it works Spotify
Founded in 2008 as a Swedish startup, Spotify is a multimedia music-sharing platform, where artists can upload their songs and users can listen to their favorite tracks, both free and for a fee. Today it has over 70 million subscribers worldwide, with more than 150 million people using Spotify every day to listen to and download music , while the app for mobile devices has already been downloaded by nearly 15 million users on Google Play Store, plus another 5.5 million on the App Store.

Spotify is compatible with any fixed or mobile device , including Android smartphones and tablets, iOS and Windows Phone, Smart TVs LG, Samsung, Philips, Sharp, Sony, but also Amazon Fire TV and Android TV, PlayStation and Xbox One game consoles , Smartwatch Garmin, OS and Samsung, infotainment systems for the car such as Android Auto and CarPlay, Bluetooth connections, Google Chromecast, Amazon Smart Display, Google Home voice assistants, Bixby and Alexa, Mighty audio player, PC browser like Google Chrome , Safari and Mozilla, even up to the Samsung Family Hub digital refrigerator .

Once installed Spotify, downloading it on your device or registering on the official website, you can listen to streaming music on demand , looking for your favorite artist, a song, an album, a music genre, or searching for the latest news of the moment. At the same time, artists can upload their own songs, or rely on a distributor or music label, taking care of some details to improve the positioning .

Understanding how to use Spotify is really simple, in fact an official guide is also available, present in the official portal of the music streaming platform. On Spotify you can not only hear the songs, but also download them, share them with your friends , create personal playlists, listen to offline music, discover new songs, hear radio stations or make your own and much more.

How to download Spotify
Before starting to use the platform you need to download Spotify, a completely free operation that does not require any payment. To download the app on mobile devices, Android or iOS, simply go to Google Play Store or App Store , search for the application in the online market and install it, accepting the terms of use, service and processing of personal data.

Downloading Spotify on your computer is equally simple, both with Windows and Mac OS systems. All you have to do is enter the official website of the platform, select the desktop mode, download the .exe file, start it and follow the wizard to install Spotify on the PC. The operation is the same even with other devices, such as Windows Phone and Linux operating systems.

Instead to download Spotify on the Smart TV it is necessary to carry out the procedure from the device, opening the settings and selecting the main page “Home”, where it is possible to search for all the applications to be installed on the TV. Once identified, just click on the icon and download it, following the steps indicated, accepting all the terms of the service and connecting Spotify to the Smart TV.

To download Spotify on the PlayStation 3 or 4 you first need to create an account, from a mobile or PC, and then open the PlayStation Music app and connect to the Spotify profile, entering your email address and password. Alternatively you can use the Spotify Connect system , useful for using the music streaming app on any compatible device, speeding up the access mode.

The voice and infotainment systems for cars , such as Android Auto and CarPlay, have a similar procedure, in fact it is possible to use Spotify Connect to easily access the application in the car, connecting it with the on-board system. Otherwise, if you can’t play the music in the car, you need to check the app, trying to log out and log in again, or update the application to the new version.

How to create an account and sign up for Spotify
After downloading Spotify you need to create an account , a personal profile that allows access to the service from any mobile or fixed device. To register, you don’t have to pay anything, in fact the operation is totally free , while later on you can activate paid services like the Spotify Premium or Spotify Family profile.

For registration, enter your first and last name, your e-mail address and you must choose a personal security password. To ensure good protection against data theft it is important to use lower and upper case letters, numbers and special characters such as dashes, exclamation points and other signs. Finally, just opt ​​for a username, which will be publicly visible to other community members by clicking on the “Register” button.

Alternatively you can use your Facebook account , speeding up the entire procedure, since the social network provides personal data and no further information is required. However it is advisable to separate the two profiles, entering different passwords to increase the security of your accounts. Spotify does not allow you to register two users with the same email , so in this case you need to create a new email address before subscribing to Spotify.

All the features of Spotify
How much does Spotify cost: all tariff plans
Spotify provides different tariff plans to use the streaming service , including a free one with some limitations and other more complete payment methods. The free package gives you access to over 35 million songs, podcasts and audiobooks on the platform, you can also listen to music abroad, for a maximum period of 14 days, even when accessed by mobile service demand to some selected playlists.

The paid version instead, Spotify Premium , includes all the features of the free one, plus some special services like the absence of advertisements , listening to music even in offline mode, access from mobile on-demand without limitations and the ability to hear music in any country in the world, without time constraints or downloadable songs. In addition, you can activate Spotify Premium with a 30-day trial period to test the version before confirming the payment.

The cost of Spotify Premium varies depending on the country in which it is activated, in Italy for example the price is € 9.99 per month. Alternatively, there are two other tariff plans, Spotify Students and Family. The version for students allows you to receive a discount on the Premium service , up to 50% less by paying the cost annually, with the possibility of renewing the plan for a maximum of 3 times. To access this mode, you must be enrolled in a school or university, a situation verified by the platform through the SheerID service.

Spotify Family instead allows you to activate a single account for all family members, up to a maximum of 5 people , provided that all members have the same residential address. The Spotify Family version allows you to receive a discount on the Premium package , in addition to the possibility of paying the monthly subscription fee to the platform. Members of the Family package can also be added later, just be invited by the owner and verify their domicile.

The payment of the tariff plans of Spotify can be made by credit card, debit or prepaid, resting on MasterCard circuits, Visa and American Express. It is also possible to buy gift vouchers to offer Spotify to friends and relatives, valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, but they cannot be spent to activate facilitated versions such as Family and Students. For companies there are special agreements, which can be consulted through the Cadooz website.

How to use Spotify
Once you have created your account, downloaded Spotify and finished registering by selecting a rate plan, you can start listening to your favorite music on the platform. The graphic interface changes slightly depending on the device used, to adapt optimally to the device in use at that time . The main page presents a selection of some of the most played songs, among those most played and downloaded by users.

For each music, a cover image, the title of the song, the name of the artist and the reference record label are displayed. By clicking on the three points in the song’s photo, you can add music to your playlist , share it on social networks, copy the URL, save it in the library, open the artist’s page, or tune in to the musician’s or singer’s radio .

Other features are the ability to leave a like and immediately start playing the song . On the right side of the screen you can search for your friends registered on Spotify , to see what music they are listening to, while in the left section you will find the main features of the platform. For example, you can play recently played songs , create a personal library, create playlists , search for videos and podcasts.

To search for new music instead, you can perform searches based on the artist , displaying all the songs of the author or interpreter, or by musical genre or album. Clicking on the item “Stations” all the radios activated appear, while selecting “Radio” at the top left you can hear the radio stations proposed directly by Spotify.

To do a new search, simply click on “Browse”, choosing the topic from music genres, podcasts, rankings, new releases and concerts, or by entering the name of the artist or song you want to hear in the search bar. Each time a song is started, the number of views or followers is shown , including a detailed sheet of the artist or event for those who want to know more details.

Advanced features of the Spotify Premium version
Some Spotify services are only available in the paid Premium version , including for example the ability to download music and podcasts, to listen to them at any time even offline. Users who have activated a Premium account can download up to 10,000 songs for each connected device, for a maximum of 5 devices. To download the songs from desktop just activate the green button, download the music and save the song on your PC.

To listen to music saved in offline mode , so without connecting to the internet, you need to open the application, select “offline” in the main menu and start playing the previously downloaded songs. From the mobile devices the procedure is quite similar, in fact it is only necessary to set the download , through the icon that represents a green selector, click on the arrow, save the songs and listen to them even when you are offline, changing the playback settings.

With Spotify Premium you can also download videos and podcasts , avoid viewing advertisements, see the lyrics of the songs by installing the SoundHound app , use the platform as a CD player , playing the songs saved on your PC or smartphone, or use the app even abroad without limitations . It is also possible to switch from one song to another using the Skip function, locked in the free version, where it forces you to end a music before listening to the next one.

How to use Spotify and Spotify PremiumPhoto source: 123rf
How to change username and country on Spotify
Spotify does not allow you to change the user name , in fact if you want to change you need to create a new account. However, care must be taken when carrying out this operation, as any discounts such as those related to the student version would be suspended. If, on the other hand, you forget your username, for example because several days have passed since the last login, just log in by entering your email address and password, registered at the time of registration to the platform.

When you move abroad, you can still listen to music on Spotify, but you need to change the country registered in the profile . To do this you must cancel the previously activated subscription, enter your account again, click on the “Edit profile” item in the settings, select the country in which you want to use the service and save the new indications.

Then just re- subscribe to the Premium service , using a payment method provided in the new location. L ‘ access to Spotify abroad is available without restriction for the Premium version , while the Free provides for a maximum period of 14 days. To listen to music abroad from the free mode you need to enter your personal profile, select “Edit profile”, change the reference country and save.

Spotify: how to change the password
Sometimes it can happen to forget the access codes to the platform , so it is necessary to reset the password on Spotify. Just click on the “Password Reset” item on the login screen, enter your email address and click “Send”. Then you need to open the email, look for the message received from Spotify, which in some cases can end up in the spam folder, click on the link inserted in the email and open the linked web page.

Here you can choose a new password , confirm it and complete the operation by clicking on the “Send” button, to access the Spotify account with the new credentials. If you do not receive the password reset email, before creating a new account you can try again, perhaps using another email address, checking in other email service folders, or by copying the link and manually opening it in a new web page.

How to share music from Spotify on Instagram and other social media
Recently Spotify has added a new feature, which allows you to share the music you listen to not only with your friends , on the platform, but also on other social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Telegram, Messenger, Twitter and Tumblr. To share the songs just click on the three dots, present in the image of the song being played, select “share” and choose the social network on which to post the song.

Similarly you can share music from Spotify to Instagram , by posting links to songs directly within Instagram Stories . In this way, when a user looks at the story, he can click on the link, selecting “Listen on Spotify”, to start playing the shared music. Obviously it is necessary that the person has downloaded the music streaming app, however it is a rather interesting feature.

Spotify Connect: how to listen to music on the speakers and the Smart TV
A new service is Spotify Connect, which offers the possibility of listening to music outside the platform , using the app as a remote control to change music, playing sound on external speakers or directly on Smart TV. To do this you need to check the internet connection of the devices, open the application, select the device from the “Connect a device” item from the icon at the bottom right and start playback.

This feature is also available for smartphones and tablets , only for the Premium version. To use the speakers, just open Spotify, enter the library, select the settings, select the devices to be connected and start the connection. With Spotify Connect you can use not only Smart TVs and external speakers to play music, but also Google Chromecast , Bluetooth and AirPlay .

To check if the device is compatible with the service, you can consult the Spotify Gear page, at the website, where you can find a complete list of devices that can be connected to the streaming platform . For example the Google Home, Amazon Echo and Sony SRS-XB501G speakers, the Samsung QLED Smart TV, LG and Sony Bravia, the Bose Soundtouch 10 and Sonos Play 1 and JBL Playlist speakers, the Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Kenwood audio systems DDX9902S, the Nvidia Shield, XboxOne and Sony PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles.

How to upload music to Spotify
Spotify is not just an application for listening to music, but allows singers and record labels to upload their songs . To do this you need to open a profile as an artist, both through your own distributor and as independent artists, to upload your own music to Spotify. The files for uploading must be in WAV, WAVE or FLAC format, with 16 or 24 bits, with a frequency of 44.1 kHz or higher.

The images instead must have a resolution of 1600 × 1660 pixels, preferably in PNG or JPEG format as an alternative. For each photo uploaded, one must accept the Spotify copyright policies and terms of use , including any contributor names, artists who participated in the song, and text and music writers. Each artist can choose the date from which to make the song or album accessible, however from the platform they advise to run it at least 7 days before the desired date.

How to check plays on Spotify and receive copyright
All entries are linked to an ISRC , a code that allows you to track the track, find it immediately and access some additional services, including performance and audience analysis. The music loaded on Spotify receives the payment of royalties , or of the authorial rights, to be discussed directly with the platform or with its distributor.

Payments are made once a month, via the Stripe online system. For uploading their music Spotify does not require any fees or commission, nor does it retain a percentage of the royalties of the authors and performers. To monitor performance just enter the business profile, within which you can consult an advanced chart, which shows for each account the receipts, payments received and those being processed for the next month.

How to uninstall and deactivate Spotify
Unsubscribing with Spotify is quite simple and fast, a procedure that can be used to change accounts, activate the platform in a high country, or to cancel the music streaming service . To deactivate Spotify from your PC, or from your mobile device, you need to enter your personal profile, open the “Subscription” entry in the menu on the left, select “Modify or cancel”, choose “Cancel Premium” and confirm by pressing the “Yes” button .

Finally, just uninstall the application . From the smartphone it is necessary to open the settings, enter the app management, select Spotify and finalize the uninstallation, while from the PC just click on the main icon of the system, open the “Uninstall a program” function, find Spotify and delete it from memory, confirming uninstalling the program. From a Mac PC you need to open the applications, locate Spotify, move it to the trash and empty it.



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